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Yeah! 🙂

This morning we finished all the painting, so this little project is now done. Phew!

After lunch we did our usual around-the-block walk and spent most of it saying hello to sheep!


It wasn’t hot, but a pleasant enough day.


It hasn’t rained – yet!

Tomorrow it is hospital for blood tests followed by town for a spot of shopping and a bucket of coffee!

Have a magical Monday!

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Nearly Done

The workshop is looking good – but we ran out of paint! It is nearly done though! If the sun shines tomorrow we may get it finished!

We painted the end wall this morning before lunch and timely running out of paint! We made lunch at home and then headed into town. Homebase first for more paint and then town for sweeties and coffee. Perfect! The sweetie shop was raided for Lions Wine Gums then Nero’s for coffee.

Finally we did Sainsbury’s for the groceries.

Plenty of shopping!

I did salmon for dinner and then picked and cooked our first batch of rhubarb. Mmmm!


Tomorrow – probably more painting! Have a superb Sunday!

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More Art!

It’s been quite an arty weekend! This morning started late, so I spent most of it chopping veg for soup. I have three days in London at a conference this week, hubby is coming along too, so it was time to clear out the veg fridge!

I made celery & potato soup for hubby, and threw the rest (swede, carrots, broccoli & courgettes) into another pot for me. Chopping veg takes ages doesn’t it! While the soup simmered we headed out for an early walk.


Spot the rugby ball! We went out early as we had to pick up hubby’s pictures from the weekend exhibition at 4pm, and then be at the opening of another exhibition at 5pm! Busy busy!

We had the soup for lunch, faffed about a bit and then went out. Pictures collected, we headed out to the next exhibition. Happily this one is on for a whole month, not just the weekend!


Hubby has three pictures in this one – this is my favourite –


We couldn’t come away empty handed, so bought this lovely hand made Yew wood vase –


Light is all wrong now, but you get the idea!

Tomorrow it is back to work, and back in the office for meetings. It will be a short week though as Tuesday we go to London for my conference on Wednesday and Thursday. Should be fun!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Paint, Paint, Paint

Guess what I have done – ALL day!


It looks a bit yellow in that photo, but it is actually Ivory – looks nice! Painting rough plastered cob is hard work – especially when the walls are anything but straight.


They were built like this so the thick base of the walls can take the weight of the height of the building – makes it interesting to put furniture against the wall!

I have spent hours painting today but it is now all done!


Everything is washed and polished and back where it belongs.


A lot of hard work – about a million squats – but worth it! I am so looking forward to not doing any decorating tomorrow!

Food has been good again – ham salad for lunch and Spring Chicken for dinner. I have also tried to eat more at meal times today in the hope that I won’t eat quite so many nuts later!

No time for purposeful exercise today, but I’m sure all that squatting and painting count for something. I’m shattered!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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Leg Ache!

I’m certainly not used to being on my feet all day – boy do my legs ache right now!

I spent all day yesterday on my feet doing the dining room and then did my strength training which included a shed load of squats and step-up’s. Today has been busy too.

I had a bit more filling to do today on that big hole – it is no more!


It needs paint – but at least there isn’t a stinking great hole in the wall any more! So, that needed to dry so I hit the garden and did some weeding, tidying and pruning to get it under control. I must have done a fairly good job as Mr Blackbird came out to sun bathe!


Lunch was turkey left over from yesterday with salad, also left over from yesterday. I certainly felt I had earned it. This afternoon I have slapped some paint on the dry bits, but there is more to do when the polyfiller has dried – that will save for tomorrow.

Late afternoon we set off on our walk – just after half way we met this little chap –


He insisted on following us! After ignoring our requests to go home, I phoned the number on his tag but got no answer. Another lady came by waking her dogs and confirmed where he lived, there was nothing we could do but to walk him home. He was quite reluctant to go in the gate, but he stayed there!

On the way home, his owner found us in her car and said thank you! Jungle drums must have told her it was us that took him back – the joys of living in a small village!

Finally we got home for dinner – roast gammon joint with cauliflower and broccoli – most welcome.

Tonight I shall be sitting! I may even watch the football – anything that does not involve standing up!

Tomorrow I’m back at the physio – looking forward to that. Hope you have a great day too!

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Bright White

Phew! Busy old day – I don’t seem to have sat down all day!

That’s a good thing!

This morning it was into town to do a bit of shopping and hubby had his hair cut. I drank coffee – Nero’s of course!

Then to Sainsbury’s for the food shop. I have tried to plan Paleo this week, my intention was to start today, but I failed at the first hurdle. We paused for lunch in Sainsbury’s cafe – nothing Paleo anywhere to be found. I had to have either a sandwich (wheat) or yogurt (dairy) – I’m not sure which is worse, so I went for a prawn sandwich and took the crusts off! 🙂

Been a nice day to be out and about though – this is Rolle Quay in Barnstaple on the way to the hairdressers –


Home and time to climb that scaffolding again – this time to paint it. What a job! It took a great deal of effort to get up that ladder again, then it’s hard to paint while hanging on for dear life! Still, it’s done and in the sunshine, really bright white! You can see it across the village! I keep threatening to paint a smiley face on it!

Painting done, we then went for our 2 mile walk around the lanes. Exhausted!

Finally – dinner! This time all Paleo! Prawn curry made with coconut milk, and stir fry vegetables.

Now I feel I have earned a sit down and a glass of wine! Tomorrow – more painting – a second coat before the scaffolding gets taken away! Boy will I be glad when it’s gone!

Have a great day – what ever you are doing!


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Climbing & Walking

I made it to the top of the scaffolding!


The view is amazing!


Our little garden –


I also got a picture of “the gang of four” – a bit distant, but these four sheep roam the field in front of our house, the make me smile when they come right up to the hedge and look up at us in the office! They also love scratching on the telegraph pole!


Having climbed up there, we did actually do some work! We scrubbed down and painted the weatherboards on the roof line. All before lunch.

When I managed to get down again I made a cheese sandwich for lunch, did the prep for dinner and we headed out for a long walk. Eight miles long! Up and down the lanes.


Past my favourite sign –


Just brilliant! I hope it works!

It was lovely out, cloudy and a bit chilly, but perfect walking weather. Far in the distance the white houses are our village –


Finally home I finished dinner – roast beef, carrots, broccoli and cabbage with Yorkshire Puddings for hubby. I was starving! Now I’m full!

My leg aches now, so some serious rest tonight. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring – but first I get a lie in!

Have a wonderful Monday.


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Great Good Friday

Feels like Saturday! Strange having a Friday act like a Saturday, my head has been confused – it does not take a lot! 🙂

Frosty but sunny this morning, so hubby decided that it was nice enough weather to paint around the new windows outside. They plastered around the window with grey plaster, so the surrounds needed to be painted white outside, and the window ledges black. This required ladders – thereby making it a hubby job – I don’t do ladders!

While hubby was doing the outside, I did the inside – a little more care needed inside with the different colours. It took sometime, so we broke for lunch mid-task. I had salad again, with Leerdammer Light, then back to work! We finally finished just after 3pm, so by the time we cleaned up there was still time for a walk.

No overtaking around here!


Nice day, but a bit chilly today, so coat needed. Strange furry hedges!


Lovely aren’t they!

Three miles done today, all good exercise for the leg, although the ankle is sore today for some reason.

Home for dinner and the usual Friday night Keema curry with pitta bread and fresh lime juice. Very welcome!

Now I have some research to do. I am looking at the Paleo way of eating as I believe it may help me. I know several people who eat that way and have overcome issues with sugar and hunger. I have bought an ebook by Robb Wolf that details a 30 day trial, obviously I need to read and understand it, but I am quite excited about learning how it may help me.

Saturday tomorrow – yeah – another one! 🙂 Have a good one!


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Window Painting and a RUN!

Considering I have not worked today I am shattered! I have painted, scraped, washed and hoovered, I have done my strength training and done my first run in over a week! 🙂 It rained, but what the heck – I got out and did it when it would have been very easy to claim I was tired and just sat down.

So, the day started quite early, considering I am on holiday. The window guy’s were due back at 08.30am to finish the outside, so I reluctantly got up, dressed and was all tickety-boo for their arrival. Happy to say they were on time, and set to work straight away. They have been great – considering the bad experiences that others have had with workmen, these guy’s have been really good, showing up when they say, on time and work really well. The finish of the windows is superb – we are very pleased with them.

I faffed about getting stuff ready whilst they worked, and started preparing to paint the insides of the windows. As the house is cob, we have extremely deep windows, with lovely wood sills, so I had to cover up with masking tape and some dust sheets before I started. I also needed to sand down some bits, and do a bit of scraping off of some old gunk that was on some of the walls. The guy’s finished the outside by late morning, took their cheque and left happy. It took me until lunch to do all the preparation downstairs, so that was an opportune moment to eat.

Left over veggie soup for lunch from the freezer, with a slice of wholemeal and butter. Just lovely. Straight back to work, preparing the windows upstairs and then onto the painting. I have a brand new brush and a huge tin of paint – so that was my afternoon sorted! By 4.30pm I had done all five windows with a first coat – it will need more, but it is a great start. It would have been easy to just tidy up and make dinner, but I made a pact with myself that I would not chicken out of any more runs, so clothes on and out the door.

We just did the short circuit of 2.3 miles, which was enough as it was colder than I thought it was going to be, and it was raining. I actually ran quite well! Maybe the rest did me good, but once mile 1 was out of the way I did some real running in between the walking in mile 2 – it felt so good! According to my Nike+ I actually hit a sub 7 minute mile pace for about 10 seconds! 🙂

Dinner was last night’s beef cold with some salad and new potatoes. I really struggled to eat it as my teeth are painful – I can not wait until I get my own bridge on Wednesday – hopefully it will mean that I can eat properly. The temporary bridge is broken and has some really sharp edges now. Ouch!

Tomorrow – more painting, more running, probably more soup!

Have a terrific Tuesday folks!

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More Shopping!

Well – another day, another trip to Homebase! 🙂

I did not get up very early, but when I did it was all go! We started the day by fixing the downstairs toilet! Oh yes – party girl me! The flushing thingy would not stop and it went into the overflow, so we bought a new bit for it and changed it all this morning. Happily it now all works, no leaks, no overflow. Yeah!

Then I painted the walls around the loo as there was some paint flaking going on, and some bashing due to the work we have done in there. It is all shiny white now. Then hubby decided that we should have some shelves up above the loo, so we needed to go to get some more wood, but first things first – lunch!

Lunch was soup and a roll for me, and cheese and a roll for him. Then into town for wood. Home, and hubby retreated into the workshop to do what ever it is you do to make shelves, whilst I retreated into the kitchen to do what ever you do to make roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, carrots, cabbage and sprouts!

I faffed about and tidied up a bit whilst dinner sorted itself. I have also sorted out my gubbings for tomorrow, as the plan is that I will paint and tidy the inside of the new windows. It will be lovely to have them all finished. The window fitters are due back just for half a day tomorrow to finish off the outside – then I suppose I will have to paint out there too!

Happily I have the week off work – so my goal is to finish the windows, inside and out, and get some proper exercise in!

Have a wonderful Monday people.

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