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Bring On the Weekend

It’s been a long old week hasn’t it? I’m very much looking forward to a bit of a lie in tomorrow.

Today I was at home again – still no car. The garage chappy tells me that they have found the leak – but obviously drowned my little car in doing so! The carpets are now out and drying and the whole car is inside and being dried. On Monday hopefully it will be all dried out and they can seal the leak. After that it all needs to dry and get cleaned. Fingers crossed I should have it back by Wednesday.

Work was good – got everything done I wanted to, and managed soup and a roll for lunch. Mid afternoon I went to make coffee and found this –


Eddie Mouse eating the Fortnum Florentines! I confiscated them!

At just after 4pm I packed up my work and we headed out for a walk. It’s rained most of the day so I got togged up in fleeces, big jacket, hat, gloves and thick socks.


We got caught in a sharp shower – but it could have been worse.


Tomorrow we are shopping and I have an eye test too. Lovely!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Craving Chocolate!

I have no idea why – but I could kill for a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate! I haven’t had any chocolate for weeks, neither have I wanted any, but I do now!

A quick catch up – yesterday I worked from home and then we went out and played badminton for an hour. Nice! It was a fast day, so I had left over cottage pie for lunch then nothing.

Today I have worked at home again – I got a fabulous picture of a rainbow but its not on my phone – so you’ll have to go to my Blip page to see it!

We finished work at just after 4pm so we could head out for a walk before it got dark. It’s dimpsy though, so time to break out the high viz gear!


Damp out too – as well as chilly.


Tomorrow we are going to an art class learning how to do wood cut pictures! Quite looking forward to that, even though it means an early start on a Saturday.

Have a good one!

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I’m tired, so very happy it is finally Friday and we get a morning without an alarm clock. Hubby has Man Flu – I know it’s not nice but his huffing and puffing is getting me down too.

I have worked at home today, which has meant a whole day of getting stuff done, which is a great way to end the week. Lunch was soup for me, so come dinner time I was starving, but walk first.


This is the new addition to our walk – technically it’s a dog ball, but for us it’s a football that we kicked all around the lanes on our walk. It was great fun!


A bit dull today, but nice and fresh for our walk.

Dinner was curry – Keema and fresh lime juice – lovely.

Tomorrow I hope to sleep quite a lot, have my hair done and do a spot of shopping!

Have a great weekend!

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Holiday! Yes, tomorrow morning we go to sunny Cornwall for a week of surfing, running, walking and probably eating!

I didn’t get around to writing a blog yesterday as we went out! Out! Blimey! I was in the office all day, then we went to play Badminton for an hour at 8pm. It was great! I got hot and sweaty and enjoyed it enormously.

Today I have had the day off and have sorted the house, had soup for lunch, then spent an hour being pampered – I have new nails!

I have done some packing, but there is still more to organise as we want to be out fairly early tomorrow. We did get a short walk in.


Nice out there!

I can’t promise to blog every day next week, but I hope to share a few photos with you each day.

Have a great week!

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Things have gone a bit wappy haven’t they? The Italians beat the Germans at football, Nadal lost a tennis match in week one of Wimbledon, rain of epic proportions and hailstones the size of golf balls have fallen – in June! Huge wild fires in America look so scary, strange events in deed.

I have no answer for it – just saying really!

Today I have worked at home – so lots done – nicely! I have tried to cut down my eating today as I have put on 4lbs in as many weeks recently. I have done alright so far, but it’s not evening yet and that is my downfall. I had tuna and salad for lunch and lamb curry for dinner – both nice – all Paleo.


We went for a walk before dinner as we saw some blue bits in the sky! Good job we went when we did because it’s raining again now!


Quite an atmospheric day for pictures! Love the hedgerows at this time of year – they are crammed full of all sorts!


I have some weights to lift tonight then I am sitting and chilling. Looking forward to a lie in and some super shopping tomorrow!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Another Week Off

Finished up today for another week off work! Such a lucky person! My birthday is the end of next week, so some time ago I booked next week off in case we wanted to do something or go somewhere. As it happens, we did that a couple of weeks ago as the prices rise terribly at the end of May, so I had my official birthday at the end of May!

It does mean I still have the week off though – which is lovely – although I will probably do a bit of decoration in the house, so not really a holiday.

Meanwhile, I worked at home today so managed to catch up with emails and stuff and tidy up for my holiday.

At the end of the day we went for a walk in the wind.


It stopped raining long enough for us to get around the block, but it is very windy out there! I tried to capture the movement of the trees, but probably failed!


Still, nice to get out in the fresh air.

The Paleo eating is still going well with today being day 14 of no grains, no sugar etc – just protein and fruit & veg. It’s a regime that suits me well and I feel good for it. Today I had a tin of tuna and some salad left over from dinner yesterday for lunch and lamb curry for dinner. Long may it continue!

It’s the weekend! Yeah! Have a wonderful one.


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Working on it

Working on work, food and fitness!

Work was good – from home and lots done. I enjoyed stuff today – a rare day.

Food has been 100% Paleo – chicken and salad for lunch, lamb curry for dinner. In between I have had a handful of cashews, but not too many!

Fitness is going to take a bit longer. The physio was excellent as usual, with lots of soft tissue work (ouch!) and another set of strengthening exercises. I have a snazzy yellow resistance band to work with too! I also got permission to do a bit more exercise, and even a bit of running as long as it is on the flat and doesn’t hurt! Nice!

We chatted about what next and my appointment with the Consultant next week, she recommends that I ask him what next and what the prognosis is. I will do that! My next physio is a week and a bit away, so I need to concentrate on those exercises!

In other news, I am so glad it’s the weekend! Shopping here I come!


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Less Than A Week to Go

This time next week I will be on holiday and probably exhausted from surfing, walking and running! I just can not wait.

Finally I got a day working at home today, so I got to do some of the list of stuff I have picked up in meetings all week. The best thing about working at home is being able to check up on the gang of four –


This was earlier today when they all decided to come and have a scratch on the telegraph pole – then just wandered off! We also have House Martins building just above the office window, so they have been busy all day too. What with them and Robert (the squirrel) and the mice out the back, this house is getting more like a zoo every day!

Lunch today was eggs – I made an omelette and had it with some salad. This afternoon, more work, then a nice walk. The sun hasn’t shined all day, but it is dry and not freezing at least.

Dinner has been lamb curry, no pitta bread for me though. The Paleo eating is going well, although I am getting a wee bit bored with almonds! Shopping tomorrow, so I will go in search of other things to nibble at.

I hope you have a great weekend – I will be having my hair done and doing some shopping!

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Friday! 🙂

I have worked at home today, so lots done – mainly research and reading – but that’s okay.

I spent last night reading my new Paleo books, all very interesting and if I can get my head around the do’s and the don’ts I will make a start tomorrow. It seems that there are some disagreements over what is and isn’t allowed – even amongst the experts!

Today I had soup and a roll for lunch (no bread allowed in Paleo-land!) and then lamb curry for dinner – that would be okay if there were no peas in it! There were!

This afternoon I finished work early and we went for a short run/walk. Boy did that hurt! My ankle hurt like crazy, mainly at the back of the leg, but then it moved to the front. Weird stuff. I managed a fair bit of jogging, but no real running – still – early days.

Later I had to drive out to the next village and saw this chap:


Rubbish photo taken from the car – but isn’t he lovely? Soon bored with me looking at him though!


I love the fact that there are loads of buzzards around here – it shows how healthy the wildlife population is.

I’m back to my books now, so I will wish you a happy Friday night and hope you have a great weekend.


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Budgets R Us

I am very happy it is now Friday evening and I am lucky to have a three day weekend – three cheers for Bank Holiday’s!

Today I have worked at home, and spent the day doing budgets, in between making tea for the guy’s that have put up some scaffolding today. We are having the chimney sorted as bits off stuff keep falling off! Not good when the cars are parked alongside!

Lunch was cheese and salad, then more budgets and more tea! Now we have a huge scaffold up the side of the house and around the chimney waiting for the builders who will hopefully start on Tuesday.

Dinner was curry – Keema with fresh lime juice and eaten with pitta bread. In between I have eaten nothing! Go Me! After dinner we did our 2 mile walk – so at least a bit of exercise – better than nothing.

Weekend! I am looking forward to a lie in, shopping and maybe a little jog!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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