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Another Week Off

Finished up today for another week off work! Such a lucky person! My birthday is the end of next week, so some time ago I booked next week off in case we wanted to do something or go somewhere. As it happens, we did that a couple of weeks ago as the prices rise terribly at the end of May, so I had my official birthday at the end of May!

It does mean I still have the week off though – which is lovely – although I will probably do a bit of decoration in the house, so not really a holiday.

Meanwhile, I worked at home today so managed to catch up with emails and stuff and tidy up for my holiday.

At the end of the day we went for a walk in the wind.


It stopped raining long enough for us to get around the block, but it is very windy out there! I tried to capture the movement of the trees, but probably failed!


Still, nice to get out in the fresh air.

The Paleo eating is still going well with today being day 14 of no grains, no sugar etc – just protein and fruit & veg. It’s a regime that suits me well and I feel good for it. Today I had a tin of tuna and some salad left over from dinner yesterday for lunch and lamb curry for dinner. Long may it continue!

It’s the weekend! Yeah! Have a wonderful one.


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Happy Day

Yesterday I ate my way through absolutely loads of nuts, plus a banana, almond butter, hard boiled egg, chicken, salad, steak and more nuts. I went to bed feeling that I had eaten way too much.

I get up this morning and I weight 2lbs less than I did yesterday morning! What is that all about then? Maybe all that protein was good for me. Maybe that is what I need to be doing? What ever the reason, it made me happy! 🙂

I worked at home today so I was able to snap hubby in his makeshift studio!


He’s happy too!

Lunch was tuna and salad – a whole tin all to myself with some chopped red onion – yummy! More work, then a short walk as thunder storms were threatening!


Nice to see the crops growing well with all the rain.

Dinner has been ‘Pigs in Blankets’ – that’s sausages wrapped in bacon! I oven cooked them while we were out walking, and ate them with cabbage and carrots and gravy. Lovely – all Paleo too!

I have a few special nuts left for nibbles later, but I really must cut down! My problem last night was that I opened a bag of Sainsbury’s Macadamia and Cashew nuts with black pepper! Boy are they addictive! I had to put them in a cupboard to stop me eating the whole bag!

Tomorrow I am back at the hospital to see the Consultant about the leg – I wonder what he will have to say when I tell him it is no better. I really hope he has some answers, or at least a plan to find out what is happening. I’ll let you know!

Thursday is very nearly Friday – have a good one!


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Welcome to Summer!

Windy? It’s blowing a gale out there! I feel for those down here on holiday and camping, it’s also the Royal Cornwall Show today – poor things!

The rain has kept us tucked up at home today, so I resorted to taking pictures of my funny eye!


It is half brown, half blue – cute hey!

Work today was from home, so happily I haven’t had to venture out at all. I’ve done loads, and feel as if I have earned my crust today.

Food wise, I am sticking to Paleo – except I overdosed on nuts last night and ended up with chronic indigestion! I have done some research and it seems quite a common occurrence. The recommended remedy is to soak the nuts in water overnight – not sure about that – sounds soggy and horrible! I think I just need to be sensible about the volume I eat.

Today I had chicken and lettuce for lunch and then corned beef and salad for dinner. A bit boring, but tasty and filling.

Tomorrow I have my second physio appointment which I am really looking forward to. I have been good and cut down my walks, done no running, and have done my exercises and massage. I’m hoping she will be happy and give me a bit more to do!

Hope the weather is better tomorrow too – have a great Friday!


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What’s This Work Rubbish?

I’d forgotten what to do when I logged on to my work pc this morning! It seems like an age since I had to do real work!

I was up and at them early today – sat in front of my computer before 8am, which made for good productivity, but a long wait until lunch. Talking of lunch, the Paleo eating is going well still – I am so much happier without the rubbish that crept into my diet. I did go a little overboard with the nuts again last night, but I’m not worried, I’m just happy to clean up my system first, I’ll worry about weight in a week or two.

Lunch today was a whole tin of tuna (line caught) with red onion and shredded lettuce. Dinner has been chicken wrapped in bacon, with braised leeks and courgettes. Great food!

We also got a 2 mile walk in late afternoon – lovely to see the lanes getting smaller as the hedgerows grow!


The Foxgloves are particularly spectacular!


Lovely to get out, and looking at the forecast, tomorrow may be one for indoors – luckily I’m working at home as they are forecasting 60 mph winds! Blimey!

Take care out there!

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Jubilee Weekend

Rain again – but can you believe it’s Tuesday already?! Love Bank Holidays, love even more two of them!

I have enjoyed the celebrations on the television, and watched the concert last night too. I was amazed at how many ‘famous’ names can’t sing! Elton John was awful, and many others – he was not alone, but the spectacle was amazing. The best bit was the light show on the Palace – particularly the images that accompanied Madness and ‘Our House’ – amazing!

The rain today meant we have been indoors today, I have done various bits of office work and accounts – nothing earth shattering. Occasionally I looked out of the conservatory only to see more rain.


The good news is that my eating has been marvellous! All Paleo again, and I am starting to feel a bit more normal. I have lost 2 lbs over the last few days – a sign that things are settling down. Today’s food has been tuna and lettuce for lunch, a few nuts and sultanas mid afternoon, and salmon salad for dinner.

The nut rationing is going well – I am a bit more in control now. All is good.

Back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to that – but needs must and all that! At least it will be half way through the week!

Have a great Wednesday!

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Holiday Memories

I promised some surfing pictures when I had downloaded the waterproof camera – here is a section for you to laugh at!



Shame the sun wasn’t shining, but there you go!

Today we were back to walking the lanes rather than the beach.


Much nicer than the rain of yesterday. We did lots of office type stuff before lunch, then I had cold beef from yesterday with salad, then a bit more stuff before we headed out for a walk. We did 3.5 miles , which was 3.5 miles further than yesterday!

The village had a fancy dress competition this Afternoon followed by tea – very British!


So sweet! I love all the bunting and stuff , the village is going to look dull post-Jubilee.

Walk over and I did ham salad for dinner – still all Paleo and I think my body is trying hard to sort out the mess that was last weeks food! I can’t wait to feel ‘normal’ again! My stomach is still football-like, but it is settling down.

I even managed to limit the nuts last night by putting a handful in a little bowl and not going back for seconds! Finally I am getting on top of my eating.

Another holiday tomorrow! Yeah! Looks like rain though, let’s hope we get a break and can get out again for a while.

Have a great Tuesday!

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We made it! The drive was hot, but we stopped at a little nature reserve for lunch.


We reached our holiday cottage mid afternoon. What a view! This is the garden and beyond –


I’m afraid the diet has already gone out of the window, but we did get 2 hours surfing in this afternoon! We are now in the pub watching the sun set – heaven!


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Four Down – I’m Done!

It feels great to have finished work until 6th June! I love Bank Holidays! They give me a few extra days on my holiday.

Work was manic trying to catch up, attend meetings and delegate all the left overs! I managed to get to town at lunch for a spot of last minute shopping, boy was it hot! These folks are enjoying the outdoors eating at Cathedral Green in Exeter.


Home and a quick dinner before packing – all done now! The beauty of driving down the road is you can take everything! We have cases, boxes, bags and even a bucket with the wetsuits in! Happily we are only an hour and a half drive from North Cornwall, so we will have a leisurely start and a sedate drive in the morning as we can not get into our accommodation until 2pm. I really hope the weather holds – we should be surfing by 3pm! 🙂

In other news – remember the gang of four? Our four big Woolley sheep in the field across the road? Well – four became five! One has a tiny little lamb! So lovely. I wonder if the other three are also expecting? When we get home there could be more!

Food wise I have stuck to my Paleo diet – banana and almond butter for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch, baked cod, leeks and courgettes for dinner with a few nuts in between. I need to cut down on the nuts – they seem to go straight through me! I’m hoping the change of routine tomorrow will help me get over the nut habit!

Right, time to go – blogging may well be intermittent over the next week, but I’ll try!

Take care.

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Two Down, Two to Go

Long old day in the office today so not a lot of news or witty banter from me today I’m afraid!

It started as usual with Nero’s coffee, followed by emails and more coffee, meetings and more coffee! I managed to get out for a short walk at lunch, but apart from that, nothing happened!

Food has been good again. I had a banana and almond butter for breakfast mid morning, then a handful of mixed nuts and cranberries. Lunch was tuna salad, and then dinner was mackerel and salad. I have probably eaten my daily dose of nuts already, but can’t resist a few more while I watch the television later! The great thing is, I’m not hungry. Apart from mid morning, I am never hungry – the protein fills me up very nicely and don’t feel the need for snacks or stuff in between meals. How much of a change is that! I used to eat two maybe three chocolate bars a day and be constantly picking at sweets and stuff. Not any more!

I say that like I have eaten this way all my life – when in fact it is only just over a week since I decided to give Paleo a try. I am no expert, and I will fall off the wagon at some point, but for now, it’s good and I don’t see any reason to change. Next week, when we are on holiday and eating out, I know will be difficult – I mean – there are not many shops that sell hard-boiled eggs alongside the chocolate bars! Cake – that will be a huge temptation for me, as will sandwiches, pasties and all the other easy to eat foods – I need to stay strong and do my best.

So, tomorrow I am home, but probably won’t be home for long as I have a doctor’s appointment, and a physio appointment – different times, different towns! I’ll spend longer getting  there and coming home than in the appointment, but that’s my fault for living in the middle of no-where! One day working at home tomorrow, and one day in the office on Thursday – then holiday! Yeah!

Have a great Wednesday!

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Time for a Sit-down

Weigh day!

Weight last week – 150lbs
Weight today – 147.75lbs

Total loss – 2.25lbs

Go me! 🙂 Actually, I should write – Go Paleo eating! It is suiting me very well, I not only feel so much better, I lost a whole load of weight too. What is not to love?

Until today hubby has scorned my refusal to eat bread, cereals, potatoes etc – he actually accused me of being “stupid”. After weighing this morning he asked how it worked – what I had cut out etc! 🙂 I have given him my books, he can make up his own mind.

Today has been non-stop. This morning I did some tidying in the garden – looking pretty:


This little chap was getting a bit overgrown!


He’s much happier now!

Hubby fixed the log store roof:


It had started to rot away, so he fixed another layer of wood on top to protect it.

We paused for lunch – I had a 3 egg omelette and salad, then did all the prep for dinner – slow roast lamb today.

Hubby finished that roof then we did our Sunday long walk – 7.58 miles in just about 2.5 hours.


Shorts and t-shirt weather today!


Dinner was lamb with cabbage, carrots and parsnips – hubby had roast potatoes too – we were both starving!

Time to sit down now, my legs are really sore from all those hills today. Tomorrow it’s back to the office, but it is just a 4 day week for me as we are on holiday Friday! So looking forward to it!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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