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Making Hay While the Sun Shines

They are!


What a lovely day it’s been, sunshine always makes me happy.

This morning started with thick fog, and no Nero’s on the way to the office as road works (lasting 5 weeks!) mean I have to take a different route into work. Obviously in Devon the start of the school holidays marks the start of road work season! There were no less than 4 sets of traffic lights for works on one road I take to/from work!

I would have thought that, being a very popular tourist area, they would avoid holiday season, but obviously not!

So, work and then a walk into town at lunch to earn my Nike+ Fuel – I am becoming much more aware of the need to get moving more! Lunch was tuna and salad, followed by a peach yogurt. Work, then home. Dinner was smoked Mackerel salad, then out for another walk with hubby.

When I say walk, it was more of a hobble! Take a look at my left ankle –


On yesterday’s walk I wore shorts for the first time this year and promptly got bitten by a stupid Horse Fly! It hurt at the time, I treated it with the usual anti bite stuff, but today it is not happy! Anyway, I wasn’t going to let it make me miss my Fuel goal, so out we went.


Beautiful out there!

I have met my exercise target for today, so it’s feet up time!

Have a great Tuesday!

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Fab Friday

Dooby dooby do! It’s been a great day – I have really enjoyed working at home and got loads done including fun and games with spreadsheets. I really don’t know why I love spreadsheets, but I do!

All that work was paused briefly for tuna salad for lunch, and then to make curry for dinner. The curry simmered all afternoon, but had to wait until after our walk!

A beautiful afternoon for a walk – warm but not hot. We met these chaps –


Poor chaps were a bit hot I think – the little one in stood in the shadow of the big one!

We also met these ladies –


Very free range!

Dinner was great – I love curry! All Paleo again today!

Since our walk I have jiggled about, done some weights and some body weight exercises – just to reach my fuel target! I made it! That’s two days in a row! Go Me!

The forecast is for a warm sunny weekend – I’m hoping for some surfing! Unfortunately the Nike+ Fuelband is not waterproof, so surfing won’t count. Such a shame, but it will spur me on to do even more.

Hope you have a marvellous weekend.


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Lighting Up the World

I have made every effort to move today and all my hard work paid off.


Pretty lights hey! My daily goal is currently set at 2000 – I have managed that by getting up and walking as often as possible, going for a 40 minute walk at lunch, and another 45 minute walk tonight. I’m sure I could earn fuel quicker if I did something more energetic, but at the moment walking is as good as it gets.

My day started with Nero’s coffee on the way to the office, then work and meetings. Lunch was turkey and lettuce after my walk. This afternoon was more of the same. Happily the rain stopped mid morning and it has been lovely since.

Home and left over quiche and salad for dinner, then out for my second walk of the day. Just lovely out today.


It was still warm enough for a t shirt!


The maize is growing nicely. I’m sure the farmers will welcome the sun now the crops are well watered!


Still lots of water standing around – and yes – I did splash through it! πŸ™‚

So, good Paleo food and lots of exercise – today has been a good day!

Here’s to a fabulous Friday!

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Warm Sunshine!



Sun! I took every advantage to be outside today – plus I earn Fuel for my beautiful Fuelband if I am active!

In the office today so I started as usual calling at Nero’s for a bucket of coffee, then a nice early start at work. As it was so nice out I took a walk at lunch down to the river.


I love my Nike+ Fuelband! It got me off my chair and out for a walk to earn points! Back at the office and I had cold beef and salad for lunch, followed by yogurt.

By the time I got home I had still only got half my target fuel and 4000 steps in today so after another salad and cold meats for dinner, hubby and I headed out for our usual walk.


It was lovely out – still warm too. How wonderful to have summer back.

I still hadn’t made my target activity when I got home, so I hoovered the stairs! OMG – I have become addicted!

Tomorrow I am working at home, so I am going to have to work hard to reach my target.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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I have spent 90% of the day travelling – so tiring and dirty!

My day started before 6am and I was in the car driving to the train station by 6.39am. It’s an hour drive to the station, park, get tickets and then 2.5 hours on the train to London. It was raining hard in London so took the tube to Westminster for my meeting.


I got soaked between the tube station and the Treasury Office, and the length of the meeting was hardly long enough to dry off! I then walked up past Horse Guards –


Via Trafalgar Square to Charing Cross to get the tube to Oxford Circus. I popped into Nike Town! πŸ™‚ I am now the very proud owner of a Fuelband! How cool is this:


Woop woop! I am such a sucker for a gadget!

Still raining, so back down the underground to Paddington.


I was wet, hot and dirty by now, so sat waiting for my train sipping coffee. This lady in the yellow jacket has a buzzard to scare away the pigeons!


I finally landed home at 6.30pm. Long old day – but I have a new toy so all is well. Normal work resumes tomorrow, my hour journey to the office will seem like heaven!

Have a great Tuesday!

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Nil Return

That’s what I would like to submit to you as today’s report! Done nothing except work and eat. Not a good day.

It’s rained all day – I struggled to get home through the flooded roads, I’m tired, and I’m a bit grumpy! This will cheer me up –


There were loads of these tiny figures around the sculpture gardens we went to yesterday. I wanted to bring them all home, but they were Β£350 each! Worth it I’m sure, but nothing I can afford right now.

Meanwhile, I have to go to London on Monday for a meeting – 6 hours on trains for a 2 hour meeting! I spent time at lunch trying to see how I can fit in a quick stop at Nike Town to pick up one of the Nike+ Fuelbands! I might just manage it if I get the Tube rather than walking. I have been desperate for a Fuelband since they were released in the States months ago. The only place you can get them in the UK is London – this is my opportunity!

Home tomorrow, so no meetings and a bit later start. Phew! So looking forward to the weekend. Meanwhile – have a great Friday!

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Recovery Day 5

Good Evening!

It all started so well! When I got up my leg felt so much better this morning, the whole leg from the knee down is a fetching shade of yellow, and around the ankle, a quite lovely purple – but much less swelling.

I have moved around much better today, but I am attributing the improvement to my elevation plan, so I was back in the chair by 09.30 am. There I stayed until lunch. Back to plain Tomato soup, a slice of whole grain and a bit of butter. Nice.

After lunch I had a dentist appointment to look at the wobbly tooth that caused all the stress last week (would they or wouldn’t they operate!). She X-rayed the tooth and declared it needed to go. What??? I really did not expect that. I had it taken out there and then. I can’t describe how frightened I was / yes – I’m a baby! My whole body shook as she did it!

Despite it being a horrible thing, she did not hurt me at all and I was out in 5 minutes. Poor hubby was waiting for me and couldn’t understand why I was crying and shaking! I couldn’t really explain as my whole mouth was numb!

We went straight to the supermarket and bought 3 litres of wine! That’ll take a hammering later!

How’s this for a view from a car park;



Beautiful isn’t it?

So, home and a bit of rest before heading out for a walk. I signed up for the Nike+ “Make it Count” challenge – 1 mile on 29th Feb, so I did 1.03 miles in 34 minutes! Go me! That has knocked 10 minutes off my time yesterday! Hubby ran – he started with me, then ran down the hill and back to meet me on my way home.

Home for dinner of Spring Chicken and a huge pile of cabbage. I was starving (nothing new!) but eating is not easy with a big hole in your mouth! I did my best, but I could kill for a giant bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk!

I’m now back on my chair, foot up, coffee in hand.

Tomorrow – I really hope will be completely uneventful! Have a good one!


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Sugar-Free Run


What a great day! I love days off, and today I have made the most of it by doing what I needed to and what I wanted to.

It started by having a well deserved lie in, it was gone 10am when I got up, and then I spent an hour or so drinking coffee and reading the news and stuff on the internet – a lovely relaxing way to start the day. I then finished cataloguing my postcards, and did a bit of tidying in the office. Lunch was tomato soup and a slice of bread – heaven in a bowl!

After lunch, I did some accounts, and then about 3pm we headed out in the cold and wind for a run. I was over dressed with two long sleeved shirts and a rain jacket – but the great thing about layers is that you can undo them! Although we did a 3.5 mile circuit, I actually ran 4 miles – how come? Well, hubby took the camera to try and get some nice winter tree pictures, so whilst he took photo’s, I ran up and down the road! I’m amazed it ended up as a whole half a mile more!

My Nike+ wristband has finally died – you will remember it lost all of it’s charge the other day, well today it was dead. I’m not too sad, I have another that I won a year or so ago and have saved for such an occasion! I took my iPhone out on the run and mapped it using the Nike+ app, and have since swapped my shoe thingy and wristband for the β€œnew” one. I’m hoping it lasts a few years! I think I have been through four now – good job they are relatively cheap!

That reminds me – have you seen the new Nike+ Fuelband? Want! Not available in the UK until later in the year, and then they will probably be too expensive – but what a great little toy! So neat! It may have to go on my Birthday list! πŸ™‚

Yesterday I had a call from the hospital with a date for my pre-op appointment – February 16th, the operation has to be within 8 weeks of that – so I am really hoping for early – mid March! So exciting! I may actually be able to run by the end of the financial year! WooHoo!

Dinner was curry – Keema with Peas, lime juice and pitta bread. So lovely!

Tomorrow is a special day – I am having my hair done! It happens every 2 – 3 months, but I love it so much I am really looking forward to it.

Finally – a NEWS FLASH – today I have eaten absolutely No sugar what so ever. Phew! I think I have stopped the rot.

Have a stupendous Saturday folks.

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