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Last Working Day

Happy to report my eating is finally back to normal! Phew!

Sad to report I have a rash! Not sure what it is, but I have red spots all over – mainly arms and legs though. I have seen a doctor and now have industrial strength antihistamines to take. I’m sure it will go as quickly as it came.

This week has been spent mainly at home, apart from a couple of trips to the doctor and last night when we played badminton for an hour.

I’m doing just fine!

Today is my last official working day – as of tomorrow I am ‘retired’. Circumstances have bought us here – but it is nice not to have to work. My pension isn’t huge, so some budgeting will be needed, but we will manage.

To celebrate – a picture of my Geko!


Have a super Saturday!

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Home Sweet Home

It’s been really nice bumbling about at home – looking at the webcams it seems Devon is full of visitors! Not the time to be out & about! I think we will wait until they have all gone home.

The past three days my eating has gradually improved day by day. Yeah! Yesterday I made some caramel I’ve cream with a whole “share” bag of Cadbury Caramel Buttons in! I had some at lunch today & it is scrummy!

We have done some walking too – our usual circuit each day and wildlife spotting!


Mr (or maybe Mrs) Cricket.


A lovely Peacock butterfly. And today ….


Mrs Moo! She was so lovely and let me stroke her nose! How wonderful is she? 🙂

Tomorrow we are home again!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Nice to be Home

It’s been really nice to get back into an ‘at home’ routine. Yesterday we did shopping and stocked up the fridge and cupboards, today has been lazy!

At Sainsbury’s yesterday I finally saw my first piece of ‘Art Everywhere’.


Strange seeing this in a car park! The best was on the other side – Holbein and Hocking’s! 🙂



Today I got up late – I’m sure sleeping is helping with the healing. I am eating a little more each day, so that is great news. On the up! I weigh myself each week and have been a wee bit despondent during chemo as I managed to pile on an average of 2 pounds a week! Now I know why they do radiotherapy second – you lose a pile of weight because you can’t eat! Last week I lost 3 pounds, this week I lost a further 3.75 pounds. I’m close to my pre-treatment weight now!

Today I ventured out for a walk – slowly! 🙂

I met Jiminy Cricket –


Bit weird isn’t he! And we scared some sheep!


They ran like crazy just because we looked at them from the lane!

I watched the F1 Grand Prix and then rounded off the day by making a beef stew (with red wine) and dumplings. Yummy stuff! I ate a whole dumpling and some meat and four bits of carrot – mega eating for me!

Looking forward to a whole week at home now.

Have a marvellous Monday!

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A Week at Home

A whole week spent at home! That’s some sort of record I’m sure!

Wednesday we went to the Art Group in the evening and had a nice buffet followed by a talk. This month it was a ceramicist chap who gave a really interesting talk on his life and work – some fabulous pots! He doesn’t live far away, so we have made a note to visit his studio and shop.

Yesterday was hospital day. I had a CT scan having drunk a load of stuff and had dye pumped into a cannula. Results on Tuesday next week when we see the oncologist. Fingers crossed, touch wood & all that! In the evening we played badminton for an hour and then popped into the village pub!


Today we went into town for a bit of shopping and to top up the caffeine levels!


I have also finished reading my latest Stephen King novel (brilliant!) and we went for a walk.


Tomorrow is shopping day!

Have a smashing Saturday!

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Staying In & The Week Ahead

Today we have spent the whole day pottering about at home. Made a lovely change after running about in Amsterdam!

This morning I did the accounts and bits in the office until lunch. I had a bit of toast with my favourite Jarlesberg cheese for lunch, then we headed out for a walk.


We did 3.5 miles around the lanes in the sunshine, stopping only to admire the hedgerow plants.


Lovely to see the foxgloves starting to flower too.


After getting home we sat and enjoyed tea in the garden before doing a bit of weeding and more pottering around the garden. I did slow roast lamb and roast vegetables for dinner and now I am glued to the sofa ready to watch the Canadian F1 Grand Prix.

Next week is scan week – I have my CT scan on Thursday and then see the oncologist a week on Tuesday when we find out how things are going. All fingers are firmly crossed for good news!

Have a merry Monday!

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The end of another lovely holiday!


Yesterday was wet and windy, today it was just windy! We came home via a look around Tintagel – a bit too commercial for my liking, but some pretty bits.


We got home mid-afternoon so we are now unpacked with the heating on! Tomorrow we must go shopping as the fridge is bare!

Have a super Saturday!

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Homey Weekend

We have had a lovely weekend at home. Yesterday we did the usual town & shopping trip, complete with coffee at Nero’s.

Have you been to Nero’s recently? They are causing me stress! They have three new ‘creme’ drinks – chocolate & coconut, strawberries & cream and banana and toffee! I could drink all of them! But – I love their coffee – and their iced coffee! How am I supposed to choose? Arghh!

Today we spent most of the day in the garden doing a bit of tidying in between cheering on the marathon on the television. Then we sat and watched the F1 Grand Prix. A bit of a television day really – sometimes that is okay.

Tomorrow I hope we get a break in the weather and can get a bit more gardening done.

Have a happy Monday!

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We packed up this morning and made our way home across the border from Cornwall to Devon. One last look at the view from our temporary home.


We drove home this morning and made it here in time for lunch. As much as I adore Polzeath, it is always nice to come home!

Everything has been put away or washed and now it is time to chill a while and plan our desperately needed shopping trip tomorrow!

Have a super Saturday!

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At Home

For the first time these holidays we stayed at home today. It was nice. Outside it was wet and windy.

I have managed to occupy myself all day doing accounts, smooching around the Internet and stuff! Towards the end of the afternoon hubby decided it wasn’t actually raining (it was) and we needed to go out for a walk.

We got dressed up!


We didn’t go far – it was raining! 🙂

That’s it – that was my very unexciting day. Shopping tomorrow! Yeah!

Have a smashing Saturday!

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Virtual Meetings

I like working at home – even better – I like working at home when technology allows you to be anywhere in the world.

I’m lucky to have a job where technology tears down all the distance barriers – I have a remote desktop, a mobile phone, a headset with a microphone – I can work anywhere. Yet some people don’t like it when your physical body isn’t sat a physical desk in a physical office with other people. Why is that? In my head it’s a trust thing – if I am “working at home” am I actually working? Of course I am! I am probably working harder and more productively than those sat in that office because I don’t have to chat and pass the time of day, or walk miles to get some coffee or to go to the loo. I have worked many days at home when I was not so well, and would never have bothered to go in to work, and worked evenings and weekends to get a job finished because I can.

I wonder what it will take to have people understand that working at home is okay?

I ramble because today I have had a couple of phone meetings – one was a bit strange because everyone wanted to talk at the same time, and protocols are hard when you can’t see people, but both were very productive – straight in and out again. Business done, decisions made. I have no idea where in the world some of the others were – but I know I was at home, one of my friends back in the office, and one guy in his car in a Motorway Service Station car park! Brilliant!

In other news, I had salad, cheese and yogurt for lunch, ham, salad and new potatoes for dinner. I blotted my copybook by just eating a whole bar of chocolate – but I did have the calories to do it – and it was nice! Sorry!

The leg is much improved – the swelling is still pretty bad, but walking is easier and so much better than yesterday – another day or so and I’ll be fixed.

Tomorrow I am home again, with a £1m spending plan to finalise. Someone has to spend it! :o) Best bit – tomorrow is Friday! Have a good one.

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