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Tests & Shopping!

Part 1 done – we headed off to the hospital this morning for my blood tests – an interesting experience! It’s like going to the supermarket cheese counter – you have to take a number & wait for it to be called! 🙂

Still, very efficiently and caringly dealt with again so I’m happy. I’ll get the results tomorrow when I see the Oncologist.

From the hospital we popped into town and picked up a few bits – including a new pair of Nike running shoes for hubby – very smart! I dived into M&S and got two tubs of their very lovely farmhouse pâté – I love that stuff! Plus some chocolate caramels – my latest ‘must have’ sweets along with Lion’s wine gums – Mmmmmmmm!

I can’t go to town and not have Nero’s coffee – so we went there too! I’m making the most of pre-chemo day as I know I will lose all taste tomorrow for a week or so if things go the same way as last time. I have stocked up on fresh pineapple because that helps, and have made some ice cubes of pineapple juice. The other trick the lady from the hospice suggested is those fizzy Vitamin C tablets – quarter of one dissolved on the tongue can help too. I’ll give all of them a go!

I have also tarted myself ready for tomorrow –


New nail varnish!

I’m set & ready for an early start and a long day tomorrow – fingers crossed it all goes as well as last time!

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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Me Day

Today I have had a me day – I’ve never had a me day, so this has been a first.

This morning I went and got a manicure and had my nails painted with Gel polish.


Lovely! I enjoyed it a lot!

I got home in time for lunch – which is our only meal today as we are giving the intermittent fasting thing a go. The idea is that you just eat 500 (600 for men) calories in one meal – then nothing else. It is supposed to do two jobs, firstly the reduction in calories aids weight loss, but also the fasting helps your body go into repair mode.

I’m hungry now, but I am determined to get through the day! I had two poached eggs and bacon for my meal – plenty at the time!

This afternoon we did a 3.25 mile walk. It’s hot out there!


I was quite tired by the time we got home – and hot!


Look how high the hedges have grown! At least they gave us a bit of shade.


In between lunch and walk I did a bit more book editing. Boy that can drive you nuts – but I am getting there!

Now I am going to settle in with more Olympics and some black coffee.

Have a fantastic Friday!

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