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On The Road

In two ways –

1. On the road …. To recovery &
2. On the road …. To London!

The weekend was pretty evil – the radiologists did say things would get worse before it gets better. The were right! My list includes permanent indigestion, a tennis ball in my throat, nausea, dizziness. That’s enough! 🙂

I have managed to sip tea and eat very small amounts of food. I made some broccoli soup for lunches and added some grated cheddar for protein and soggy croutons for carbs. I’m doing my best in quite difficult circumstances.

Things, as they say, can only get better!

Today we spent a short time in town – I nearly drank a whole cup of coffee!


We have also planned & packed – we are going to London tomorrow for a three day trip! It’s going to be fun! Apart from the fact that I have to be up at 6.30am – which is about 4 hours before I’ve been getting up this weekend! 🙂

I may be grumpy!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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Run a Bit, Walk a Lot

Finally we got out in appropriate clothing to start running again. Hubby has new shoes!


First – this morning we did the shopping, first popping into town for some bits and bobs and coffee!


And cake! Strawberry cheesecake to be exact – it was lovely!

Then on to Sainsbury’s for food shopping, then home. The showers became few & far between mid afternoon so that’s when we ventured down the lanes. Met these ladies too –


I think they were staring at hubby’s new shoes! 🙂

Tomorrow they are forecasting rain, so I may have to sit and read a book!

Have a smashing Sunday!

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A Week at Home

A whole week spent at home! That’s some sort of record I’m sure!

Wednesday we went to the Art Group in the evening and had a nice buffet followed by a talk. This month it was a ceramicist chap who gave a really interesting talk on his life and work – some fabulous pots! He doesn’t live far away, so we have made a note to visit his studio and shop.

Yesterday was hospital day. I had a CT scan having drunk a load of stuff and had dye pumped into a cannula. Results on Tuesday next week when we see the oncologist. Fingers crossed, touch wood & all that! In the evening we played badminton for an hour and then popped into the village pub!


Today we went into town for a bit of shopping and to top up the caffeine levels!


I have also finished reading my latest Stephen King novel (brilliant!) and we went for a walk.


Tomorrow is shopping day!

Have a smashing Saturday!

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Bit Tired!

Oh boy! This round of chemo has been a bit naughty! I’m so tired! My head has spun, teeth hurt (!), can’t taste anything and could happily spend all day in bed. Hopefully things are getting better – I could do with a bit of energy!

Yesterday we plodded out for a walk around town and I managed a lovely strawberry & vanilla frappe from Nero’s – lovely! I could taste it! It was cold yesterday though, so we didn’t spend long outside. We watched the sunset from the lounge!


Today it seemed warmer so we headed to the beach! Westward Ho!


Complete with Hocking’s ice cream and a shiny new blue flag.


I love the beach huts too – so pretty!


After a stroll we headed back to do the shopping and then home for some sitting down in the garden! That’s me done in now!

Have a lovely evening and smashing Sunday!

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Chemo #6

Yesterday saw my sixth and final chemo session. The day started early as we had an appointment with the Oncologist first at 9.30am. Naturally we got there early!

The consultation went very well – blood results were ‘very good’ and lungs sound ‘great’. I told the doctor that we had started jogging again – just to get approval really – he approved! He said I am ‘remarkable’! I’ll take that!

Our specialist lung nurse also said she uses me as a positive example to all newly-diagnosed patients – that’s nice – I hope others can take some positives from me.

The doctor gave the go-ahead for my chemo and explained the next steps. First I will have a CT scan during the week of 10th June – they will send a letter with the appointment. Then I have another consultation booked with the doctor on 18th June to discuss the results and probably make arrangements for radiotherapy treatment.

It is all going well!

The rest of yesterday was spent attached to a drip!

I didn’t sleep well, but that’s to be expected with the steroids they give me, but today I have felt good. We slept in and then poodled off to Exeter for a wander around.


Lovely sunny day, but a bit windy. We had lunch at Carluccio’s – we shared a ciabatta sandwich and shared a raspberry almond tart for pudding – lovely!


We did some serious wandering and bought a couple of bits and bobs and coffee at Nero’s of course!


Finally we raided Marks & Spencer and bought some cod and prawns, making fish pie for dinner when we got home. Very nice – but I must learn not to eat quite so much!

Tomorrow we will be visiting Bideford as hubby has a dentist appointment. Cake may be involved at the Cafe du Parc! Mmmm.

Have a terrific Thursday!

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Such a lovely day again – the sun has shone all day, but the wind has been a bit nippy!

Today was spent mostly shopping! We went into town and bought a few bits and bobs, including a pair of jeans for me as my favourite pair have now got a hole in the knee. We had the usual coffee at Nero’s to keep us going!


We did the food shop and then came home and pottered about in the garden. We finished the afternoon with a walk around the block.


The sky was a fantastic blue, with tiny fluffy clouds all in a line over Exmoor.


All the dandelions are changing too – so pretty!


I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but first – the exciting episode of Dr Who – hopefully we will find out who Clara is! Then …… Eurovision! 🙂

Have a smashing Sunday!

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It’s nice to get back into the homely routine. It was lovely just sat in front of the TV last night, and as for having my own bed back! Well! Heaven!

There is absolutely nothing like your own bed! I slept like a log.

Today we got up late, faffed about and finally got into town at lunch time. That called for coffee and a shared sandwich in Nero’s before hitting the shops and supermarket. We are now all stocked up and meals planned for the week.

Home this afternoon and back to our walk around the block.


Pretty nice, but no beach I’m afraid.


We did find aliens though – the triffids have arrived!


Tomorrow we have a superb bit of top rump to roast and a Grand Prix to watch! Yeah!

Have a super Sunday!

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Wild & Windy

Today it has been wet & windy!


Wild sea too! To get out of the rain we took a shopping trip to Truro.


We did some shopping and quite a lot of drinking!


First proper coffee of the week. 🙂

Tonight we have been over to Port Isaac for dinner with my brother & sister-in-law.


We spent quite some time taking pictures of each other and the food – which was terrific!


If ever you visit – I recommend the food at The Edge – wonderful.

Home tomorrow, via Daymer Bay I think.

Have a fab Friday !

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Chemo – Round 5

I survived!

Good news too as first I had a chest X-ray and then went to see the Oncologist. He showed us the X-ray and things are much improved! My right lung was about 60% tumour, but today’s X-ray shows a huge improvement – down to about 10% at most! 🙂 The doctor did explain that it’s hard to be exact with an X-ray – but after the sixth chemo I will have a CT scan which will show much more detail and we can assess then.

He said that my chest sounds clear and all is “very good”! I’ll take that!

We then spent 5 hours in the chemo suite being pumped with stuff. It’s okay though – my head is a bit wobbly, but it’s fine!

After chemo we popped into town for coffee!


Lovely day – although I missed it!


Tomorrow I will probably be tired – but we’ll see, a bit of weeding may be in order if the sun is still shining!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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Chilly Wind

Nice to see the sun though!

This morning we headed off into town and first stop the hospital for blood tests. I was very lucky and got a lovely nurse who got the job done first time – no bruises!

Then into town where we did a spot of shopping and coffee drinking at Nero’s.


We got a Lonely Planet guide to Amsterdam – looking forward to our little trip in a few weeks! 🙂 I also bought some Lion’s Wine Gums (!) and some new shuttlecocks for our Thursday badminton sessions. Last of the big spenders!

This afternoon we ventured out for a walk in the sunshine, but I should have put another jumper on with that wind!


Nice day though.

Tonight I’m sitting and doing very little in preparation for tomorrow – a very early start as I have a chest X-ray to be done before 9 am, then I see the Oncologist at 9.30 and then chemo at 10.15 – quite a day ahead. Fingers crossed there is good news to be shared.

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

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