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To the Beach!

It’s been a lovely sunny day – well, it was before about 4pm when an almighty thunder storm hit!

We made the most of the sunshine and headed off late morning to see the latest art exhibition at the Burton Gallery in Bideford. Quite interesting! It was prints done by Picasso, Matisse, Dali & Warhol.


My favourite was Dali’s ‘Blue Owl’ – amazing what can be done with a biro and scrubbing circles!


All that culture was exhausting – coffee and cake required! Mmmmmm!


Suitably feed and watered, we headed to the beach to walk it off!


Beautiful day and Westward Ho! beach is so lovely to wander along.


Finally we called at the supermarket to pick up a few bits so I could make a curry – I made ‘Chicken with Fried Onion Sauce’ and a cabbage & pea side dish – all from Madur Jaffrey’s Indian Cooking book. Scrummy food! Full now! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow – hoping for more sunshine and a bit more shopping.

Have a scrumptious Saturday!

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Holiday Day Out

Such a lovely day – one of those Winter days I long for – dry, sunny and cold. What do you do when it’s just 1 degree at 11am? Head for the beach!


Not quite the beach – but Ilfracombe. We walked a bit of the South West coast path, then around the harbour to say hello to the lovely Verity.


That’s her good side – the other side is fascinating.


Unfortunately she is still surrounded by scaffolding and work stuff – it will be so nice when she is set free.

At Ilfracombe we did lunch at the Landmark Theatre – also known as ‘Madonna’s Bra’! No prizes for guessing why!


From there we went to the Art gallery exhibition preview. Hubby has two pictures exhibited. So proud of him!


Finally we called at the supermarket on the way home to pick up a couple of bits and pieces.

Smashing day out!

Back to work tomorrow – have a marvellous Monday.

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Art & Tart

The menu planning has gone a bit wobbly today. I had planned low roast lamb a la Nigel Slater (rubbed with garlic and rosemary crushed with olive oil) but I had forgotten that we were due to be out all afternoon!

I am nothing if not flexible, so tomorrows fast was moved to today and I’ll do the lamb tomorrow!

So, the church bells woke me at 9.30am and I spent the whole morning faffing, cleaning and washing. I had a bowl of soup for lunch and then we headed out. Hubby volunteered us to steward the Burton Art Gallery’s Christmas exhibition from 2pm until 4pm.


There were some lovely pictures on show.


I love the zebra, but I think this lovely dog is my favourite.


There was pottery, jewellery and craft work as well as pictures. Love these Christmas bells!


We met some nice folks in the two hours, had two cups of coffee and one lemon tart. Oh – that was a fabulously lemony lemon tart! That’s it for food today – I’m already looking forward to that lamb tomorrow!

Happily I am working at home tomorrow, and have my appointment with the doc to get the results of my chest X ray and blood tests – fingers crossed!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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More Art!

It’s been quite an arty weekend! This morning started late, so I spent most of it chopping veg for soup. I have three days in London at a conference this week, hubby is coming along too, so it was time to clear out the veg fridge!

I made celery & potato soup for hubby, and threw the rest (swede, carrots, broccoli & courgettes) into another pot for me. Chopping veg takes ages doesn’t it! While the soup simmered we headed out for an early walk.


Spot the rugby ball! We went out early as we had to pick up hubby’s pictures from the weekend exhibition at 4pm, and then be at the opening of another exhibition at 5pm! Busy busy!

We had the soup for lunch, faffed about a bit and then went out. Pictures collected, we headed out to the next exhibition. Happily this one is on for a whole month, not just the weekend!


Hubby has three pictures in this one – this is my favourite –


We couldn’t come away empty handed, so bought this lovely hand made Yew wood vase –


Light is all wrong now, but you get the idea!

Tomorrow it is back to work, and back in the office for meetings. It will be a short week though as Tuesday we go to London for my conference on Wednesday and Thursday. Should be fun!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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This & That, Here & There

Had an out & about day today – after a very late start! We started by going to the Art Exhibition again to make sure all was well (it was) then into a new gallery to try and get some wall space.

Then off into Barnstaple for a spot of shopping. Hubby got some new shoes to play badminton in, and I got some new work shoes from M&S! While we were there we popped into the cafe for coffee and shared a sandwich for lunch. Having done town, we went to the supermarket as usual for the food shop.

Home, put stuff away, put salmon in to marinade, out for a walk.


Lovely day – cold wind, but nice to see the sun out. The sheep were happy!


Farmers are still busy cutting silage.


Lovely walk followed by lovely salmon for dinner.

Tomorrow we will be out and about again as we have to collect the pictures from the exhibition that ends tomorrow evening, then we go on to another gallery to the opening of another exhibition! It’s all go!

Have a smashing Sunday!

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Out & About

We managed to spend most of the day out and about today – that is after I managed to grub around in bed until nearly 10 am! Bit late – even for me!

First we had to drop my car off at the garage, so we took both as far as Torrington – hopefully she will be fixed on Monday. Then I hopped in hubby’s car and off we went down many unfamiliar lanes to an out of the way art gallery – the West Gallery.


Lovely little place, and hubby was there to drop in some paintings he has done for an exhibition there starting next week called ‘Secret Spaces’.


It is his first public exhibition, so he is a little bit excited!

From there we went into Barnstaple for a bit of shopping, Nero’s coffee and a shared sandwich for a late lunch. The Guildhall is looking very pretty.


Then to the supermarket for the weekly shop before heading home and out for our usual walk.


Clouds have come in – there is talk of heavy rain tomorrow so we made the most of a dry evening. This chappy was crossing the road – no idea where he was headed!


A very hairy caterpillar!

Dinner was the usual Thai prawn curry and stir fry veg – now to sit down a while and watch Dr Who!

Have a lovely evening and a super Sunday!

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Good Day Friday

I worked at home today, so not much to say about that! I had ham salad for lunch – that was as exciting as it got!

This afternoon we got our walk in – a bit drizzly, but certainly better than the torrents that came down this morning.


We ate dinner early – chicken casserole – most yummy! Then we went out! Most unusual! I can’t remember the last time we went out, but tonight was the preview night at the Burton Art Gallery for their Summer Exhibition. Hubby put in two paintings, both were rejected but we got tickets to go anyway.


Free wine! Lots of people, and some really nice pictures.



Nice Grebe – and a lovely hare –


My favourites were the wild flowers – just lovely.


A lively evening was had by all.

Tomorrow – shopping! Have a super Saturday!

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A Day Out

What a lovely day it has been! The sun has shone all day – just wonderful.

I spent the morning faffing, then had tuna and salad for lunch. That was the first meal since yesterday lunchtime – I was starving! I really hope this fasting stuff is worthwhile!

This afternoon we spent out, first we had to call at the garage to get my car booked in to be looked at – it has a rattle and a leak! I hope it won’t cost an arm and a leg! ๐Ÿ™‚

Then we ventured Holsworthy way to go to a gallery where hubby is hoping to get his pictures hung for sale. The owner was very positive, but he has to wait until ‘next season’ – who knew there were seasons in art galleries! Anyway, there are and the next one starts in March. Fingers crossed for him.

We then went to Bideford to the Burton Art Gallery where hubby took two paintings that will be judged and maybe exhibited in their summer exhibition next week. We are going to the preview night next Friday when he finds out if they are considered good enough!

While we were there, we had coffee in the lively Cafe du Parc.


Finally we went to the beach! Westward Ho! Was packed with holiday makers.


Hard to believe that we were there a couple of weeks ago and there was a bloke with a dog and us! Still, good for the economy, although I suspect there will be many sun burnt bodies in the morning!

Home and dinner of Spring Chicken and cabbage, most welcome & very tasty.

Tomorrow we shop! Have a stunning Saturday.

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Iโ€™m back!

We had a wonderful couple of days in Cambridge โ€“ what a lovely place it is. We have walked miles and miles, shopped until we dropped and enjoyed museums and galleries. The shops are great โ€“ lots of individual unique boutique type places โ€“ and the architecture is wonderful. We โ€œdidโ€ the Fitzwilliam Museum and several other museums hidden inside the various colleges โ€“ from archaeology to genetics! We even had a glass of wine in the Eagle pub, where the discovery of DNA is supposed to have happened as various scientists chatted over a pint! It also has a lovely ceiling on which members of WWII USAF & RAF bombing crews have etched their names using candles, lighters and lipstick! Great place. Loved it!

We walked along the river and watched the boats go by. We even watched a couple of graduation ceremonies โ€“ how proud they all looked in their finery. Having taken 9 years studying and 10 exams to get my Honours Degree whilst working full time, it struck me how lucky those kids all are to be able to study full time at one of the best Universities in the world. Iโ€™d love to have done that โ€“ not that I am clever enough, but you can dream!

Anyway, we visited MIL and had a lovely couple of days, so thatโ€™s great. We arrived home about 4pm this afternoon after spending 4 hours on trains and crossing London by Underground, so now I am tired and grubby.

Back to work tomorrow, but working at home, and only in the morning as I have an MRI scan in the afternoon as the first part of the tests they want to do to identify the cause of my bad leg. Next week I have compartment pressure tests, which they say are awful as they stick long needles into your calf muscles after running on a treadmill! The MRI will be a breeze compared to that!

Hope you are doing okay and have a fantastic Friday!

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