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No News

Today was my appointment at the hospital to see the Consultant about my leg. The Compartment Syndrome is still as bad as ever, and a couple of weeks ago I had an MRI and today was to get the verdict.

Well, after an hours drive to get there and half an hours wait, I spent maybe 5 minutes with the Consultant! The MRI was fine and he has run out of ideas, so next steps are a referral to a specialist at a different hospital. Exit room and wait for a letter!

Whilst I was in town I picked up a bit of shopping.


It was raining, so I walked through the market – lots of lovely fruit & veg –


I picked up a prawn cocktail in M&S for my lunch, then headed home to eat it.

The afternoon I spent working at home, made a sausage casserole and headed out for a windy walk whilst it cooked.


Sausage casserole and cabbage for dinner – now I am very full – which is a good thing as tomorrow we fast again.

Tomorrow I am at the dentist – its all happening this week!

Have a terrific Thursday!


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No Idea!

We nearly had a whole morning with no rain today! Nearly I said – it started just before lunch! 🙂


Today has been a work at home day, also another of spreadsheets – my favourite. This morning flew by and it was lunch before I knew it – ham and lettuce wraps today – Paleo and lovely. I also had a few strawberries with coconut cream. My first encounter with coconut cream and I have to say it is really good – much better than I thought it would be and a perfectly acceptable substitute – even hubby said so!

This afternoon I was back at the hospital to see my Consultant for another follow up to my operation for Compartment Syndrome. The title of this blog is dedicated to him! That was his answer to all of my questions – why isn’t it getting better? Why is the bottom of my leg still numb? When will it get easier to walk let alone run? He didn’t know the answer to any of them.

The conclusion he came to was to order an MRI scan to see if he can see anything. If that doesn’t reveal anything obvious he will try and get a second opinion from someone who is ‘interested’ in this sort of thing. The impression I got was that he thought they had done their best and that’s it. I can only hope the MRI shows something they can do something about.

Home and it’s still raining!


Dinner was been grilled gammon steaks and salad – okay, but I could have planned it better so as not to have had ham and ham! I’ll do better tomorrow.

Friday! Enjoy!


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I did some – honest! Real running! Not for long, but I did it!

Before that – I worked at home today, so lots done and lots achieved. I have renewed my diet effort (again!) and had some salad for lunch with Jarlesberg cheese and then got back to work before I ate any more! I have kept myself busy all afternoon, and apart from a few cups of coffee, nothing else has passed my lips.

The sun has shone all day – which makes a wonderful change – and not only was the sun out, but it was warm too! Lovely. On the stoke of finishing work it was time to change and make the most of the day. Having walked for the last 3 months post my compartment syndrome operation, today was the day I started to run again. We started slowly and then ran/walked. How hard is that? Blimey! I didn’t think I’d even get through the 2.25 miles we had planned it was so hard. My leg complained, but then it is still swollen and sore, and numb in places which makes running interesting, but I am sure it will get used to it. I am amazed how quickly I have unlearned how to run – it was tough going I can tell you, but I made it! The run/walk worked all the way and I managed just under 15 minute miles – 2.25 miles in 33.17. It’s a start, and now I have a time to beat!

The flies were out again! That made it even more interesting as I was panting away desperately trying not to swallow a fly! Funny! I was also over dressed – I could have done with shorts and a t-shirt instead of the Ron Hill’s and long-sleeved top plus jacket! Way too many clothes.

It is very very good to be back plodding though – summer here we come!

Dinner was great (made better by the exercise I am sure) – I made Toad in the Hole with Sainsbury’s Cumberland chipolatas, and had that with peas, carrots and home-made onion gravy. It did not last long on my plate!

Tomorrow it is back to the office, so lunch already packed and I’m ready to go.

Have a great Thursday – soon be the weekend!


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Good News!

Good Evening!

Well, today didn’t quite go to plan!

My plan was to potter about and do nothing much at all apart from book a hair cut, plan a trip into town, and then see if I could get to speak to the consultant about the leg.

I phoned the hair dressers and got an appointment tomorrow afternoon, then I phoned the hospital and she gave me an appointment for 3pm this afternoon! I didn’t think the NHS could be so quick! I’m not complaining though, it’s great that they were willing to listen to my concerns and get me in so quickly.

I did a few bits and pieces this morning, and then had the usual soup and roll for lunch before heading off to the hospital.

I saw the big-man consultant at 3pm exactly and he listened whilst I explained the pain, numbness and toe problems. He prodded and poked and explained that although progress was not as quick as he had hoped, nothing bad was happening. No infection, and no serious nerve damage, just superficial skin nerves that evidently will come back in time. He reassured me, told me to go on exercising and stretching, and arranged to see me again in 4 weeks to re-check on progress. I feel a lot better now! It’s great knowing there is nothing untoward happening in there. I did ask about running and he wasn’t keen – walking he said was good, and perhaps a bit of light jogging. I didn’t like to tell him that his “light jogging” was my idea of running! 🙂

Home, and time for our afternoon walk. We did the usual 2.25 miles circuit, and a little bit of “light jogging” – and I do mean a little bit! Maybe a couple of minutes and that was it. It felt so good though – maybe this is all in my head! Of course it is sore, and it pulls as the muscle needs stretching, but it is stable and it doesn’t “fill up” like it used to, and my foot does not go to sleep. I am a very happy bunny!

Dinner tonight was a small gammon steak with salad.

Tomorrow is hair day, so I may have to go and do my walk/jog in the morning as I will be in a chair most of the afternoon. Have a good day all.


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Another lovely day today – we have been very lucky with the weather recently – that is unless you live in the South East where there is already a shortage and a hose pipe ban. I don’t mind a bit of rain, but it is nice to have the sunshine to be able to get out and walk/jiggle.

Today we got up really late – like 10am late! No idea why we both slept in, but we did and it felt nice. That meant that by the time I had had my statutory two cups of coffee, showered and dressed it was nearly 11am! Lazy cow! 🙂

I did a bit of work this morning, and then we had lunch – I am back on the salads, with a little cheddar today. I think I did better with salads for lunch, and as I seem to be putting weight back on, it’s time to go back to what I know works for me. After lunch I pottered in the garden. We have a few raised beds and I was able to perch on the wall and remove a few weeds with a trowel and generally tidy the area. I wanted to get a grip of the herb bed as the mint is already popping up all over the place! I love mint, but it does need keeping in check. Happily both the rhubarb plants are showing through too – can’t wait until it’s time to pick and eat it! It looks a lot better now, and I am happy that I was actually able to do something useful for once.

Later this afternoon, hubby and I went out for a walk/jiggle again. Just around the block today (2.25 miles) as he has been trying to get some work done to make up for our late start! It was lovely out – T shirt weather, which is amazing for this time of year. I did a bit of jiggling, but it is sore, wobbly and painful down the front of my shin for some reason, but still no reoccurrence of the muscle swelling and foot going to sleep, so as far as I am concerned, all is well.

For dinner I made a sausage and butter bean casserole with some chopped tomatoes and mustard. I served it with a pile of sweetheart cabbage and some sprouts – both steamed. Just lovely and very welcome!

Tomorrow I am back at the doctors as it will be 4 weeks since the operation – I’m hoping he will tell me all is well and give me some hope of getting the feeling back in my lower leg some time soon!

Have a fantastic Friday folks!


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Two Feet

Good Evening!

Another Monday – it is quite amazing how my attitude to Mondays has changed now I don’t have to go to work for a while. I even woke up at work time, but snoozed for a while, because I could. I still hate sleeping with pillows under my leg, I can’t wait to be able to curl up again.

I spent this morning sorting the office and accounts – year end stuff to do. I also have hubby’s tax self assessment to sort, but that will wait a while. Lunch was back to soup – Heinz Tomato today, but I have a fridge full of veg to eat before Friday when we go away, so the rest of the week will be home made. I’m planning celery, tomato, leek and potato and maybe a mix veg to use up everything else!

This afternoon I did a bit of resting and elevation, then I walked, hubby ran. Today’s milestone – no crutches! I also got a pb with a 25 min mile! Things are definitely improving.


Still very bruised as you can see, and the area under the scar toward the ankle is sort of numb to touch. Today I have had a lot of tingling and pins jabbing in my scar area and along the shin bone. I’m hoping that’s improved circulation and healing going on.

The walk was lovely. Cold, but bright.


I am really enjoying my walks, and again today came back starving! Dinner was smoked mackerel, salad and new potatoes.

Now – rest! Amazon delivered me the first three novels in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon – they have been highly recommended to me, so I am looking forward to getting started!

Have a lovely Tuesday!


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Recovery Day 3

Good Evening!

I think I’m bored already! I am in need of a project to do whilst resting with my foot up. At one point this morning I even resorted to daytime television – it wasn’t on for long!

I have done bits, then rested, then done a bit more. At some point the underside of my foot started to hurt a lot, so I am hobbling even more now. I rang the doctors surgery this morning and got an appointment for late afternoon – lucky!

Lunch was soup. This is becoming an adventure! Today I tried the Heinz Tomato with a hint of Basil – how good does that sound? Shame it didn’t taste as good as it sounded. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I should have just stuck with good old fashioned Tomato!

By mid afternoon I was starving! I am hungry of late, but I know that I need to cut down because I am not exercising. I managed on coffee until hubby took me to the Doctors. He has signed me off for four weeks, and the nurse kindly removed all the dressings and replaced just the plaster. Looks neat!


Lots of resting to do – the ankle is very swollen and sore, so shoes off for a while to give it chance to breathe.

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring – what ever you are doing – make it a good one!


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Recovery Day 2

Things are going well! I managed to sleep much better last night, which meant I felt a lot brighter this morning.

I did a bit of work in the office before braving the bin bag and parcel tape trick. It worked well again, so got a nice long shower. Lunch came quickly because I had spent so much time faffing!

I had soup again – but chose Heinz Tomato soup with butter beans by way of a change. Call me stupid, but I expected tomato soup with some butter beans in. In fact it was a whole different animal, and I did not like it at all! It was spicy and had bits of stuff in that I couldn’t identify. Back to good old fashioned tomato tomorrow – at least you know what you are getting!

This afternoon I have spent most of my time on the sofa with my foot up, but it was a lovely afternoon, so we ventured out for a short walk.


Here I am – hobbling and putting a brave face on it!

Dinner was the usual roast beef, with carrots, sprouts, cabbage & parsnips. Hubby managed four Yorkshire puddings with his! With all this sitting around, I am trying to be careful not to over-eat!

Tomorrow I have to get to see my GP for further advice, dressing change and a sick note for work. Good job hubby is a complete superstar and happy to be chauffeur.

Have a lovely Monday!


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Operation Done!

Happy to report my operation has been done and I am now home.


Curious – I have one bright red foot! It’s the stuff that makes sure you are germ free – I wonder how long it will last!

Tired now, so an early night for me. More tomorrow. Have a good one!


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Work Again

I made it through day one back to work! Happily I worked at home, so no distractions and I spent the whole day wading through my emails – it makes you wonder what we used to do before email existed! 🙂

I got a confirmation letter from the hospital for my operation on Friday 24th February in the afternoon. I have to check in at 12.45pm and eat nothing after 7.30am. I am going to be so hungry! Still, a small price to pay to get my leg fixed. I also told my boss about the date  – he wasn’t impressed, but hey ho!

It’s a big birthday for my hubby in March, and he decided he would like to go back to our little bit of heaven in Cornwall. I looked at staying at the one decent hotel there, but it is not cheap! As an alternative, I looked at renting a place for a few days – now that is cheap – no idea why, but we can rent a bungalow that sleeps 6 (!) for a week for less than it costs to stay in the hotel for two nights! Now that is a no brainer! Over lunch we looked at a few possibilities and then hubby chose where he wanted to stay – a lovely three bedroomed bungalow overlooking the ocean, nice kitchen, bathroom etc and a garden with a table and chairs should the weather be unseasonably warm. I rang and booked it!

It will only be a couple of weeks after my operation, but I should be walking around by then and I am sure that the exercise will do me good – the fresh air and the view certainly will.

After all that excitement, I had the usual soup and a slice of wholewheat for lunch, and then back to the emails.

No run today – my legs are complaining about the hills yesterday and the weather is grey, cold and wet, so no real incentive to get out there. Instead I made dinner – cold chicken from yesterday with salad and some roasted baby new potatoes done in olive oil.

Yesterday was another sugar free day for me – that’s two in a row!

Tomorrow I have to go into the office, so I have packed my food – a pot of Greek yogurt and some Shreddies for breakfast, a box of salad with a little cheddar cheese for lunch and a banana just in case! 🙂 I am trying!

Have a great Valentines Day!


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