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Lazy Weekend


Oh – how I have enjoyed no radiotherapy! My head is very grateful. It itches like crazy and my whole forehead is almost red raw – but it is getting better!

Yesterday we did a spot of lazy shopping then I did a lot of lazy watching of the athletics – good old Mo! 🙂

Today we spent the morning faffing and stuff – I picked the rhubarb and stewed it before stirring in some strawberries to make a lovely compote. This afternoon I shifted my posterior and we went for a walk whilst the lamb roasted.


I rubbed the lamb with crushed garlic and rosemary in olive oil, added some water and tightly covered in foil. It sat in the oven for three hours!


My fav shot is a puddle shot of the beacon:



Eating was quite painful – well – swallowing is, so I ate modestly. I may raid the ice cream later!

Now I am back on the sofa watching the athletics again. Joy!

Back on it tomorrow – my last 5 days of radiotherapy to the chest. I’m counting down the days.

I hope you have a marvellous Monday!

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Staying In & The Week Ahead

Today we have spent the whole day pottering about at home. Made a lovely change after running about in Amsterdam!

This morning I did the accounts and bits in the office until lunch. I had a bit of toast with my favourite Jarlesberg cheese for lunch, then we headed out for a walk.


We did 3.5 miles around the lanes in the sunshine, stopping only to admire the hedgerow plants.


Lovely to see the foxgloves starting to flower too.


After getting home we sat and enjoyed tea in the garden before doing a bit of weeding and more pottering around the garden. I did slow roast lamb and roast vegetables for dinner and now I am glued to the sofa ready to watch the Canadian F1 Grand Prix.

Next week is scan week – I have my CT scan on Thursday and then see the oncologist a week on Tuesday when we find out how things are going. All fingers are firmly crossed for good news!

Have a merry Monday!

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Yeah! 🙂

This morning we finished all the painting, so this little project is now done. Phew!

After lunch we did our usual around-the-block walk and spent most of it saying hello to sheep!


It wasn’t hot, but a pleasant enough day.


It hasn’t rained – yet!

Tomorrow it is hospital for blood tests followed by town for a spot of shopping and a bucket of coffee!

Have a magical Monday!

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Sedentary Sunday

I seem to have been busy all day, but I have actually done nothing!

We got up late, had soup for lunch and then ventured out – flipping cold! Everything is still frozen and there are some lovely icicles hanging from the thatched roofs in the village.


Grey again too, it would be really really nice to see some sun. Oh well!

Working at home tomorrow, so thankfully I don’t have to negotiate slippery roads. What ever you are doing – stay safe & warm!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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I have a cold! If I was a bloke – it would be flu! I have snuffled and sneezed my way through the day. To add insult to injury, the antibiotics have upset my tummy! Oh dear – what a state!

Despite my battered state I spent the morning out in the garden clearing out gutters that the birds have filled with moss from the roof! It’s wonderful stuff – all splodgy! We have gained a stream flowing down our garden path too:


It seems to be flowing from a hole in the little wall from the church yard behind us. It’s flowing down into the conservatory and down a drain. Happily no damage is being done. Unlike lots of houses that have been flooded in and around Devon & Cornwall. I have just watched the news and a helicopter and boat rescue of a lady swept down flood water not three miles from here. Scary stuff.

I did garlic and rosemary rubbed roast lamb for dinner with roast veg – it looked fabulous but I couldn’t taste a thing! Shame. Hopefully my cold is on it’s way out and I will be better tomorrow.

On the cards for tomorrow – pick up contact lenses, pick up turkey, hibernate!

Have a marvellous Monday!


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I can happily report we are ready for Christmas!


The tree is up and decorated,


The lights are lit,


Stockings at the ready! 🙂

My favourite is this little chap:


He is so cute! He reacts to noise and whistles a few lines of carols, nodding his head and flapping his wings and tail – completely naff, but makes me laugh every time!

In between house decorating we had a quick lunch of soup and then headed out for a walk around the block – making hay whilst the sun shone!


Cracking day – warm even!


We topped the day off with roast lamb and roast vegetables – so tasty and I am now very full!

After our lovely at home day today it’s back to work tomorrow.

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Brrr – quite a frost today but a beautiful blue sky day. Unfortunately appointments meant that we didn’t get our walk today.

I worked at home today, so emails all sorted and prep done for meetings tomorrow. Lunch was soup and a roll – fast becoming my go-to lunch. This afternoon I drove over to the main Health Centre to see my doctor to get the results of blood tests and chest X-ray. Happily no bad news, but the X-ray did show what the specialist thinks is an infection. The blood tests were fine.

Next step is to see how the antibiotics go, then decide whether to do a follow up X-ray, or go for an MRI to see if there are any changes. The doctor is thinking that an MRI would be preferable so next week I am having more blood tests to check my liver function – evidently this has to be done as the MRI involves injecting die and the body has to be capable of processing it.

So – two more appointments next week – Wednesday blood tests, Friday with the doctor to discuss what next. I’m happy that they are not giving up on me!

Dinner was fabulous! I did the leg of lamb, rubbed with a mix of garlic, rosemary and olive oil and cooked in an inch of water, under foil for 4 hours! I did a tray of roasted veg to go with it. It was so good! I’m a bit full now! 🙂

Tomorrow I am back in the office so a nice early start! Have a tiptop Tuesday!

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Singing a Happy Song

Hello! Yesterday was choir practice – hence no blog! I worked at home, then went to have a sing-song. Had a brilliant time – I do love a good sing-song!


Lovely lady in charge, and a very friendly group of people.

Today I had to go into the office. Bad! Nero’s coffee for breakfast then straight into meetings. I took a bit of time out at lunch to book cinema tickets to see James Bond on Friday (excited!) and then booked a table at a restaurant for dinner afterwards. Now I have a lovely night out to look forward to!

A quick walk around the grounds at lunch.


Then back to meetings. Hubby made dinner – a lovely lamb casserole which I managed to eat far too much of.

Tomorrow I’m home, so maybe a little run/walk may be on the cards!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Ouch! Ooch! Argh!

Those were the noises I made as I tried to run tonight! 🙂

I worked at home today, so had a good productive morning before a lovely big bowl of soup for lunch. More work this afternoon and then out between the showers.


It was wet – and muddy!


I hurt – I hurt even before we set off! Our first attempt at running since February was on Sunday. I had hoped to be over it by now – but noooo! My legs are so sore and my (lack of) core hurt too. I muttered my way around at a gentle plod/walk combo.


Nice out though – if a bit chilly. I ache even more now, but it has to be good for you doesn’t it? I really hope it gets easier! Losing weight would help and that is a kind of chicken and egg situation – the running should help me lose weight and therefore find running a little bit easier. Please!

Dinner has been a Cypriot dish – Slow cooked lamb wrapped in herbs and then in foil, served with salad. Very yummy!

Tomorrow I am home again – but being Thursday it is Badminton night. OMG – I may never walk again!

Have a terrific Thursday.


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End of the Games

So sad that tonight is the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics – what will I do every night now? I watched the men’s marathon this morning – amazing runners especially in the heat. Not forgetting Mo Farah last night! What a magnificent performance and a hugely deserved second gold medal!

All I could muster today was a short 2.26 mile walk/run!


The clouds threatened but the rain stayed off – humid though!


I wonder what they are going to plant in this field?

Dinner tonight was roast lamb with sage & rosemary and served with cabbage, carrots and broccoli.

Oh – and good news! I lost a pound last week! Go me! 🙂 Maybe this fasting will work.

Tomorrow I am back to work and back to two days training – so a nice way to ease myself back!

Have a marvellous Monday.

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