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No Rain!

I hardly dare mention it, but we have had a whole day without any rain!

I’ve worked at home today and seem to have spent the whole day reading stuff, my eyes are quite tired now. Learned a lot though – the Internet is such a marvellous thing. A few years ago there would be no way of me even seeing the stuff I have read today, and not only have I read it, but I have interacted with it – copying stuff, rewriting stuff – just wonderful! I feel sorry for the youngsters who have always known the web – they have no idea how lucky they are!

I have put on more weight this week, so today has been a ‘less food’ day. Lunch was soup – just soup. Dinner has been a crust less quiche made with fried onions, four slices of bacon chopped into strips and fried with the onion, then I poured in four beaten eggs and cooked in the hob for a few minutes to set the bottom, then whacked under the grill to cook the top. It served the two of us with a load of salad.

Before dinner we did our walk – it was nice to look at things a bit further away!


A nice day for a walk – t-shirt weather at last!


More lovely flowers – this is Rosebay Willow-Herb!


Pretty isn’t it! I would never have known what is was without the web!

Tomorrow will be another ‘less food’ day, and again I am working at home. I hope you have a fab Friday!

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More Hours Needed

I need more hours in the day – going into the office plays havoc with my personal life! I have to get up an hour and a half earlier than usual and get home an hour later, which means my walk does not happen.

Normally I would try and get out at lunch, but today meetings did not allow. I ate my way through the day again, so a walk would have been some consolation, but it did not happen. Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Today’s food – banana & cashew nut butter, apple, tuna and lettuce, coffee! Dinner has been mackerel salad, so at least it was all good Paleo stuff. No Nuts! Yeah! 🙂

No lovely walk pictures for you today – this is the view from my desk though –


I have no idea why the scaffolding is there, I haven’t seen anyone go up or come down the ladder! The tree is a Walnut tree – can’t wait until autumn when I get free nuts!

Back to the office again tomorrow for me – I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

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Feet Ache!

Happy July! I wonder if summer will come soon?

This morning I got on the scales for my weekly weight in. I got off very quickly. I have yet again gained weight – that is a constant upward movement since February. I have put on over a stone since my leg operation – this is not what I need – things have to change.

It is quite easy – eat less, move more.

So today I have tried to stay on my feet, cleaning and polishing this morning followed by vegetable soup for lunch. After that, a two and a half hour walk and cooking roast beef and all the trimmings for dinner. All Paleo for me, hubby had Yorkshire Puddings!


I really enjoyed our walk today – I started out with a t shirt, jumper and wind proof jacket on, but was soon down to just a t shirt!


This tree is precariously growing on the edge of a quarry!


Wild strawberries! And no – we didn’t eat any! They looked just too pretty to eat!


I can’t resist the Cow Parsley shot!

So my goal of eating less and moving more has been met today. The key thing is keeping it going! Have you seen the Nike+ Fuelbands? Oooo how I want one of those! They have been available in the States for a while, but the only place you can buy them in the UK is London! How annoying is that! They aren’t even available on line yet! Want! I am hoping they will be made available nation-wide soon – I can’t go on drooling! 🙂

Office tomorrow – I have tuna and lettuce, a banana, an apple and a small pot of cashew nut butter packed and ready to go. If I get out for a walk at lunch that will be ideal.

Have a good Monday!

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I love technology! I love gadgets and anything that starts with an i, but the best thing is that I can work at home as easily as I can work in the office. I get my work pc desktop on my home pc, and happily take part in meetings via the phone and the web – marvellous stuff!

I did all of that today – working at home enjoying my own company and getting lots done whilst interacting with my colleagues via email and phone. I’m sure they don’t miss me!

At the end of the day the sun finally appeared and we went for a nice walk.


The hedges are getting silly now!


No chance of seeing what’s on the other side!

Food today has been much more reasonable than yesterday! Lunch was tuna and lettuce, dinner sausages wrapped in bacon with cabbage and carrots. A few nuts later, but I really need to make up for the pile of food I ate yesterday.

Office again tomorrow – not keen on the early start, but there you go! Have a good Thursday!

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Did Not Attend

Office today, and a string of meetings where people were supposed to be there but did not attend. Why do people do that? They accept the meeting request and then don’t show up! Strange behaviour!

Meanwhile, I ate my way through the day as I tend to when I have to go into the office. The list reads like this:

1. Banana and cashew nut butter
2. Apple
3. Nuts & sultanas
4. A hard boiled egg
5. Tuna and lettuce (lunch!)
6. More nuts and sultanas
7. Gammon and salad (dinner!)

Plus I had my bucket of latte from Nero’s first thing!

I’ve had enough now!

I did get a walk around the grounds at lunch – just before it rained.


Nice grounds with some amazing trees.


The path to freedom!

Home tomorrow and time to make up for over eating today! Have a great Wednesday!

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Back to Work

Work again and a shed load of emails to delete this morning! Finally got some real work done after lunch (tuna and lettuce) it took me that long to sort everything out.

This afternoon was catching up on the unexciting happenings of last week, then out for our walk late afternoon.


Lovely day again – despite the forecast saying it would rain this afternoon – happily they were wrong!


These lovely Dog Roses are appearing in the hedges now –


Home for dinner – smoked mackerel and salad. We are cutting down – again! This morning the tape measure came out as there was talk on the radio about the ideal waist size for women. Oh dear! I need more exercise and less food (nuts!) to tip the in/out ratio again!

I got my MRI Appointment in the post today – next Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprised at such a quick appointment – I hope I get to see the consultant shortly after and get to understand what is happening.

Office tomorrow so an early start for me, but with the bonus of Nero’s coffee. Have a good Tuesday!


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Lazy Sunday

Aren’t Sunday’s great? I love the fact that usually there is nothing planned, nothing pressing.

I had a lazy morning doing a bit of housey stuff, changing the beds, doing the washing, no rush, just poodled around really. Lunch was tuna and lettuce, then I sat and watched the European F1 Grand Prix. I love F1 racing, but it’s the first time this season I have sat and watched the whole thing.

Then it was time to prep dinner – roast lamb today, so I shoved garlic and rosemary from the garden in holes and popped it in the oven. I prepared parsnips, carrots and Spring Greens and we headed out for a walk while the lamb cooked.


Lovely day, although the sky intimates a front on its way.


I tried to photograph a rainbow in a puddle, but I don’t think it really worked!


The walk was lovely and timed to perfection with the lamb done all I had to do is the veg and eat! 🙂

Tonight I will watch the football – I like football normally but I have a feeling this game is going to be torture!

Back to work tomorrow – I am actually looking forward to it – call me stupid! Have a lovely Monday everyone.

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It’s my birthday! 🙂

I have had a lovely day – and we spent the week in Cornwall at the end of May for my birthday present – such a lucky girl!

We spent this morning hanging pictures in the newly decorated dining room – all hubbies own work.




Looks great!

This afternoon I made a huge lamb curry then let it cook as we went to a local town for a wander around and coffee. It’s not been very nice weather, so shopping was ideal.

Home and curry was ready, so I made two vegetable side dishes, aubergine and tomato and mushrooms. Lovely jubbly! I have eaten way too much, but it was excellent.

Tomorrow – more shopping! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Jobs You Wish You Hadn’t Started!

Oh dear – the dining room ‘patch up’ is turning into a whole job in need of a project manager!


The patches I painted yesterday are still a completely different colour, so decision made – the whole room will have to be done. The dressers are now piled in the middle of the room and everything has been cleaned and readied.

I had a physio appointment at 2pm, so after that I had to go buy more paint. Tomorrow I will finish the job that should have taken a day!

The physio was brutal as usual, but she is lovely, helpful and keen to make things better. She measured my leg and it is still 2cm bigger than the other one – still swollen then! My foot is also swollen, my ankle still numb and now peeling dead skin (eek!), the calf very sore. Plus, she found a spot on the bottom of my foot that is unbearably painful! Lots to work on then!

After physio I did a bit of shopping – found a whole bag of macadamia nuts! 🙂 then to the DIY store for paint, filler and masking tape.

Another day on my feet – I really hope the scales are going to reflect all this activity at the end of the week!

Food has been 100% Paleo again – tuna and lettuce for lunch, ham salad for dinner – I’m looking longingly at those macadamia’s already!

Tomorrow I will be taping and painting. Ho hum! Have a great Thursday!


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Anyone Got an Ark?

Goodness – is it ever going to stop raining? It’s poured down all day – again!

It didn’t stop us going out though – our usual Saturday trip into town and then to the supermarket. We delayed going out until around 11am as it was silly-rain, but then decided to go anyway! We didn’t spend long in town – long enough to get a few bits and have coffee at Nero’s.

By the time we got to the supermarket it was gone 1pm, so lunch was in order. Hubby had a sandwich, I had a bowl of fruit salad. I’d rather have had a steak, but you have to go with whats on offer! Lunch done, shopping done, home!

It’s been so wet today I haven’t stopped to take any pictures, so here is one of MY paintings hung in our conservatory – aka The Beach Hut!


Yes – it is a plastic lobster climbing the wall! 🙂

Today’s buy of the century was a DAB radio from Sainsbury’s. It was half price – always attractive – but – it works! We have real problems with radios in our house – it’s cob and the walls are several feet thick in places, so signals are always weak. Not with this radio though! Perfect reception that hubby is beyond delighted with as a Radio 2 addict!

Dinner was Thai Prawn curry and stir fry vegetables done in coconut oil. Lovely. Another all Paleo day!

Please let’s have some sun tomorrow! Have a great day!


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