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Quick Holiday

Sorry to have been a bit lacking on the blog front!

On Tuesday we popped down to Cornwall for two days staying at the Metropole in Padstow.


We had a lovely room and great view!


We did quite a lot of walking and paddling to keep cool!



We also took a trip on the Jubliee Queen!


We saw puffins and seals! So cute!

We ate quite a lot, but we also walked miles, so that isn’t too bad.

Yesterday we left the hotel at mid day and headed straight to Exeter hospital where I had another CT scan and got three dots tattooed on me in anticipation of starting radiotherapy in a couple of weeks.

We saw the consultant again and chatted through the plan, in addition to the 15 days of treatment to the chest tumour we agreed to a further 10 full head treatments. The down side is that I will lose my hair again, but the up side is good evidence that it can prevent tumours forming in the brain. Evidently there is a 60% chance of lung cancer spreading to the brain, but preventative radiotherapy can reduce that by half. I am happy to do anything reasonable to do what I can to get better odds!

Today we popped into town and I drank this!


I could do with more of those! Fabulous!

Tomorrow is probably shopping, but we’ll see. Have a super Saturday!

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We are having a great holiday! The sun has shone and I have walked miles!


We have been surfing too, and invested in bats and balls!


It’s been exhausting!


Today we took the ferry to Padstow and had fish & chips for lunch.


We made up for them by walking, an hours surfing and then an hour bat and ball on the beach. I think we worked off all the calories because I am starving again!

Time for this soon –


Have a terrific Tuesday!

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My thoughts are with those who suffered in Boston, and for those for whom a marathon will never quite be the same. Such a dreadful thing.

Our holiday continues though.

Today we walked around the bay, then took the ferry from Rock to Padstow with BunBun.


We had a wander around the harbour and shops in lovely sunshine.


Then lunch!


Home and another walk.


Then surfing! Some seriously fun walls of water today – such fun! Except the bit where you have to get into and out of a wetsuit!

Completely shattered now so beer and bed are on my agenda!

Have a wicked (surf dude speak!) Wednesday!

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So cold again today we didn’t venture out for long but did visit Padstow.


Padstow equals Rick Stein’s fish & chips!


That was lunch sorted!

Apart from that, we watched a bit of daytime tv and drank lots of tea! I hope tomorrow is a wee but warmer – there was snow in the air today. Brrrr..

Have a wicked Wednesday!

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Holiday Day 5

Another very busy day!


It has been wall to wall sunshine today, so we spent the morning surfing! The waves were fun today – nice swell and good intervals.

A quick lunch of Cornish Brie and salad and we headed off again! We drove to Rock and got the ferry to Padstow.


Then we walked all the way up to Stepper Point, where there is a coast guard station.


Then there is the Daymark that you can see from miles away.


The view from the window –


We walked back, got the ferry and came home for a well earned cup of tea. A quick walk up to Atlantic Terrace before dinner and a fabulous view across to that Daymark – on the headland (Stepper Point) in the distance.


Dinner was so welcome! We had salad again, this time with ham and some salami. Lovely. Now for a well deserved sit down!

Have a great evening!

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Holiday Day 4

Our best day yet! 9.3 miles walked & I’m exhausted!

This morning dawned a bit misty.


The surf was rubbish, so we put on jackets and headed up the valley to a new place called The Point. It is passed Shilla Mill – a beautiful old farm house built in 1591 and tucked away half way up the valley.


We had coffee at the Point, which is mainly a Golf Course, then headed back via the main road. Home for lunch, which consisted of some nice fresh bread, Cornish butter and Cornish Brie with a tomato!

Then we walked to Rock and took the ferry to Padstow.


Still busy!


Lovely place though – famous for Rick Stein’s restaurant and fish!


We had coffee in the Custom House, then headed home. Boy my legs ache! We are now sat in the Oystercatcher pub having been fed a lovely dinner of pan fried salmon on a bed of leeky mash – mmmm! 🙂

Tomorrow I really hope to do a bit more sitting down! Have a lovely day.

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Another Cracking Day!


What amazing weather we are having – this could be the Med, but it is Cornwall!


Just wonderful! Another fun filled day – an hour and a half surfing before lunch, three and a half hours walking after lunch! We walked to Rock and got the ferry to Padstow.


It was as busy as ever, but nice to walk around the harbour and admire the boats.


I’ll leave you today with us getting sun burnt!


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Last Whole Day

The last whole day of our holiday – so sad! We made the most of it though and walked to Rock to get the ferry to Padstow.


It was a bit foggy this morning, but very still and excellent walking weather. We walked around Padstow and had a lovely Pasty from the Chough Bakery for lunch. We had to keep an eye out because the sea gulls are vicious!


We had a look around a few galleries and shops before catching the ferry back and walking home. Total miles – 5.75, and I had a tiny jog on the beach! The ankle is now nicely swollen, but getting better every day.

We now have to pack as we have to be out by 10 am, and there is no way I’m getting up early to sort it all out tomorrow!

Travelling tomorrow so we will have to make a real effort to get in a walk when we get home! Have a lovely day.


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A Long Way & A Little Jiggle

What a fabulous day! The sun has shone and we had ice cream on the beach! 🙂


This morning we walked, ferried and shopped in Padstow, before getting the ferry back, we had a pasty for lunch! Yummy. Ferry back to Rock then the long walk home. Total to that point was 7.09 miles! I rested a bit, but it was so nice out we went down to the beach again and had an ice cream.

We even had a look at winter wet suits as it was so lovely today, great waves and loads of people out there surfing – jealous! I did buy some bandages though, so I can try on a new suit! Maybe tomorrow? 🙂

So, on our long trek today I had a little joggle on the beach – it felt good! My ankle is now very swollen (too much?) and red raw – probably from my shoes rubbing. I also managed to get pooped on today – flipping seagulls! So I have just showered and done my hair again!

Busy old day, but made do with a ham sandwich and a tomato for dinner – enough after the ice cream!

Tomorrow? Truro I think – loads of shops there! Have a good day!


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Weekend Away

We had an amazing time! Even more amazing because it was so last minute! I love Facebook! The deal was way to good to miss.

We left home about 9am on Saturday morning and reached Polzeath just before 11am, quick coffee and change and we were in the sea!


Can you tell how flipping cold it was?


A really kind lady offered to take our picture – the only one we have of the two of us playing in the water!


We spent a couple of hours in the water – I don’t know how I lasted that long – the wind was a bit wild and so chilly – I was shivering after just 5 minutes.

Quick change and more coffee to warm up! We then took off in the car to go to Wadebridge for a pasty – well earned I can assure you. We also raided the art shop and I got some lovely new acrylic colours, including a shimmering metallic copper – just what I need to do a lovely sunset beach painting! Off the to Rock, and the ferry across to Padstow for some window shopping. Finally, ferry back and to the hotel. Lovely place – staff were superb and it’s a lovely setting. Settled in – we claimed our free champagne! 🙂 Then own to the pub for dinner, we both had steak, which was char grilled and very nice. A few drinks later, the band came on – heck were they loud – good – but loud! We finally staggered back to the hotel at gone 11pm!

This morning we had a bit of a lie in until 8.30am, showered and dressed, a late breakfast at about 10am. I had breakfast! Chef cooked me scrambled eggs on wholewheat toast – lovely. I’ve been full ever since – not that it has stopped me eating. We went down to the beach and changed into our flip flops, but chicken out of more surfing as it was even windier today and cold. Too cold I’m afraid. Instead we walked for an hour or so, the made our way home calling at Port Isaac for another hours walk, then Boscastle for coffee and cake. Finally made it home earlier this evening and have thrown in the washing and thrown together some beans on toast.

Now it is nearly time to crash out. I’m shattered and it’s back to work tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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