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Car Done, Shopping Done!

First day of my holiday and I haven’t stopped all day!

This morning we went to the garage and picked up my lovely dry car – all fixed and valeted! She is shining! Then we headed off into town to do the shopping. We got a few last minute bits and then I called at the opticians to see if my lenses were in. They were – but I have to have another appointment to get some instruction! I booked that for Monday as I have to pick up the turkey I ordered anyway. Can’t wait to try them!

We popped into Nero’s while we were in town and had coffee and shared a toasted sandwich for lunch.

Then – off to Sainsbury’s to do the food shopping. It was really busy! Why weren’t people at work?! I wonder how busy it will be on Christmas Eve when I pick up that turkey? Eek!

Food done, home, quick cuppa then out again to see the doctor again! The blood test results showed some improvement but I have to have more in 2 weeks, and he is organising an MRI for my chest to see if that reveals any clues. Joy! In the mean time, I have more antibiotics to take.

Tomorrow – who knows! Have a super Saturday!

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No News

Today was my appointment at the hospital to see the Consultant about my leg. The Compartment Syndrome is still as bad as ever, and a couple of weeks ago I had an MRI and today was to get the verdict.

Well, after an hours drive to get there and half an hours wait, I spent maybe 5 minutes with the Consultant! The MRI was fine and he has run out of ideas, so next steps are a referral to a specialist at a different hospital. Exit room and wait for a letter!

Whilst I was in town I picked up a bit of shopping.


It was raining, so I walked through the market – lots of lovely fruit & veg –


I picked up a prawn cocktail in M&S for my lunch, then headed home to eat it.

The afternoon I spent working at home, made a sausage casserole and headed out for a windy walk whilst it cooked.


Sausage casserole and cabbage for dinner – now I am very full – which is a good thing as tomorrow we fast again.

Tomorrow I am at the dentist – its all happening this week!

Have a terrific Thursday!


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Scanned & Shopped

MRI day!


One of my pet hates is being late. Thanks to my inability to set the alarm properly I was late! My MRI was booked for 10am at the hospital 50 minutes drive away. I woke up at 9am! OMG! I have never run about so much in my life – no time for coffee – just showered and out!

Happily the traffic was light, so I got there with three minutes to spare. Phew! I was so stressed out! The whole MRI took about 45 minutes and interestingly the nurse stuck two cod liver oil capsules to my leg marking the top and bottom of the problem area. Evidently they show up as bright dots so the scan operator can ensure they have covered the area! Now there is one novel use for cod liver oil!

After my scan I went and sat with a cup of coffee in the hospital cafe. I really needed that. Then a quick stop at the supermarket to pick up a few bits before heading home.

It was lunch by the time I got home, but all the rushing about meant I wasn’t really hungry, so I had a bowl of French Onion soup. It was enough. Work all afternoon, then out for a walk – finally a bit of sun!


Fortunately for cars, and unfortunately for my pictures, they have started to cut back the hedges – such a shame.


I know it makes driving easier, but all those beautiful flowers are being destroyed!

Finally, dinner was welcome and wonderful! I did chicken wrapped in bacon (hubby’s was stuffed with Stilton), braised leeks and courgettes. Hubby also had a few mini-roast potatoes. The chicken, leeks and potatoes all went in the oven before we went in our walk, so by the time we got home they were all done bar the courgettes which I finely sliced and tossed in a wok with some butter. Yummy!

At home again tomorrow and I will try and sort the alarm clock out before I go to bed!

Have a terrific Thursday!


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Back to Work

Work again and a shed load of emails to delete this morning! Finally got some real work done after lunch (tuna and lettuce) it took me that long to sort everything out.

This afternoon was catching up on the unexciting happenings of last week, then out for our walk late afternoon.


Lovely day again – despite the forecast saying it would rain this afternoon – happily they were wrong!


These lovely Dog Roses are appearing in the hedges now –


Home for dinner – smoked mackerel and salad. We are cutting down – again! This morning the tape measure came out as there was talk on the radio about the ideal waist size for women. Oh dear! I need more exercise and less food (nuts!) to tip the in/out ratio again!

I got my MRI Appointment in the post today – next Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprised at such a quick appointment – I hope I get to see the consultant shortly after and get to understand what is happening.

Office tomorrow so an early start for me, but with the bonus of Nero’s coffee. Have a good Tuesday!


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Emails & MRI’s


Another day – another dollar as they say. Back to work today, which is always a bit of a shock when you have had a few days off, and probably even worse as it is Friday and I had to go to a hospital appointment this afternoon.

I tried to make short work of my email in-box this morning, being probably the most productive thing I could do with the half day before I set off to the hospital. Just over 100 emails in 3 days. Oh dear! Sad to say that most of them got deleted or moved into appropriate folders, some warranted an immediate reply, some I’ll deal with next week, but at least I now feel that I know what is happening, and it is not all bad!

For “breakfast” I had an apple mid morning (green/white). Lunch was a bit poor as we haven’t been shopping as yet, so I made a small Leerdammer cheese sandwich with tomato (red) and lettuce (green) and a bit of onion (white). I followed that with some yogurt.

OH came with me to the hospital for my MRI. It is just to eliminate any back problems which may be causing my leg issues – I feel sure all will be well and it will be diagnosed as compartment syndrome, but it is good to have everything checked out – just in case. So, I ditched all the jewellery – which is never easy is it? I took out my earings, took off my necklace, bracelet and rings – all of which stay on my person 24/7. Weird not wearing them! The place was very efficient, I checked in a little early, but got called through almost immediately as the previous appointment had not shown up.

I was changed into one of those evil gowns that shows your bum to all unsundry, and then got taken into the scanner room. I was laid on a tray, given pillows, a wedge under my legs, a buzzer to press in case of an emergency and a set of headphones so the nurse could talk to me and it blocked some of the noise. The trolley I was laid on was then raised and slid into the machine. I must admit to a bit of a panic as I was trapped in there, but soon settled. I got worried that I had forgotten some piece of metal, but soon realised that nothing nasty was happening, so I guessed it was all alright. Lots of noise as the scanner did it’s job, and the nurse told me I would have two scans, one of two and a half minutes, followed by one of four minutes. Somewhere in the background there was a mechanical ticking noise, so I spent the time counting the minutes by the ticks. It gave me something to concentrate on other than the fact that I was trapped inside a giant magnet!

A second lots of scans were done, so six lots of sixty plus thirty and I was done. All was well. I dressed and we legged it out of there as quickly as possible! We called at the supermarket on the way home, so I now have suitable fruit and veg rainbows to eat! Home and a handful of purple grapes were eaten on the way! Dinner – curry – what else! We had frozen left overs, so lovely lamb curry with peas (green), and rice (white).

Tomorrow I have a hair cut planned. I say planned because this will be the third appointment I have booked, with the previous two being cancelled as my hairdresser was ill. Fingers crossed she is fit and well, otherwise I won’t be able to see anything through this fringe! I am looking forward to a bit of a potter around town whilst I’m there, and iced coffee may well be on the agenda!

Have a lovely weekend folks!


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