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Thirteen of Fifteen

Into the final countdown!

I finally managed a whole nights sleep without a fit of coughing at some unearthly hour! I managed to sleep through until nearly 10am!

I then spent an age in the shower trying to get rid of all my lose hair. It took three emptyings of the plug hole before I finally gave up and got out of the shower. Hubby is now calling me ‘patch’!


I have no idea why it is falling out in such a bizarre way!


Not a look I’m proud of, but it was expected and we can only deal with the hand we are given!

Today’s treatment was fine and I had a blood test too. Tomorrow I see the Oncologist to chat through the treatment – I will mention that I am still having problems swallowing and see what can be done.

I hope you have a tickety-boo Thursday!

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Rain & Hail

But no snow – as yet! I love snow.

I worked at home today so it was a nice quiet day. The hospital rang with a new appointment for my next chest X-ray and scan – tomorrow morning at 9am! Blimey! It’s tomorrow, and it’s early. It lots of respects I really hope it doesn’t snow now as I’ll have to be out of the house by 8 in the morning and I really don’t want to have to cope with dodgy roads as well.

Late afternoon we left the house for half an hour and went for a chilly walk around the block.


Then I did my hair with a smart little wand thingy I got at half price at the weekend. What a state!

A bit over the top I think – but I’ll learn!

So, tomorrow hospital & the working at home. I hope you have a terrific Tuesday.


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What a lovely day – we even saw a few minutes of sunshine! I know – it’s been weeks!

The day started at the hairdressers – I have new hair, hubby has new hair. Only one of us has red hair!


After hair we went into town and had coffee in Nero’s and shared a ham sandwich. Then into Sainsburys to do the food shop. By the time we got home it was late afternoon and just time for a walk before dinner – hence the yellow tabard!


Hubby loves the new hair and had to take pictures! The daddy sheep were not so sure!


Handsome chaps aren’t they!

Dinner has been baked salmon with celeriac mash and peas. Lovely! Now I need a sit down and a nice cuppa.

Have a smashing Sunday!

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Good Hair Day

Saturdays are marvellous!

Today I took the bus to town to get my hair done.


Thus is my once-a-year trip on a bus. It saves hubby waiting 2 hours for me, and of course it helps me support the local public transport. There is one bus a day into town, and one bus a day home – except on Sundays when there is no bus! I guess, living where we do, we are lucky to have one bus.


The ‘before’ look – shame I forgot the ‘after’! Sorry! It’s coppery red now – I’m quite taken with it. I thought hubby would be a bit shocked but he actually said it could be brighter! Yeah!

Okay – I’ll take a picture now – but remember it’s artificial light!


Nice! 🙂

Hair done, we went shopping and that took the rest of the day – including coffee stops.

Such a good day. Tomorrow they say the sun is going to shine, so I’m taking my new hair to the beach!

Have a super Sunday!

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Two Days into One Doesn’t Go

As we spent yesterday doing our wood engraving course today was spent doing everything we normally do in two days!

This morning it was shopping – first the DIY shop to get some new light bulbs and drill bits. So exciting! We needed drill bits as hubby melted on the other day when trying to make a small hole in the wall to plug and hang a picture. One of the downfalls of cob walls is that you get stones in amongst the mud – big stones! Sod’s law says that if you want to hang a picture there – there will be a big stone. You will end up with either a melted drill bit or a very large hole!

Then to the supermarket for the food shop. Home for lunch – soup today. Housey stuff this afternoon plus making dinner – roast beef, roast red onions –


Served with carrots, parsnips, sprouts and Yorkshire pudding for himself! It was very tasty! Now I need to sort myself out for the working week – lunch to pack and hair to wash, dry and straighten – all before Strictly!

Hope you had a great weekend – have a merry Monday!

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Hair Done, Shopping Done, All Done!

Busy old day! We went into town late morning and had to be creative about our route as the cycling Tour of Britain hit Barnstaple this morning. They evidently started from the Long Bridge at 10.15 this morning – by the time we got there this is all that was left!


Funny! 🙂

Both hubby and I had our hair done, did town – including the necessary Nero’s coffee complete with band!


Then off to the supermarket. The usual weekly grocery shop done!

Home in time for dinner – the usual Thai Prawn Curry & stir fry veg. Boy did I need that!

No purposeful exercise today – so hopefully we will get out and do something tomorrow. Now – Strictly! Yeah!

Have a great evening and smashing Sunday folks!

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New Hair

One of life’s many pleasures – I love having my hair done! Rubbish photo, but you get the idea!


I spent the morning faffing, then took a wet drive into town, first to the supermarket, then into town. I had the inevitable coffee at Nero’s then smooched around for a while.


I could live in Marks & Spencer’s Food Hall! I bought a sandwich, but I could have bought it all! I ended up starving after wandering around there for a while. Good job I had a hair appointment looming!

Hair done, finally home at the end of the afternoon. Boy I needed more coffee! Finally some proper food – Thai Prawn curry and stir fry vegetables. Tonight I intend to chill with a nice glass of wine. Mmm!

Have a good one!

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New Hair

Strange old day – not my usual routine at all, and I do like my routine!

I had a hair appointment at 11am, and hubby did not want to hang around town for two hours, so we hatched a plot. Our village has one bus – on a Saturday it goes into town at 10 am, so I went in on the bus, grabbed a Nero’s coffee and off to the hairdressers. Hubby stayed home until later when I had finished! Great plot – and it worked out just fine.

Hubby and I went into town, had more Nero’s coffee and did a little bit of window shopping before heading off to the supermarket for food shopping.

Later we went out for a walk – in a T shirt! It was lovely and warm and my new hair enjoyed the fresh air!


It was great to see the hedgerows growing, and there are some beautiful wild flowers around.


Food has been super-Paleo today! I had cashews and apple for lunch, prawn curry made with coconut milk and stir fry vegetables for dinner. I think I am getting hang of this way of eating and I have to say I am enjoying it. No grains and no sugar seem to suit me well.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day, for once I am really looking forward to it!

Have a lovely day.

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Good News!

Good Evening!

Well, today didn’t quite go to plan!

My plan was to potter about and do nothing much at all apart from book a hair cut, plan a trip into town, and then see if I could get to speak to the consultant about the leg.

I phoned the hair dressers and got an appointment tomorrow afternoon, then I phoned the hospital and she gave me an appointment for 3pm this afternoon! I didn’t think the NHS could be so quick! I’m not complaining though, it’s great that they were willing to listen to my concerns and get me in so quickly.

I did a few bits and pieces this morning, and then had the usual soup and roll for lunch before heading off to the hospital.

I saw the big-man consultant at 3pm exactly and he listened whilst I explained the pain, numbness and toe problems. He prodded and poked and explained that although progress was not as quick as he had hoped, nothing bad was happening. No infection, and no serious nerve damage, just superficial skin nerves that evidently will come back in time. He reassured me, told me to go on exercising and stretching, and arranged to see me again in 4 weeks to re-check on progress. I feel a lot better now! It’s great knowing there is nothing untoward happening in there. I did ask about running and he wasn’t keen – walking he said was good, and perhaps a bit of light jogging. I didn’t like to tell him that his “light jogging” was my idea of running! 🙂

Home, and time for our afternoon walk. We did the usual 2.25 miles circuit, and a little bit of “light jogging” – and I do mean a little bit! Maybe a couple of minutes and that was it. It felt so good though – maybe this is all in my head! Of course it is sore, and it pulls as the muscle needs stretching, but it is stable and it doesn’t “fill up” like it used to, and my foot does not go to sleep. I am a very happy bunny!

Dinner tonight was a small gammon steak with salad.

Tomorrow is hair day, so I may have to go and do my walk/jog in the morning as I will be in a chair most of the afternoon. Have a good day all.


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New Hair

I have new hair! This time I went for a lighter colour and some long layers to give the ends some texture – it is lovely!

My day started not so early, but I still managed to get into town a good hour before my hair appointment so I could do a bit of wandering around the shops. I didn’t buy anything – but that’s not what shopping is about is it! I did lots of browsing and got some ideas for food from the Marks and Spencer’s Food Hall – their stuff is very expensive, but they do some lovely ready meals that give me ideas for making them myself. I wonder if I am the only person that browses around food halls? 🙂 When we were in London a while ago I spent about two hours in Fortnum & Masons Food Hall!

So, I did some looking, and then went to Nero’s for my coffee fix before heading off to the hairdressers for two hours. Loved it! Shame I had to go do the supermarket shopping right after though, but never mind! I hit Sainsbury’s, got all the menu’s for next week and came home late afternoon. Just time for a bit of sorting in the attic before I made the usual Thai Prawn curry for dinner.

No exercise today – apart from a hour’s worth of walking around the shops, but that’s okay. Tomorrow we have a trip around the woods planned! I really hope it’s not too wet!

Have a lovely Sunday all.

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