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London Trip

We had a lovely few days in London!


We spent half our time shopping, and half ‘doing’ art galleries! We started Tuesday afternoon at the National Portrait Gallery and seeing the Laura Knight exhibition. She was an incredibly talented lady – I enjoyed all of her work.

And cake!


There is a new occupant of the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square too –



So, Wednesday we went to the Tate to see the Lowry exhibition. Nice – but I didn’t think anything was spectacular though. Along with entry to Lowry, we got entry to see Patrick Caufield too. Not someone I was familiar with, but some of his work blew me away! Stunning stuff! I was very very impressed and it certainly made up for being disappointed at Lowry!

Wednesday was also the day I rang the Radiographers at my hospital to see if they could give me some tips on eating and drinking. It is really painful to do either and I just eat and drink tiny amounts. The doc I spoke to said I should go to the nearest hospital and get admitted! The ‘do not pass go’ type instruction was ignored – sorry Doc! No way I’m spending time in hospital in London. I bought water and started sipping.

And went shopping!


Mmm! How much?!?


Fed some squirrels too!


Thursday we had just half a day – we did some wandering, had cake at the National Gallery and found Harrods! They do great chocolate – which I bought (naturally!) for when I can eat again.

Do you take eating and drinking for granted? I used to! My advice – don’t! Enjoy every mouthful – you should appreciate this amazing opportunity to refuel. I can’t wait to get a bit better and be able to eat more than one morsel at a time and drink a whole cup of tea! πŸ™‚

One last picture – we happened upon the changing of the guard on the way to Trafalgar Square – it was raining. Poor guys – they looked so shiny!


Back home and back into a routine now. Have a superb Saturday!

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On The Road

In two ways –

1. On the road …. To recovery &
2. On the road …. To London!

The weekend was pretty evil – the radiologists did say things would get worse before it gets better. The were right! My list includes permanent indigestion, a tennis ball in my throat, nausea, dizziness. That’s enough! πŸ™‚

I have managed to sip tea and eat very small amounts of food. I made some broccoli soup for lunches and added some grated cheddar for protein and soggy croutons for carbs. I’m doing my best in quite difficult circumstances.

Things, as they say, can only get better!

Today we spent a short time in town – I nearly drank a whole cup of coffee!


We have also planned & packed – we are going to London tomorrow for a three day trip! It’s going to be fun! Apart from the fact that I have to be up at 6.30am – which is about 4 hours before I’ve been getting up this weekend! πŸ™‚

I may be grumpy!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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Six & Seven!

Sorry I missed yesterday – I was a bit all over the place!

We spent the weekend shopping and doing very little – my cough gradually got better and my head stopped spinning momentarily! It was good to have the weekend off.

Yesterday was treatment number six. I spoke to the radiographers about my spinning head, and they kindly organised a doctor to see me after the treatment. The radiotherapy was same-old – both head and chest. Then Omer a very nice doctor who prescribed me two anti-sickness drugs – that should sort me out! The only thing they can’t help with is the disgusting taste when I cough! It’s just the dead tumour cells, and as such should probably be celebrated but it is awful! πŸ™‚

Today I took the anti-sickness medications but things are still spinning – I hope it gets better over time. Treatment again – same as before and all okay. Surprisingly (touch wood) I still have my hair! They said it would start to fall out after 2 – 3 treatments! I do so hope I manage to keep it!


Saw these on the walk from the car park to the hospital – pretty aren’t they? Anyway, tomorrow we will be over half way through – yeah!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Five of Fifteen

All done! πŸ™‚

Now I get the weekend off to recover, back on it on Monday.

Today we faffed around most of the morning – although I spent a lot of it nibbling stuff. I have no idea why, but I have been hungry all day! I managed to limit my nibbles to a banana and one soggy ginger biscuit, but had to have an early lunch! On the strike of 12 the soup was on! πŸ™‚

This afternoon we did the usual drive to Exeter, had my head and chest treatment and drove home.

I followed the doctors advice and have taken paracetamol every 4 hours today and feel a lot better for it. The nibbling of food helps with the nausea too. The cough is a little better, but it still tastes absolutely awful! Coughing is evil! I know it’s the dead cells zapped by the radiotherapy, so that’s a good thing, but boy is it horrible! Constant sipping lemon squash is helping though.

I guess by the time we have had three weeks of treatment we will know all the tricks! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow is rest and shopping. Probably!

Have a super Saturday!

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We arrived!


We walked!


Found a cheese shop!


Had dinner at the hotel.


Including pudding!


Now sat chilling in the hotel bar. Such a lovely city – we are visiting the Rijksmuseum tomorrow and may have to do some canal wandering too!

Happy days!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Chemo – Round 4


I survived round 4 – all done and home now. It took 5 hours in total today – the nurses were busy with lots of people to deal with.

It’s a long time to sit hooked up to drips – but I am grateful they are helping to keep me well.


Hubby has made tea – sausage casserole – lovely! Now I am sat next to this –


I feel fine, so looking forward to sofa, tea and television.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Yesterday was hubby’s 60th birthday! We had a great day, a trip to Bodmin Moor and coffee at the Jamaica Inn, then a long walk to Rock.


After our walk, we went to Ann’s Cottage to buy new winter wet suits – not easy at the best of times, but with a load of stitches in your leg – well! I gave up in the end, but hubby chose his. Last night we had a nice dinner at The Oystercatcher and a few glasses!

Today has been beautiful again. This morning, coffee at Port Isaac:


Then another 5 miles this afternoon to Pentire Head and back. I also went back to look at wet suits armed with plasters and plastic bags! Bought a lovely new O’Neill wet suit, gloves and a hat. All sorted now! I just need my leg to heal and we’ll be in the water.

Tomorrow will be our last full day here. So sad to have to think about going home! Still, a whole day with lots of walking to be done!


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Here We Are

Well, we arrived fairly late this afternoon – but we are here and settled in our new home for the week.


Beautiful place!

We called at Sainsbury’s on the way and picked up some basics, and then headed to Cornwall. We stopped half way for coffee and a sandwich – probably the worst I have ever had! We won’t stop there again! We arrived just before 3 pm and collected the keys for our bungalow and found our way here.

Nice place, bit bizarre as are most rented places, but it will make a nice home for the week. We have had a nice walk on the beach, soon we will be heading off in search of dinner – I’m starving!

Tomorrow will involve walking, beaches, and maybe even boats!

Have a good day!


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Wobbly Bits

Another good day on the healing front – my leg takes some getting going still, but the time it takes to do so is getting less and less. It is still a real pain to get up in the morning!

This morning was no different, I hobbled about for a while and had two cups of coffee before braving the shower. My leg is very dry – obviously the swelling isn’t helping, so I washed it with E45 shower gel and then rubbed in a bit of moisturiser to try and help – but also to stimulate it a bit. It is still numb between the end of the scar and my ankle, so I am hoping a bit of stimulation may help. It felt quite good anyway!

I worked in the office all morning, and only stopped for lunch of the usual soup – I could not be bothered to make any, so a tin of Heinz it was! After lunch I retired to my chair for some elevation, and read my new book – it is well written and I am enjoying the story. Unfortunately I had to put the book down about 3 pm to start cooking dinner – Chilli today. I cheated and bought a Colman’s mix, but fried off the onions and the minced beef, added a tin of tomatoes and then the mix. It smelt good anyway! I hate red kidney beans, so I didn’t add them!

Another walk today, still no crutches and this time up a bit of a hill to the Beacon and back – 1.1 miles in 27 minutes – not too shabby! I have to say my whole calf muscle feels a bit β€œwobbly”! At some point yesterday I tried a bit too hard to walk properly and it hurt – kind of β€œping” hurt. Since then it has been a bit sore – probably just telling me off for doing too much.

The walk was nice, and even better to get back to dinner being all ready bar a bit of rice to heat through, and a tin of baked beans to be tipped in. Lovely! I’m not a huge chilli fan, but it was very tasty and I enjoyed the baked beans!

Tonight it will be back to the book, and maybe a coffee or two with my leg up.

Wednesday tomorrow – so getting closer to our holiday on Friday! Have a great day!


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Oh Yes!


Well, it’s only once a year, and I just had the one! The topping of choice in this house is Golden Syrup and fresh lemon. Mmmm!

Back to the beginning – the day started very early as I had to go in to the office. For some reason I got down into town early, so my first stop was Nero’s for a large skinny latte and a bottle of sparkly water. I decided I drink way too much coffee – especially at work – so I am going to alternate coffee and water.

I have managed on just three cups of coffee today, and three refills of my half litre water bottle. I think that is pretty good!

Lunch was my pre-prepared salad with cheddar cheese – exactly 1 oz as I weighed it! Followed by two Weight Watchers yogurts – one strawberry tart, one lemon tart from their dessert recipe range. Very nice, and both for less than 100 calories – with a bottle of water I had enough to see me through to dinner.

Meetings all afternoon ensured I couldn’t nibble, but did down another bottle of water. Home to salad and a couple of slices of ham, followed by pancakes!

I have counted all my food on SparkPeople and I am within my calories for the day, as long as there is no sofa scoffing! I have done well the last few days, long may it continue.

Tomorrow I am working at home again, with loads to do to hand stuff over ready for my operation on Friday. Yeah! Only two more work days to go!

Have a lovely Wednesday folks.

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