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The day after Chemo is usually difficult – I get tired and alternate hot and cold – layers rule!

Today I have felt quite good, I think I slept better than I usually do after the huge amount of steroids they give you with the chemo. After previous sessions I have been awake most of the night – lat night that turned around to sleeping most of the night! 🙂

So I made the most of today whilst being careful not to do too much. Lots of tea breaks were in order, but I weeded the beds around the lawn. Whilst doing that I managed to break our hand fork thingy, so we took the opportunity to go to Homebase and pick up a new one, plus some new herbs to enhance our old ones which are getting a bit leggy.

We bought sage, parsley, rosemary and thyme – the new rosemary and thyme are now under the care of Derek!


I think he likes his new job!

That’s my day – it’s been another good one! Tomorrow we must start organising some packing for our next short break in Cornwall. We go on Friday for a week to coincide with my big brother staying close by. Fun will be had!

Have a titivating Thursday!


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Busy, Busy, Busy

Both yesterday and today we have had dry, sometimes sunny weather, but flipping cold still!

Yesterday we did more gardening and got all the ivy from the workshop and generally tidied around.


Then last night we played badminton and had a drink in the pub – well, hubby had a couple of beers, I had juice, so I drove home!

Today it has been more of the same, but I did make bread too!


Thanks to the lovely Paul Hollywood, my very first bloomer was a great success!


Lunch was a real treat!

This afternoon we headed to Homebase and got two bird boxes for the now bare workshop. I hope someone moves in!

Tonight – sofa & television. I think I have earned a sit down!

Have a super Saturday – I will be shopping!

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Homey Weekend

We have had a lovely weekend at home. Yesterday we did the usual town & shopping trip, complete with coffee at Nero’s.

Have you been to Nero’s recently? They are causing me stress! They have three new ‘creme’ drinks – chocolate & coconut, strawberries & cream and banana and toffee! I could drink all of them! But – I love their coffee – and their iced coffee! How am I supposed to choose? Arghh!

Today we spent most of the day in the garden doing a bit of tidying in between cheering on the marathon on the television. Then we sat and watched the F1 Grand Prix. A bit of a television day really – sometimes that is okay.

Tomorrow I hope we get a break in the weather and can get a bit more gardening done.

Have a happy Monday!

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I have a cold! If I was a bloke – it would be flu! I have snuffled and sneezed my way through the day. To add insult to injury, the antibiotics have upset my tummy! Oh dear – what a state!

Despite my battered state I spent the morning out in the garden clearing out gutters that the birds have filled with moss from the roof! It’s wonderful stuff – all splodgy! We have gained a stream flowing down our garden path too:


It seems to be flowing from a hole in the little wall from the church yard behind us. It’s flowing down into the conservatory and down a drain. Happily no damage is being done. Unlike lots of houses that have been flooded in and around Devon & Cornwall. I have just watched the news and a helicopter and boat rescue of a lady swept down flood water not three miles from here. Scary stuff.

I did garlic and rosemary rubbed roast lamb for dinner with roast veg – it looked fabulous but I couldn’t taste a thing! Shame. Hopefully my cold is on it’s way out and I will be better tomorrow.

On the cards for tomorrow – pick up contact lenses, pick up turkey, hibernate!

Have a marvellous Monday!


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Leg Ache!

I’m certainly not used to being on my feet all day – boy do my legs ache right now!

I spent all day yesterday on my feet doing the dining room and then did my strength training which included a shed load of squats and step-up’s. Today has been busy too.

I had a bit more filling to do today on that big hole – it is no more!


It needs paint – but at least there isn’t a stinking great hole in the wall any more! So, that needed to dry so I hit the garden and did some weeding, tidying and pruning to get it under control. I must have done a fairly good job as Mr Blackbird came out to sun bathe!


Lunch was turkey left over from yesterday with salad, also left over from yesterday. I certainly felt I had earned it. This afternoon I have slapped some paint on the dry bits, but there is more to do when the polyfiller has dried – that will save for tomorrow.

Late afternoon we set off on our walk – just after half way we met this little chap –


He insisted on following us! After ignoring our requests to go home, I phoned the number on his tag but got no answer. Another lady came by waking her dogs and confirmed where he lived, there was nothing we could do but to walk him home. He was quite reluctant to go in the gate, but he stayed there!

On the way home, his owner found us in her car and said thank you! Jungle drums must have told her it was us that took him back – the joys of living in a small village!

Finally we got home for dinner – roast gammon joint with cauliflower and broccoli – most welcome.

Tonight I shall be sitting! I may even watch the football – anything that does not involve standing up!

Tomorrow I’m back at the physio – looking forward to that. Hope you have a great day too!

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Time for a Sit-down

Weigh day!

Weight last week – 150lbs
Weight today – 147.75lbs

Total loss – 2.25lbs

Go me! 🙂 Actually, I should write – Go Paleo eating! It is suiting me very well, I not only feel so much better, I lost a whole load of weight too. What is not to love?

Until today hubby has scorned my refusal to eat bread, cereals, potatoes etc – he actually accused me of being “stupid”. After weighing this morning he asked how it worked – what I had cut out etc! 🙂 I have given him my books, he can make up his own mind.

Today has been non-stop. This morning I did some tidying in the garden – looking pretty:


This little chap was getting a bit overgrown!


He’s much happier now!

Hubby fixed the log store roof:


It had started to rot away, so he fixed another layer of wood on top to protect it.

We paused for lunch – I had a 3 egg omelette and salad, then did all the prep for dinner – slow roast lamb today.

Hubby finished that roof then we did our Sunday long walk – 7.58 miles in just about 2.5 hours.


Shorts and t-shirt weather today!


Dinner was lamb with cabbage, carrots and parsnips – hubby had roast potatoes too – we were both starving!

Time to sit down now, my legs are really sore from all those hills today. Tomorrow it’s back to the office, but it is just a 4 day week for me as we are on holiday Friday! So looking forward to it!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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Shorts Weather

What a lovely day again! We have been really lucky with the weather recently – it could have been a mid August day today.

The day started for me with some work and a long phone call with my boss catching up on what’s happening back in the office. Important stuff, but it feels a bit remote at the moment, no doubt I’ll soon get back in the swing of it. Lunch was soup again, and a ciabatta roll – unfortunately no cheese bread left!

After lunch I spent some time out in the garden pottering and pulling up the odd weed. Hubby did some industrial gardening cutting down overgrown hedges. It was far too nice to be indoors today, and I am lucky I had chance to spend time outside.

We then ventured around the block, and met a friend in the village who used to be a nurse. I had shorts on, so she checked out the leg and did quite a lot of tutting! Her main observation was that it is very swollen, and the numbness is not good – she agreed with hubby that I should be phoning the hospital and getting to see the consultant. I’ll do that tomorrow.

We did our usual circuit in the sun.


No records broken today, and now lots of resting to be done. Dinner was salmon and salad with some new potatoes, I don’t suppose I need to tell you I was starving!

Tomorrow I hope will be just a nice as today – I hope you have a good one!


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