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Apologies for the blog gap – I have either been busy or doing absolutely nothing!

We are now on holiday in Cornwall again – with this view –


We arrived in the drizzle yesterday, but today we have walked 8 miles in beautiful weather!


Sunshine was lovely.


The beach was lovely too.


Lifeguards & ice cream!


There is rain forecast for tomorrow so we made the most of today!

Have a super Sunday!

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I’m Melting!

It’s still hot! I just can’t believe how long this heat has gone on! I’m not complaining! Honest!

Yesterday we did the shopping, along the way we purchased two things – a lawn sprinkler (!) and a brand new Audi A1 car!!! Blimey! It won’t be delivered for 4 months, but how exciting is having a new car!

Today we pottered at home and then went for a hot stroll around RHS Rosemoor.


It’s a beautiful place with a stunning rose garden.


Oh, how I wish you could smell these!




Beautiful! It was do hot though – the car said 27.5 degrees in the shade! Tomorrow they are talking thundery showers – the garden will be happy!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Back in Cornwall!


We managed to bag a 3 day last minute break in a self catering apartment in Polzeath!


It’s been hot, but we have done a lot of walking.


Plus lots of water drinking and paddling!


The evening sun here is just lovely – I have taken a million pictures!


Hubby says he will paint one – no doubt that will wait until it cools down a bit!

Home tomorrow via the hospital for my head CT scan – fingers crossed it is all okay!

Have a fantastic Friday!

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Quick Holiday

Sorry to have been a bit lacking on the blog front!

On Tuesday we popped down to Cornwall for two days staying at the Metropole in Padstow.


We had a lovely room and great view!


We did quite a lot of walking and paddling to keep cool!



We also took a trip on the Jubliee Queen!


We saw puffins and seals! So cute!

We ate quite a lot, but we also walked miles, so that isn’t too bad.

Yesterday we left the hotel at mid day and headed straight to Exeter hospital where I had another CT scan and got three dots tattooed on me in anticipation of starting radiotherapy in a couple of weeks.

We saw the consultant again and chatted through the plan, in addition to the 15 days of treatment to the chest tumour we agreed to a further 10 full head treatments. The down side is that I will lose my hair again, but the up side is good evidence that it can prevent tumours forming in the brain. Evidently there is a 60% chance of lung cancer spreading to the brain, but preventative radiotherapy can reduce that by half. I am happy to do anything reasonable to do what I can to get better odds!

Today we popped into town and I drank this!


I could do with more of those! Fabulous!

Tomorrow is probably shopping, but we’ll see. Have a super Saturday!

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Home Again

After a week of non-stop activity, we are back home and struggling back into a ‘normal’ routine.

Yesterday we drove home via Tintagel and then Boscastle, leaving this lovely place for a while.


Now we have to wait until Tuesday when I have an appointment with a radiology specialist to tell us what is happening next. Once we know what is expected of us we will book a weekend in Cornwall. I won a 3 night stay in an auction a while ago, but need to know what our radiotherapy will consist of before I can arrange dates.

We also want to book a couple of nights in London to see the Lowry exhibition at the Tate. 🙂

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the optician too see about contact lenses – I am completely fed up with wearing glasses all the time. The chemo, or maybe the steroids, have really made my eyes poor.

That means a trip to town – so shopping and coffee may be on the cards!

Have a super Saturday!

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We are having a great holiday! The sun has shone and I have walked miles!


We have been surfing too, and invested in bats and balls!


It’s been exhausting!


Today we took the ferry to Padstow and had fish & chips for lunch.


We made up for them by walking, an hours surfing and then an hour bat and ball on the beach. I think we worked off all the calories because I am starving again!

Time for this soon –


Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Back here!


Holiday again as it is my birthday tomorrow! We have a cottage booked for the week & it has started sunny and warm.


We had a nice walk this morning and then spent most of the afternoon on the beach playing martok (sp?)


We paused for coffee at the beach cafe where this chappie stole from the tables!


Here’s hoping for more sun tomorrow! Have a superb Saturday!

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The end of another lovely holiday!


Yesterday was wet and windy, today it was just windy! We came home via a look around Tintagel – a bit too commercial for my liking, but some pretty bits.


We got home mid-afternoon so we are now unpacked with the heating on! Tomorrow we must go shopping as the fridge is bare!

Have a super Saturday!

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Wild & Windy

Today it has been wet & windy!


Wild sea too! To get out of the rain we took a shopping trip to Truro.


We did some shopping and quite a lot of drinking!


First proper coffee of the week. 🙂

Tonight we have been over to Port Isaac for dinner with my brother & sister-in-law.


We spent quite some time taking pictures of each other and the food – which was terrific!


If ever you visit – I recommend the food at The Edge – wonderful.

Home tomorrow, via Daymer Bay I think.

Have a fab Friday !

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Sun, Sun, Sun

It’s been another cracking day!


We walked miles!


And it was sunny ALL day!


The walk was fab – the coffee and cake at the end almost made it all worth while!


This evening we ate at The Point – another lovely place with a view.


We had a really good rib eye steak and chips! Oh yes! 🙂 Happy Days!

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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