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Walking Warmth

I managed a reasonable lie in this morning, so after a bit of faffing we left for our shopping trip late morning. We went into town to begin with to find me a new jacket for walking in the rain. My old one is well past it’s sell-by date.

We looked around several outdoorsy type shops and finally ended up with a lovely Berghaus Gortex shell. Not cheap, but well worth the money. Pretty too!


Then we got some waterproof gloves on offer at buy one get one free! My kind of shopping! After all of that buying we headed into Nero’s for coffee and a shared Brie toasty.

Off to Sainsbury’s next for the weekly food shop. I managed to save a bit of money this week by planning meals using stuff from the freezer.

Home, coffee and then out for a walk to test the jacket and gloves!


Beautiful day – cold and crisp – exactly what I asked for yesterday! Spooky!


Dinner was early and the usual Thai prawn curry with stir fry vegetables. Most welcome!

Tomorrow will be spent doing nothing much pre-lunch and at the Burton Art Gallery post-lunch. There may be cake!

Have a super Sunday!

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Out & About

We managed to spend most of the day out and about today – that is after I managed to grub around in bed until nearly 10 am! Bit late – even for me!

First we had to drop my car off at the garage, so we took both as far as Torrington – hopefully she will be fixed on Monday. Then I hopped in hubby’s car and off we went down many unfamiliar lanes to an out of the way art gallery – the West Gallery.


Lovely little place, and hubby was there to drop in some paintings he has done for an exhibition there starting next week called ‘Secret Spaces’.


It is his first public exhibition, so he is a little bit excited!

From there we went into Barnstaple for a bit of shopping, Nero’s coffee and a shared sandwich for a late lunch. The Guildhall is looking very pretty.


Then to the supermarket for the weekly shop before heading home and out for our usual walk.


Clouds have come in – there is talk of heavy rain tomorrow so we made the most of a dry evening. This chappy was crossing the road – no idea where he was headed!


A very hairy caterpillar!

Dinner was the usual Thai prawn curry and stir fry veg – now to sit down a while and watch Dr Who!

Have a lovely evening and a super Sunday!

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Meetings Forever

That’s all I have done today – meeting, meetings, meetings. I managed just 20 minutes at lunch – enough time to get a cup of coffee and eat my tuna salad.

I hate meetings all day – it happens a lot and it makes me grumpy! I now have lists of stuff to do and no time to do them. Ho hum.

The good news is that I am now on countdown to our next holiday – a week tomorrow we will be back in Cornwall and hopefully giving our new wetsuits a run for their money. I hope it warms up a bit! I also hope the surf picks up – its as flat as a pancake today!

Dinner has been steak and veg – very nice, but I am still a bit hungry – those nuts I bought yesterday are going to get raided soon! I am sticking well to my Paleo eating and haven’t touched a grain or sugar for 5 days now – how good is that!

Happily I am working from home tomorrow so I anticipate a good day doing stuff and a walk, which we have missed today as I was a bit busy!

Time for me to chill – have a good evening and a great Friday.


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Small Victories

I’ll come to the blog title in a moment, but first, I have a complaint.

Last week I raved about Sainsbury’s cheese and roast onion bread rolls. Mistakenly, I told you to try them. Today I went shopping and when I got to the bread counter – one – yes, one single measly roll left for me! Come on guys – I wanted – no – *needed* – three, at least. Heads will roll (no pun intended !).

So, last night I broke into a medium bag of Cadbury Giant Chocolate Buttons – I know – but I love them! Tonight, there is half a bag waiting for me. Now that is a small victory – I can’t remember the last time I opened a bag of chocolates and didn’t eat every single one. I’m such a pig when it comes to chocolate, it’s amazing I have some left 24 hours later!

This morning we did the shopping, first going into town and smooching around the shops and having coffee in Nero’s. Then to Sainsbury’s for the disappointing bread roll incident, and, if that wasn’t enough, no roasted monkey nuts either. Pah! Had to buy salted nuts instead. Home for lunch – the Heinz Tomato soup with dippy-in cheese & onion roll. Heaven!

This afternoon I did a bit of foot-up resting and then out for a jog/walk. Just 2.25 miles today, but I managed just over 15 minute miles again. It was tough today, the leg hurt with every step. Maybe it needs a rest? It’s nicely swollen now. I think tomorrow I’ll just walk.

I made a nice Thai green curry with prawns for dinner with some stir fry vegetables and noodles.

Tomorrow I hope to rest a bit more and walk a bit more, I hope the sun comes out a bit more too! Have a lovely Sunday all.


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Full Day

Up and about early today, no idea why! The sun was shrouded in mist this morning, they say it heralds the end of the unusually warm weather – I hope not – I’m really enjoying the sunshine!

I had time this morning, as I was up early, to go into town. I did a lot of wandering, made a few purchases in Boots, quick coffee in Nero’s and off to do a bit of panic buying to fill the car up. No matter I needed petrol anyway, I guess I am now labelled as a panic buyer because I bought petrol! Stupid media! I live in the middle of nowhere, to get anywhere I use my car, which needs petrol. End of story!

Home for lunch, today I made an open sandwich with one slice of bread, a slice of Leerdammer Light, a tomato sliced on top and a tower of shredded lettuce on top of that!

This afternoon I did some financial stuff, made a lamb curry for dinner, then out for another run. We were watched:


It’s these guys first day out in the field since the Autumn – they were very happy! The sun shone and I wore just a running shirt and shorts!


Another 5k done today, and even more running than yesterday – total time 49.59 so averaging 15.47 minute miles – getting better!

It was a good run/walk – felt good and I have to say, almost comfortable for a while. I’m really enjoying my recovery and hope it continues!

Dinner was lamb curry (Keema) with peas, fresh lime juice and pitta bread. I’m pretty full now.

The weekend is upon us, I hope you have a good one.


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I am just enjoying this amazing weather!


Spot the cloud! Wonderful wall-to-wall blue sky.

I was up late today, so by the time I was sorted it was a bit late for me to do the longer walk/jog I had planned for today. Instead I did the trusty 2.25 mile circuit in the sun. I did really well today, and I am sure that I spent more time jiggling than I did walking and I ended up with an average of 15 minute miles! Great going!

I got home hot and hungry, so after a quick shower we had an early lunch. Today I had salad left over from dinner last night, with a slice of Leerdammer Lite cheese. Most welcome. Then we went into town for hair cuts. Mine has been coloured, cut and ironed within an inch of it’s life, hubby’s has been neatly trimmed, we look very smart!

We spent a little time in town, and naturally the first stop was Nero’s for coffee, then Marks & Spencer to restock on wine! Home then for dinner, we were both starving and couldn’t really be bothered, so beans on toast it was! Lovely!

Now I am waiting for 9pm which is wine time in this house!

Tomorrow I am planning 5k and hoping for sub 45 minutes – that would make me very happy. Hope you have a great day too.


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Coughing Nicely

Day 9 on the “I’ve got a cold” calendar and coughing like a good ‘un still. Nothing will stop me coughing – nothing I tell you! I have tried just about everything today, and I think I gave everyone in the same room as me my headache from all the coughing. A new development today – I got a nose bleed! never had one of those in my entire life. Scary isn’t it? It stopped, eventually, but not nice at all.

In other news, I was in a 9am meeting today, so i called at Nero’s and had a giant coffee, and then got another to take with me. Tried their Amoretto Latte, but it was incredibly strong. Nice taste, just too much – I think next time I’ll ask for half a shot. Meeting lasted through until 4.40pm, so nothing exciting there. Drive home, and Spring Chicken rescued from the freezer for dinner with some nice basmati rice. Yummy.

I have caught up on emails and stuff tonight, but I still seem to be chasing my tail for some reason. I need to stock up on coffee now and get some other stuff done.

Back in the same meeting tomorrow, so little to excite I’m afraid, at least it is Friday!

Have a great day!

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