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Not *that* kind of Shopping!

The beautiful plan I had for today went to rats as soon as we woke up to snow! Lots of snow. The forecast said there may be a little, and then turn to rain, but that did not look likely, so instead of a lazy morning and out after lunch, we headed straight out this morning to get the shopping.

When I say shopping – I don’t mean shopping – I mean shopping! We started at Wickes and bought treated wood to fix a walkway in the garden, a brass thingy and a plastic ball to fix the toilet that won’t stop filling, a few brass ring things and 3m of plastic pipe to fix the overflow. Then on to Homebase (I like Homebase – it has “housey” things!) where we bought paint brushes, glue, some plastic protective sheets (for when I slap paint around) and some new overalls (to slap around paint in!). Then off to a warehouse shop to buy some ceramic dishes for hubbies oil painting – they sell egg holders that make fantastic mixing pallets!

Finally we went to Sainsbury’s for the food shop, but not before a quick pit stop in their cafe for a coffee and a shared egg sandwich.

Home mid afternoon and we managed to get out the old overflow pipe and put in the shiny new one – but not without having to move the washing machine and one of the freezers out, thereby exposing several years of cobwebs and grime – I cleaned it all before they went back!

By mid afternoon the snow turned to rain – but it is still cold and the snow is still on the ground – so no venturing outside today. I’m hoping the rain may stop by tomorrow and we can get out for some fresh air of the walking/running variety.

Have a wonderful Sunday folks.

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New Hair

I have new hair! This time I went for a lighter colour and some long layers to give the ends some texture – it is lovely!

My day started not so early, but I still managed to get into town a good hour before my hair appointment so I could do a bit of wandering around the shops. I didn’t buy anything – but that’s not what shopping is about is it! I did lots of browsing and got some ideas for food from the Marks and Spencer’s Food Hall – their stuff is very expensive, but they do some lovely ready meals that give me ideas for making them myself. I wonder if I am the only person that browses around food halls? 🙂 When we were in London a while ago I spent about two hours in Fortnum & Masons Food Hall!

So, I did some looking, and then went to Nero’s for my coffee fix before heading off to the hairdressers for two hours. Loved it! Shame I had to go do the supermarket shopping right after though, but never mind! I hit Sainsbury’s, got all the menu’s for next week and came home late afternoon. Just time for a bit of sorting in the attic before I made the usual Thai Prawn curry for dinner.

No exercise today – apart from a hour’s worth of walking around the shops, but that’s okay. Tomorrow we have a trip around the woods planned! I really hope it’s not too wet!

Have a lovely Sunday all.

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Living Up to my Blog Title

Work today – which I am sure you really do not wish me to share with you. Do you know how dark it is at 6.30am? I wish I didn’t. The alarm went off and I thought it was the middle of the night! I was so tired after lying awake for ages last night with my teeth and face aching like crazy. Enough moaning – I look like a horse has kicked me in the face – but I am sure it will soon be better.

In order to console myself, I have eaten my body weight in chocolate today – two bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk, one mint Aero bar and a large bag of giant chocolate buttons – that’s on top of cake at lunch and mini roast potatoes and baked beans at dinner. I am sure I have eaten two days worth of calories today, and only managed a 40 minute walk at lunch and half an hour of strength training tonight.

Tomorrow – as they say – is another day. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start again.

It’s ages since I have had a real food blow out – which is good – but it just goes to show that the bad habit has not gone away and I need to be vigilant.

It’s Friday though – so that has to make everything better!

Hope you had a good one, and have a lovely weekend. I shall be mainly sleeping…

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So, today I had the day booked as holiday from work to attend my pre-op appointment at the hospital. It appears that was cancelled too. It took four phone calls to get to speak to the secretary of my consultant – someone who actually knew what was happening! Over the phone she read me the letter I was supposed to have been sent six days ago!

The story is that the surgeon who was suppose to do the operation, spoke to the consultant and between them they decided I should first see a vascular surgeon. The letter went on to say that I would probably end up having the same operation, but they wanted to do investigations first. Okay – maybe I can live with that – but without consulting me? Bad. Then I asked the secretary when it would be – wait for this – 16th January! JANUARY! Two months away! I expressed my concern (like – thats AGES away!), she suggested that when I got the appointment through I should phone and see if it could be done sooner. Too right I will! The usual sequence of events is that you see one bloke, then you have to wait for another appointment to go back to the original consultant to hear the verdict – four weeks if you are lucky! If he then decides (again) the op is the next step, you wait for that appointment – maybe six weeks. So – mid January to see Mr Veins, mid February to see Mr Consultant, end of March/April for the operation I could have had next week.

I am grumpy – I hope


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My day started way too early, the alarm dragged me out of bed in the dark, and I drove to work mainly in the dark. Urgh! I hate winter when you never get to see daylight. Enough moaning – my day went well, I was really busy all day and before I knew it, it was time to come home. I like that kind of day!

I made a discovery today – Greek yogurt! I love yogurt, but tend to buy two extremes, either the low fat running stuff by WeightWatchers or the like, or the posh stuff! The WW varieties come in around 100 cals a small pot, double that for the posh ones. On saturday I bought a 0% fat greek yogurt pot. About 170g I think, so nearly double the WW varieties, and only 90 calories! WoW! You know – it didn’t taste bad either! Nice and thick, and with a spoonful of those cranberries I cooked yesterday it filled me up! I will be buying more of that lovely stuff.

I discovered the new Heinz Squeeze and Serve soups – I tried the tomato variety today at lunch and it was quite acceptable, I’ll try the others next time, but it made a nice change for lunch.

I also discovered the delights of the grounds where I work, I had a lovely chat with a crow that was picking about on the cricket pitch – he was all of three feet away from me and did not mind one bit. Lovely creature.

My final discovery isn’t really a discovery, but it never ceases to amaze me how much less I eat when I am busy! There is a lesson to be learnt there – I just wish I could learn it once and for all.

Dinner tonight was salmon and salad – very nice it was too. Oh – and the flapjack is hitting the bin – way too sweet and sticky. I think I over did the treacle! I will try again tomorrow with a different recipe. Results will follow!

Have a lovely Tuesday.

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Writing, Rain & Operations

I like random titles!

First the writing:

Nano 2011 Participant

Having gone through the 20,000 word milestone last night, I am now officially declaring myself a NaNoWriMo Participant! Now all I have to do is make the 50k by the end of the month!

After such a lovely summer and autumn it’s now decided to rain, and rain and rain. I know many people will welcome the rain, especially the farmers, but give us a break hey? No doubt the next problem that will come along is flooding – well, there is always something isn’t there!

Bad news today – I got a letter saying my operation had been cancelled – by me! I didn’t! It took me two hours to get an answer to the telephone, but I finally spoke to a very nice lady in Admissions who confirmed it had been cancelled. I was very upset – I was so looking forward to getting it fixed – I just wanted to cry. She carefully explained that the consultant asked her to cancel it on Wednesday, saying he had written to me to explain. He hasn’t – or at least I don’t have the letter yet. Something about doing more tests – WTF? I am already a pin cushion, had MRI’s and ultrasound – what now?

Not only is it very disappointing, but I have spent ages rearranging meetings at work, and booked a holiday over Christmas to recuperate. Grrr!

Now I have to wait to get his letter to find out what the hell is going on. The Admission lady said she tried to get to speak to him this afternoon, but he had gone home – at 2pm! She was sending him an email insisting that he speak to me. Nice lady – not her fault at all – I felt sorry for her. What a horrible job.

In other news, food good, exercise non-existent (see bit above about rain), work fine.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I am hoping for some proper retail therapy doing a spot of Christmas shopping. That will cheer me up!

This also cheers me up:

London May 2011 BUPA 10k 075

This little chappie was in Hyde Park in London during our visit earlier in the year – I gave him peanuts and he let me take his picture! So sweet!

Have a terrific weekend all.


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Rain (again)

Hello friends!

I hope you’re friends – if you’re not – go away! 🙂

Do you know we have had 3 inches of rain in the last 24 hours? That’s a lot of rain. Happily, we live at the top of a hill, so no flooding issues here. I watched the local news earlier and there are lots of people who have suffered from water damage – I consider myself lucky.

Today I have been working at home, as I will be for the rest of the week. I have done loads and achieved a lot – always good. The problem with working at home is that I don’t get any exercise in at all. I have made the 20 odd paces to the kettle a few times, but that isn’t going to help my diet much is it? I’m going to have to do something through the winter. All ideas are welcome – as long as they don’t involve gym’s – the nearest one is 20 miles away, and I can’t afford it!

The food situation has been good today – I had salad and cheese for lunch, and dinner was ham salad with some new potatoes. Lovely. I’ve been good for once! I am very conscious that I have done no real exercise for a while now – in fact not since last Wednesday when they did the tests on my leg. Oh dear. Tomorrow is weigh day again – I’m not hopeful.

On a better news front – we got confirmation today of our week away at Christmas. All booked. We go the day before Christmas Eve – the Friday, for a week. It will be lovely, and surprisingly, it’s just 8 weeks away. That’s going to come around quickly – I’m going to have to start Christmas shopping soon!

Tomorrow I will do my level best to get some real exercise in – honest!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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Weekend Away

We had an amazing time! Even more amazing because it was so last minute! I love Facebook! The deal was way to good to miss.

We left home about 9am on Saturday morning and reached Polzeath just before 11am, quick coffee and change and we were in the sea!


Can you tell how flipping cold it was?


A really kind lady offered to take our picture – the only one we have of the two of us playing in the water!


We spent a couple of hours in the water – I don’t know how I lasted that long – the wind was a bit wild and so chilly – I was shivering after just 5 minutes.

Quick change and more coffee to warm up! We then took off in the car to go to Wadebridge for a pasty – well earned I can assure you. We also raided the art shop and I got some lovely new acrylic colours, including a shimmering metallic copper – just what I need to do a lovely sunset beach painting! Off the to Rock, and the ferry across to Padstow for some window shopping. Finally, ferry back and to the hotel. Lovely place – staff were superb and it’s a lovely setting. Settled in – we claimed our free champagne! 🙂 Then own to the pub for dinner, we both had steak, which was char grilled and very nice. A few drinks later, the band came on – heck were they loud – good – but loud! We finally staggered back to the hotel at gone 11pm!

This morning we had a bit of a lie in until 8.30am, showered and dressed, a late breakfast at about 10am. I had breakfast! Chef cooked me scrambled eggs on wholewheat toast – lovely. I’ve been full ever since – not that it has stopped me eating. We went down to the beach and changed into our flip flops, but chicken out of more surfing as it was even windier today and cold. Too cold I’m afraid. Instead we walked for an hour or so, the made our way home calling at Port Isaac for another hours walk, then Boscastle for coffee and cake. Finally made it home earlier this evening and have thrown in the washing and thrown together some beans on toast.

Now it is nearly time to crash out. I’m shattered and it’s back to work tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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After yesterday’s excitement, today has been a quiet day. Just what I needed, except we didn’t get out for a run. Too tired I’m afraid.

The day started reasonably early and I spent the morning in the office, doing the end of month accounts and such. got lot’s of paper cleared off my desk, so that is good. Lunch was eaten early – just after mid day. I had my usual salad and cheddar and a yogurt. We wanted to eat early so we could get out shopping and back at a reasonable hour, so off we went into town.

I went in search of a new vacuum cleaner. A couple of years ago I bought an upright cleaner and I have hated it ever since! I’ve always had little cylinder cleaners – so much easier! This upright thing is a real workout to use, it weighs a ton and eats shoe laces for a living! Every time it eats something, the belt breaks. I think we have got through a good dozen of them. Over the past week or so it has started to be really hard to push, and when you put it in the upright position in really complains! Finally – an excuse to change it.

We went to Curry’s as they have a sale on, and after much hoovering of their carpets, we bought a nice bagless cylinder Hoover. Light weight and powerful, it is so much easier to use, and best thing was that we got it for half price in the sale! We were looked after by a young lad called Tom – he was so helpful and kind – the epitome of customer service! While we were waiting for Tom to get us the Hoover from the stock room we went to play with the 3D television. Have you seen them? Absolutely amazing! We donned glasses and watched a trailer of a dragon flying around a church – just fantastic! I’ve never seen anything in 3D that good – let alone a TV set! Just wonderful!

After playing, we went to the supermarket and stocked up for the week’s menu. The fridge was bare, so I planned the week’s meals and we bought what we needed to get us through. Happily we were home by mid-afternoon and got tidied away and sat down for a cup of tea!

Dinner was our current saturday night favourite of Prawn Red Thai curry with stir fry vegetables. Again we ate early, this time because hubby wanted to have a nice long evening to get some painting done, and I wanted to watch Strictly Come Dancing! It was nice at the time, but i think I’ll be starving by 9pm!

Tomorrow we are plotting a trip to Croyde to try the surf at a different beach. The weather is supposed to hold, but the surf isn’t that great at the moment, so Croyde may be a better option. We’ll see.

Have a super Sunday!

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It Doesn’t Get Much better!

It’s Friday, I have the day off work, it’s pay day, the sun is shining, it’s nearly October and I was at the beach, in the sea, surfing. How can anyone not be on top of the world with all that going on!

I got up at a reasonable hour, faffed about, drank coffee, smooched around the internet, got the washin in, and out, and generally passed the morning sort-of productively. I had cheddar, salad and a yogurt for lunch, then we packed the car with wet suits and surf boards and headed off to the beach. What a lovely lovely day. Who would have guessed we could get such weather at this time of year! I honestly thought that we would have retired our wet suits after our holiday in Cornwall, but not a bit of it!

It’s Friday, so no-where was busy, but there were a few very happy young children playing on the beach, and a few “older” people sun bathing. It was strange to see the Lifeguards had packed up and gone for the year. Such a shame that they can’t be employed all year around to keep an eye on us. I do my bit to support the RNLI – I wish I could do more because I certainly feel safer with them around. I am a good swimmer, and always respect the ocean, but still – I miss the guy’s and girls that have looked over us all summer.

The surf was rubbish! But it really didn’t matter. It was hot and sunny and we had a camera! We had a ball. I couldn’t believe it when we got back to the car and two whole hours had passed! Two hours! It felt like 30 minutes! We changed and drove down into town to get coffee, we found a lovely French cafe and had two long hot cafe latte, just what I needed. I also needed the Tarte au Citrone – but I didn’t! It looked wonderful…

Instead of pastries, we walked around the town, found an art shop and hubby got a couple of new brushes, and I got a “starter” box of 24 acrylics – I’ve never used them before, so it will be fun trying.

Home, washed and sorted and curry on (it is Friday you know!) – I made Keema last week, so we defrosted the left overs and had a bowl each with fresh limes squeezed over the top and eaten with wholemeal pitta bread. Lovely.

We have just downloaded the 93 pictures from this afternoon! Good job we don’t have to pay for film and developing any more! There are a few very nice shots, but it will take a while to sort them through.

Tomorrow is shopping day. I’m not sure if we’ll make it to the beach again, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Have a wicked weekend friends.

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