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That flipping horse fly got me good and proper!


I hobbled off to work this morning but my ankle just kept swelling up – by lunch I had had enough! I ate my hard-boiled eggs and salad and drove home. I called at a pharmacy on my way and ended up surrounded by the pharmacist and five other people all wanting to look!

I came away with lotions and potions and a box of wine! Medicinal of course! ๐Ÿ™‚

Home and I treated my leg before getting on with a bit more work. I put a gammon joint in the oven to roast while I got on with emails and stuff.

Dinner was gammon, cauliflower and peas – lovely!

That’s it – no walk as the ankle is very painful – nothing exciting to report – except it is still sunny! I’ll leave you with a much nicer picture of a seat in the grounds where I work – have a lovely Wednesday!


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Did Not Attend

Office today, and a string of meetings where people were supposed to be there but did not attend. Why do people do that? They accept the meeting request and then don’t show up! Strange behaviour!

Meanwhile, I ate my way through the day as I tend to when I have to go into the office. The list reads like this:

1. Banana and cashew nut butter
2. Apple
3. Nuts & sultanas
4. A hard boiled egg
5. Tuna and lettuce (lunch!)
6. More nuts and sultanas
7. Gammon and salad (dinner!)

Plus I had my bucket of latte from Nero’s first thing!

I’ve had enough now!

I did get a walk around the grounds at lunch – just before it rained.


Nice grounds with some amazing trees.


The path to freedom!

Home tomorrow and time to make up for over eating today! Have a great Wednesday!

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No Idea!

We nearly had a whole morning with no rain today! Nearly I said – it started just before lunch! ๐Ÿ™‚


Today has been a work at home day, also another of spreadsheets – my favourite. This morning flew by and it was lunch before I knew it – ham and lettuce wraps today – Paleo and lovely. I also had a few strawberries with coconut cream. My first encounter with coconut cream and I have to say it is really good – much better than I thought it would be and a perfectly acceptable substitute – even hubby said so!

This afternoon I was back at the hospital to see my Consultant for another follow up to my operation for Compartment Syndrome. The title of this blog is dedicated to him! That was his answer to all of my questions – why isn’t it getting better? Why is the bottom of my leg still numb? When will it get easier to walk let alone run? He didn’t know the answer to any of them.

The conclusion he came to was to order an MRI scan to see if he can see anything. If that doesn’t reveal anything obvious he will try and get a second opinion from someone who is ‘interested’ in this sort of thing. The impression I got was that he thought they had done their best and that’s it. I can only hope the MRI shows something they can do something about.

Home and it’s still raining!


Dinner was been grilled gammon steaks and salad – okay, but I could have planned it better so as not to have had ham and ham! I’ll do better tomorrow.

Friday! Enjoy!


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Starting Over

Running that is. I need to get back running and stop this wimping out and just “going for a walk” rubbish. Today is day one. Gently does it!


Running shoes on, capris on, t shirt and I’m ready to go. Unfortunately it has been so long my Nike+ wristband had lost all it’s charge, so I had to take my phone and use the Nike+ App. We did our usual 2 mile circuit but as a run/walk combo. It took me a good mile to get into it, and by a mile and a bit I’d had enough!

Hubby pushed me along and we made fair progress despite the leg grumbling all the way round. The most pain was in my ankle – I’m guessing because that’s where the swelling is and all the rubbish has collected. You will be happy to learn I made it home and managed an average pace of 15 minute miles. WooHoo!

The other good news is that I got a letter this morning from the Physio department of the hospital. Strangely it just asked me to call them to make an appointment – makes you wonder why they wrote – why not just ring me? Anyway, I rang as instructed but just got an ansaphone – I left a message but I haven’t had a call back! Ho hum.

Food today has been okay, lunch was soup and a ciabatta roll and dinner gammon steak and salad.

Talking of food, I have ordered two Paleo books to further my research, and have a million podcasts on my phone to listen to. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Oh – I did lots of work too!

Wednesday tomorrow – half way! Have a good day!


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Chilly isnโ€™t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

Work again today, and when I went out to the car this morning it was minus 3 and I had to spend several minutes with a scraper. I hate doing that first thing in the morning. It was a beautiful sunrise though โ€“ I even thought about stopping the car and taking a photograph, but I didnโ€™t โ€“ it was cold out there!

Work, then at lunch I took a walk into town to get some exercise. Still cold, but I used the iMapMyWalk app on my phone, which drove me on to crack on and keep moving. I did nearly 3 miles in just over an hour โ€“ which has to be better than sitting on my backside in the office. I had yogurts and lemon for lunch (and quite a lot of chocolate which I will not mention).

Meetings all afternoon, so I was ready for home when that time came. When I got in, hubby had done dinner โ€“ gammon, salad and some new potatoes โ€“ bless him!

I have done some strength training by way of push ups, squats, dumbbell side bends and curls and calf raises. That should counter some of the chocolate anyway!

I am working at home for the rest of the week (yeah!) and then on holiday next week, so the next time I have to drive into the office is not until 14th February! Go Me!

I am really hoping to get some plodding in over the next few days.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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The Longest Day

Wow – today has lasted forever! I was ready for lunch by 9.30am and ready for bed by 3pm!

Despite being busy at work, with lots to catch up on, the day dragged its feet. Luckily I took supplies, so had a banana and some peanut butter mid morning, and then Greek yogurt and lemon curd for lunch. I still rifled through my desk for nibbles mid afternoon – luckily there was nothing bad in there and I made do with a satsuma!

This morning it was dark, very wet and blowing a gale when I drove to work, which was quite difficult, but it cleared by lunch, so I got out for a walk for half an hour to try and wake myself up. I left work at 4pm to try and get home whilst it was still light. Good job I did as the river at the bottom of the hill had burst its banks and the road was flooded.

When I say flooded – I have never seen such a wide expanse of water across the road – I drove over the railway bridge an there it was – as far as the eye could see – and it was rushing by! It is just a single track road, so I had to do a 47 point turn to go back! I daren’t get my wheels on the verges as both were full of water and I swear I would have got stuck there! I made it, and did a few extra miles detour to get home, but here I am, safe and sound.

For dinner we had gammon steak and salad, which was nice, but a bit salty for my liking – I’m thirsty now!

Tomorrow I have to be at the dentists at 9am – so that will be fun! Then, happily, I am working at home for the rest of the day. Phew!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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