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Good Hair Day

Saturdays are marvellous!

Today I took the bus to town to get my hair done.


Thus is my once-a-year trip on a bus. It saves hubby waiting 2 hours for me, and of course it helps me support the local public transport. There is one bus a day into town, and one bus a day home – except on Sundays when there is no bus! I guess, living where we do, we are lucky to have one bus.


The ‘before’ look – shame I forgot the ‘after’! Sorry! It’s coppery red now – I’m quite taken with it. I thought hubby would be a bit shocked but he actually said it could be brighter! Yeah!

Okay – I’ll take a picture now – but remember it’s artificial light!


Nice! 🙂

Hair done, we went shopping and that took the rest of the day – including coffee stops.

Such a good day. Tomorrow they say the sun is going to shine, so I’m taking my new hair to the beach!

Have a super Sunday!

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