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Just a quick update again – it’s been a beautiful day full of walking.


This morning we walked around the coast path to Daymer Bay & back for a spot of lunch and on to the main event – a walk to Pentire Head.


That’s all the way around the bay and to the end if the above headland! It’s a long way for me and my plodding! But worth it for the scenery.



The dinosaur!


All told just shy of 8 miles done today – that’ll do! I will sleep well tonight!

Have a fab Friday – we go home tomorrow – boo!

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Holiday Day 3

A quick run through our day! It started well with the sun shining and some good waves.


We spent the morning surfing, had bread and some Cornish Brie for lunch then went walking!


First we headed up to Pentire Head via Pentire Farm. Some lovely wild flowers on the way.



We went past the Rumps – our dinosaur!


Then we walked the other way to Daymer Bay and St Enadoc church.


Lovely place – tucked away on the golf course and where John Betjaman is buried.


We have done 7.5 miles walking today! I’ll leave you with tonight’s sun set – have a great evening.


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Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Yesterday was hubby’s 60th birthday! We had a great day, a trip to Bodmin Moor and coffee at the Jamaica Inn, then a long walk to Rock.


After our walk, we went to Ann’s Cottage to buy new winter wet suits – not easy at the best of times, but with a load of stitches in your leg – well! I gave up in the end, but hubby chose his. Last night we had a nice dinner at The Oystercatcher and a few glasses!

Today has been beautiful again. This morning, coffee at Port Isaac:


Then another 5 miles this afternoon to Pentire Head and back. I also went back to look at wet suits armed with plasters and plastic bags! Bought a lovely new O’Neill wet suit, gloves and a hat. All sorted now! I just need my leg to heal and we’ll be in the water.

Tomorrow will be our last full day here. So sad to have to think about going home! Still, a whole day with lots of walking to be done!


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Shopping & Walking

Strange old day, sunshine in Truro, fog in Polzeath!

We were going to walk this morning, then go to Truro for a bit of shopping, but it was thick fog so we headed to Truro first. Pretty town with some nice shops (!) to look around – bonus – it has a Nero’s! By lunch in Truro the fog had cleared and we chose Nero’s coffee and lemon cheesecake for lunch before heading back to the beach.

I enjoyed the shops of Truro, not too busy either. We bought a few bits and pieces and took a few pictures.


As we drove back, the fog started to appear again, and by the time we got back you could not see the sea!

We did walk though – 4.69 miles of coastal footpath. Plenty for me and the leg! The muscle seems to be healing quite well, but the ankle is huge, red and sore. I am sure I am allergic to E45 cream! I put some on as my ankle was quite dry, now it is red and angry, which is weird as I thought E45 was quite innocent. There you go!

Dinner will involve bread and cheese as that is all we have in, but that’s okay as I am starving!

Tonight wine will be consumed, tomorrow I hope the fog clears and the sun comes out. Have a lovely day!


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