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I’m Melting!

It’s still hot! I just can’t believe how long this heat has gone on! I’m not complaining! Honest!

Yesterday we did the shopping, along the way we purchased two things – a lawn sprinkler (!) and a brand new Audi A1 car!!! Blimey! It won’t be delivered for 4 months, but how exciting is having a new car!

Today we pottered at home and then went for a hot stroll around RHS Rosemoor.


It’s a beautiful place with a stunning rose garden.


Oh, how I wish you could smell these!




Beautiful! It was do hot though – the car said 27.5 degrees in the shade! Tomorrow they are talking thundery showers – the garden will be happy!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Catching Up!

Sorry I haven’t blogged this week – most of it has been spent waiting!

Tuesday we saw a new doctor – a very nice lady in charge of radiotherapy. She was remarkably positive and has organised a planning session, followed by 12 treatment days. All good news! We were told that the planning session would be booked and we would get a phone call – but it should be done by next Tuesday (a week away).

Hence the waiting! Still no phone call!

So, we did a bit of beach walking


A bit of coffee drinking


A bit of walking


And a bit of gardening


In between which, we checked the ansaphone!

Today we had a walk in the sunshine.


Then sat and watched Andy Murray win Wimbledon! How exciting was that! 🙂

Hoping to get a call tomorrow – fingers crossed. It would be great to get the treatment started!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Yesterday was damp & drizzly, so we decided to stay at home and do some cleaning! The dressers haven’t been cleaned in months!

It took all afternoon, but we now have sparkle!


And shine.


So nice not to look at dust!

Today we did some gardening – just a bit of tidying and weed pulling, but so nice to see the sun again.




Late afternoon we headed out for a plod – a bit more running and a bit less walking today. Go me! 🙂

Tomorrow is our big day with the oncologist to see the results of the CT scan. Fingers crossed!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Nothing Much!

The past couple of days we have spent at home, mainly doing very little!

I have done a bit of gardening.


I have also sat in the sun reading. I finished one Stephen King novel – the additional book as part of the Dark Tower series – I have read all the rest! Now I am half way through his 11.22.63 book. Love his writing!

We did get a walk yesterday as said hello to a few ladies out enjoying the sun too.


They didn’t like us much and ran away to a safe distance and stared!


Strange creatures!

Tomorrow we have an arts group meeting in the evening including a buffet dinner – should be fun!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Tidy Garden

Today has been spent watching men work! 🙂


The garden guy’s came back today to put up the new fence they made for us. It looks fantastic!


They have done an excellent job and an old broken down arch:


Has turned into this:


It’s taken them just 2 days and a million cups of tea and coffee – but what a difference!

In other news – I did very little again today, being confined to the house whilst the guys were working apart from a quick trip to the doctor for some more tablets and a quick chat about my progress with the chemo. He is very happy with how I am coping and is hopeful that the prognosis is better than originally thought! Go me!

Tomorrow I might go shopping!

Have a terrific Thursday!

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Expertly Doing Nothing!

That’s three days in a row we have stayed home – must be a record! Yesterday the garden men arrived to pull down the archway that has very nearly fallen over.


The plan is to get rid of it, tame the roses and fuchsia bushes, and put up a proper fence. Part one they did yesterday – gardening with a chainsaw is my kind of gardening! Part two of putting up fencing will happen tomorrow. Exciting times!

Today it has rained all day, and I have spent the day doing very little! We booked tickets for the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museums when we visit in three weeks, and I did hubby’s tax return online . I also amused myself watching the sheep in the field opposite – they are so cute!


This one decided the new shoots on top of the hedge were worth climbing up for! She was not bothered by anything!


So lovely!

Tomorrow may well be another day at home watching men put up fencing. I can think of worse activities!

Have a wonderful Wednesday !

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It was nice to see the sun again today, so finishing what we started in the garden yesterday was on the cards.

This morning we faffed about and I booked the airport parking for Amsterdam and did a bit of looking around for boat trips. The afternoon was spent getting the rest of the ivy off the workshop.


It now needs some tlc and a pot of paint! I spent the rest of the time either making tea or shredding the evidence! Tomorrow we have a chappie coming to lay the hedge properly – never has our garden been so tidy! There is much more to do, but hopefully once it is done it will be easier to look after.

I hope it’s nice weather again tomorrow – we are on a roll!

Have a terrific Thursday!

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Stuck In – Day Out

Yesterday it rain alllllll day. Pah! I did not leave the house! I spent the day cooking and plotting! After seeing a programme on the reopening of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, hubby and I decided it would be nice to go, so I did some research.

At the end of the day I had found a flight from Exeter and a nice 4 star hotel just outside of the city. I was a bit concerned about booking for early June as my last chemo is due on 21st May and we have no timetable from the doctor beyond that. With a sensible hat on, we decided not to book but to wait until I had spoken to the specialist nurse at the hospital to try and get some indication as to what happens after chemo.

This morning I rang that lovely nurse and she said nothing would happen during the 3 weeks after the last chemo, so I was fine to book it for the week of 3rd June. Yeah! 🙂

I booked flights and a three night stay!

We are going to Amsterdam!

Following that we spent the rest of the day in the garden de-ivy-ing the workshop!


I now have a huge pile of stuff to shred !


That’s tomorrow sorted for me!

Have a wicked Wednesday!

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Oh well – that warm sun didn’t hang around long did it? Today there have been the odd sunny bits, but mainly cold, windy and cloudy.

We started this morning with a spot of gardening and hubby put the finishing touches to his latest creation.


This fabulous object is now in pride of place outside the front of the house. I do hope it makes everyone smile!

After lunch we ventured out for a walk – longer than usual we took a different circuit – 3.25 miles done.


Lots of sheep and cows to say hello to – flipping freezing though!

Home and I spent the rest of the afternoon doing dinner – roast beef and all the trimmings. Lovely !

Tomorrow we start round 4 of chemotherapy with a trip to the hospital for blood tests before chemo on Tuesday. As we are heading to town – there may be shopping involved! 🙂

Have a magical Monday !

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The Garden Family

Yesterday I said we had a new addition to our family – I’ve been out this morning with the new camera so I can show you the guy’s and the flowers around them.

Mr Gremlin

Mr Gremlin

This is Mr Gremlin – he’s lived here for a few years now and his main job is to scare away foreign cats that come to torment the birds!

And this is Derek – our latest addition – isn’t he cute?Derek
His job is to look after the water bowls that are out for the birds, but also used by the aforementioned cats!
He needs a bit more training, and he hasn’t quite got that “angry” look yet, but he’s learning!

The rest of the garden is alive with wildlife and colour – here’s a selection to brighten up my blog!





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