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Is It Christmas Yet?

I think it should be, judging by the number of people in town and in the supermarket today!

Why do people buy so much “stuff” at Christmas? I have seen people with bags and bags humping them through town, and trolley’s stacked high in the supermarket. Mainly of booze I have to say. My un-scientific survey says that for some reason, normal families turn into raging alcoholics at Christmas time. There are at least two more weekends until Christmas, goodness knows how bad it is going to get! Maybe it will just get better as folks have done all their shopping today? I can dream!

So, today was shopping, hair done, eat, shopping, eat. I did a couple of town shops first thing – madness! The brass band in the middle of a busy shopping street was ridiculous, and there was a duck (maybe a goose) wandering about with some tinsel around it’s neck. Hello? I took refuge in the hairdressers and sat their for two and a half hours whilst I was coloured, cut, dried and ironed. Lovely.

By the time I got to the supermarket I was starving, so had a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich and coffee before I started. Then I did the shopping, the queues were stupid – three deep in most places. I finally landed home six hours after I left! Dinner – prawn curry and stir fry vegetables. Lovely.

Tonight – Strictly! 🙂 Tomorrow – who knows!

Have a wonderful Sunday.

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Busy Doing Nothing

I have had one of those days, busy all day but achieved very little!

This morning I managed to struggle out of bed quite late, and got caught up on a few work bits before lunch. I had some nice cheese, tomato and the usual stuff for lunch and then headed off to town to do a spot of shopping before my scheduled hair appointment.

I hate rushing around town. I had just under an hour and only two things on my list, but I still didn’t have as much time as I would like. I ended up running about and not really having the relaxing time I had hoped for. Still, I managed to get coffee and to the hairdressers on time, so I guess that is a bonus.

Two hours later I had lovely shiny straight new hair. Worth every penny! Home and dinner on for an early eat as OH has stuff to do this evening. We had the usual Prawn Red Thai curry, although I have to say it was a bit too hot for me! I picked out the obvious chilli bits, but it was still too hot.

I have also managed to do zero exercise today. We had decided on a quick plod around the block, but then the weather forecast is good for tomorrow, so decided to save ourselves for a long run/walk tomorrow afternoon. I’m afraid we are not fit enough to enjoy two days running yet!

Tomorrow – internet Christmas shopping followed by a good long run/walk – looking forward to it!

Have a wonderful Sunday folks!

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On a Roll

It’s Friday – yeah!

It’s also the second day this week I have worked at home, and the second day this week I have been for a plod. The two are not entirely unrelated!

Got lots of work done again, so I am caught up and almost getting ahead of myself at work, which is a good feeling. Lunch was salad with my weighed out 25g of cheddar cheese. No yogurt today, none in until we go shopping tomorrow! Still, it was nice, full of veggies and carbs and low in calories. My ideal meal!

This afternoon was full of more work, followed by a plod – the 2.25 (today it worked out at 2.31) miles. It was lovely out, sunny but with a tiny Autumnal chill in the air. Said hello to Mr Pheasant who was legging it across a cut corn field, and several Mrs Sheep who weren’t interested in us at all – they were very engrossed in eating. I can relate to that! They were beautiful though – I love sheep. No records broken on the time, but that’s just fine, I’m just ticking over until I get my leg operated on.

Dinner didn’t come soon enough – I was starving! We had lamb curry (Keema) with fresh lime juice and pitta bread. Full now!

Now I have to do some lists and planning for tomorrow. I have to get my hair done and hubby has volunteered to come along and do all the shopping whilst I’m being “done”. Could be interesting! I dread to think what we’ll end up eating next week – hence comprehensive lists are required.

Have a wonderful weekend people.



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