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Six & Seven!

Sorry I missed yesterday – I was a bit all over the place!

We spent the weekend shopping and doing very little – my cough gradually got better and my head stopped spinning momentarily! It was good to have the weekend off.

Yesterday was treatment number six. I spoke to the radiographers about my spinning head, and they kindly organised a doctor to see me after the treatment. The radiotherapy was same-old – both head and chest. Then Omer a very nice doctor who prescribed me two anti-sickness drugs – that should sort me out! The only thing they can’t help with is the disgusting taste when I cough! It’s just the dead tumour cells, and as such should probably be celebrated but it is awful! 🙂

Today I took the anti-sickness medications but things are still spinning – I hope it gets better over time. Treatment again – same as before and all okay. Surprisingly (touch wood) I still have my hair! They said it would start to fall out after 2 – 3 treatments! I do so hope I manage to keep it!


Saw these on the walk from the car park to the hospital – pretty aren’t they? Anyway, tomorrow we will be over half way through – yeah!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Two of Fifteen

A short log of my treatment!

I spoke too soon yesterday – I ended up with a cracking headache, upset tummy and coughed most of the night! It was one of those loooooong nights! I ended up in the spare room to save poor hubby being woken every few minutes.

Today has been better – headache dulled to bearable and tummy has behaved. We took a trip to Plymouth to pick up some new Perspex for the Dali – the current one is a bit scratched from the gallery. We then headed back to Exeter for treatment, stopping at Buckfastleigh for tea and a sandwich.


Lovely tea room with a splendid garden to so sit in.


And cake!


We got to Exeter early, so took a quick tour around the museum – splendid place!

Treatment was as per yesterday – no problems there. I spoke to the radiologist about my headache – she suggested lots of water and ibuprofen. Needless to say the first thing I did when we got home was have a big glass of water with 2 ibuprofen tablets! Fingers crossed all will be well!

Have a wicked Wednesday!

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