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Phew – What a Scorcher!

Wow has it been hot today! It has been windy though so I have got sunburn without even knowing it!


We have walked miles and miles today. The sea is flat calm, so no surfing, but 5 hours of walking made up for that! Another great day and rubbishy diet! Hey Ho – I’m on holiday so the odd bacon sandwich does not count!


Beautiful day, beautiful place. Let’s do it all again tomorrow!

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Evidently it is officially Spring today!


These little beauties have been smiling in the hedgerows for a week or so already.

So, today has been a bit of this and a bit of that! I started on the computer doing a bit of work, then put the washing away, then de-cluttered the back bedroom! I filled five bin bags! It needed doing as we are having new windows at the back of the house, and as it was the guys would not have even got near the windows in there! Having moved everything, I then needed to clean it as several years worth of dust was lurking. It waited until after lunch (soup) though as I needed food.

Cleaning done, I then sat down for an hour with my book before venturing out for our daily walk/jiggle. Another 2.25 miles, another pb of 17 minute miles! A bit more jiggling today which felt odd, but alright. It still pulls along the stitches, and it hurts along on my shin bone – which is where the most bruising is. The whole muscle wobbles, but it feels a bit more stable and no pressure. The best thing was having hot feet! The foot used to go to sleep and get really cold, so having hot feet is just wonderful. I have high hopes that this operation has been successful!

Home and I made a quiche with fried red onion, chopped maple bacon and cheese – half an hour later we ate half of it with a whole pile of salad. Very welcome.

Tonight I will try very hard not to eat quite as much as I did last night. I stuffed my face with jelly snakes, wine gums, cheese biscuits and peanuts. Not good. Tonight I will try hard not to eat anything.

Tomorrow I am venturing out and I’m going to try driving. I need to get out of the house, so I am going to hit the shops! Have a great Wednesday.


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Sub 20

Good Evening!

Another lovely day here with the sun shining all day long.


My morning and most of the afternoon has been spent trying to work out hubby’s tax self assessment. I won’t bore you with all of that! 🙂 Lunch was the usual soup, with a slice of nice multi grain bread.

Back to the accounts until mid afternoon when we ventured out. A lovely 2.25 mile walk around the block and four or five little jogs along the way. I managed another PB of a sub 20 minute mile! Leg feels tight today, especially behind the knee, so I thought a good stretch out would be good, and it was!

I managed more jogging, but the whole muscle still feels very wobbly. I’m hoping it will just keep getting better. The one great and exciting thing is that it does NOT feel tight! I have everything crossed it stays that way!

Dinner was smoked mackerel and salad, with a couple of new potatoes. I have to admit that I have eaten my way through a whole bag of jelly snakes over the last two days. Thankfully I don’t have any more!

Tomorrow I may venture into town to check out my driving ability, or I may leave it a day or so.

Have a great day all!


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It rained! That is actually news worthy because we didn’t see a single drop the whole week we were away – then the day we are home – rain! Lucky people.


We faffed about around the house this morning, although I now have a tidy desk, I didn’t actually achieve much. Lunch was soup again and then I sat and read my book all afternoon with one eye on the F1 Qualifying and then rugby on the Television – not as active as I am used to, but it was good. At times the rain turned to hail and hammered down on the conservatory roof.

Resting the leg has been good though, it isn’t so swollen today although the bruising and numbness is still there. Late afternoon we braved the showers and went for a walk.


The rain was still about, but we managed to stay dry. I tried a few bits of jiggling amongst the walking, it feels weird! A bit wobbly in the muscle, and it pulls behind the knee, but I am moving and improving.

The fresh air was good, and we came back starving. Dinner was prawn green Thai curry with stir fry vegetables and hubby had noodles too – nice, but I am still hungry! Having said that, I have been hungry all day and with nothing to distract me it has been hard to ignore the biscuits! I have though – and no chocolate either. I can’t eat sugar and not exercise. I also can’t wait to be running again so I can eat chocolate! 🙂

Tomorrow I am hoping for less rain and more exercise.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


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Walking With a View

I got up way too early this morning – like before 07:15! It was light, and I am used to a dark bedroom, so I just had to get up. I’ve been tired ever since! Serves me right!

Three cups of coffee later, I’m showered and sorted ready to go. We decided on a short trip down into the village to post a letter, and then a circuit of the coast path. Amazing how much less it hurts to walk when you have a marvellous view to look at.


Before lunch we did 4 miles in 2 hours – not bad! Previously I have been doing one, maybe one and a half miles, so four is great. When we got back my leg was very sore and swollen, but recuperated over a bacon roll on ciabatta bread! Lovely.

After a couple of hours rest, we went and looked around the shops in Bodmin – not a lot there – but quaint. So a bit more walking before retiring home for a bit more rest and elevation. It seems to be doing good as the swelling is reducing, but the bruises seem much worse and numbness is still there.

Dinner was cooked at home, when I say “cooked” – it was actually tins of M&S Chicken curry and a bag of microwaved rice. Fine – not brilliant, but fine.

Sunday tomorrow – not sure what we will do – which is lovely. The one thing I do know is that I’m not getting up before 8 am!

Have a great day!


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Recovery Day 7

Are you bored with hearing about my leg yet?



This morning was an early start again, and a late start for my leg – it took some getting going this morning, and it seems to be even more colourful. Nice!

I had work to do this morning, so spent it at my desk doing spreadsheets. Boring stuff! Lunch was exciting – tomato soup! 🙂

This afternoon I have done some resting and then went for another walk – just one crutch again and another mile PB at 31 minutes! Go me! Lovely day though – beautiful views over the valley with the mist still looming.

Dinner – Keema curry with fresh lime and pitta bread. I’m full now!

Now – can you cope with a picture of the leg? Look away now if you don’t like that sort of thing!

Pretty isn't it!


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Recovery Day 6

Happy St. David’s Day!


I took this whilst I was out on my walk this afternoon – such a lovely day.

We had a bit of a lie in this morning – after yesterday’s trauma we thought we had earned one. I spent the rest of the morning working – there is a budget to be done, so I chased a few folks for some information. Lunch was the usual soup and a slice of bread, then I finally got to sit in my recliner with pillows!

My face aches from the tooth extraction – only to be expected I guess, but I am being careful with it and watching what I eat for fear of disturbing it too much.

Late this afternoon we ventured out, hubby in shorts for a run, me in a fleece for a walk. Just one crutch today and I am walking “properly”. The leg is very bruised, still a lovely yellow, but now with a blue stripe down my shin bone, and a dark purple ankle. It just feels bruised, so I took it easy and did the same mile as yesterday in a similar time. Enough I think, although I am not sure what is for the best!

Dinner – unusual for us – poached egg on toast with baked beans! Well, sometimes you just have to don’t you? 🙂

Tonight some serious rest and elevation before doing it all again tomorrow.

Have a lovely Friday!


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Spring Has Sprung

What a lovely spring day we have had!


It has been a long office day, but it started nicely with a large Nero’s skinny latte. I was in the office very early, but there still weren’t enough hours in the day!

I paused for lunch about 1.30pm, salad, cheddar and a Weight Watchers yogurt, then back to it. By 5pm I still had some more to do, but abandoned my desk and came home. Hubby had dinner ready – ham, salad and new potatoes – bless him! Then back to work for another hour. I think I am sorted!

That’s the good news – the bad news is that I managed to break – or rather half-break, a tooth on my salad! I have a crowned tooth that was a little “wobbly” – well, it’s now very wobbly! I ask you – anything else? The thing that worries me is that I have my operation tomorrow and I really hope they won’t postpone because of my unstable tooth. I’ll pull it out if needs be! I just don’t want them to use it as an excuse to postpone again. I have my fingers crossed.

I am at the hospital mid day tomorrow for a pm operation, so next time we talk I should be fixed. How exciting is that!

Have a marvellous Friday folks – I know I will!

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Another lovely day here – with a typical Winter milky sun. I took this photo on our run at about 4.30pm.

I worked at home today, so a fairly early start, but not too bad! Work, work, work. Enough of that!

Lunch was soup and bread – no butter for the second day running – can you tell how serious I am about this diet? :0)

This afternoon – more work until just after 4pm when it was declared time to go for a run. It was a bit chilly out there, so I chose the two jumper option, plus jacket, cap and gloves. We got through the village and then got overtaken by another runner! You need to understand that this is VERY unusual – not the overtaking bit – the other runner bit.

We do know the lady, she lives in the village and has overtaken me before, but I haven’t seen her out for a year or more. Naturally I assumed she gave up, but obviously not! She is as fast as ever!

Here’s the curious bit, she had on a sleeveless vest top and cropped trousers. That’s it! I felt very overdressed, but do wonder who got it wrong because I was quite comfortable thank you! Maybe it is because I am so slow, I need more clothes?


Another lane! It is so nice plodding around here – I really appreciate living in such a lovely place. So, plod done, shower, food! Today it was smoked mackerel, salad and baby new potatoes.

Last night was night two of making through to bedtime with no sweets/chocolate – not even a jelly snake passed my lips. I wonder if I can make it three in a row?

Office tomorrow so stupid early start. I may just make it even stupider early so I can call at Nero’s for some real coffee to start my day!

Have a tiptop Tuesday folks!


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What Time?!

This morning – I remind you it is Saturday – the alarm went off at 8am! 8am! I ask you! Why? Because *someone* arranged for the window people to come and measure up at 9.30am. Not a good move in my book. Still – it got it over and done with.

The father and son who do the window fitting are so funny – typical Devonians – extremely friendly and chatty and do nothing until they have had a mug of tea! Lovely, lovely people. They arrived as agreed at 9.30am and started climbing ladders and stuff to measure up the windows at the back of the house. All the front one’s they did a few weeks ago, so having the back one’s done will see us right for many a year! They are planning to come and fit them mid-March, which will be great.

As soon as they had gone, we headed into town and did some wandering around the shops. Hubby bought a couple more paint brushes (for oil painting, not house painting!), and I bought a pretty striped micro-fleece from Marks & Spencers. It will be nice to take away with us on our little break in March. We then headed for Nero’s and a large latte.


Busy coffee shop - but it was raining!

Lovely coffee, and resisting the cake took all of my will power!

After town, we did the weekly shop in Sainsbury’s and then headed home for a late lunch. I bought some lovely little poppy-seed rolls in Sainsbury’s which we had one of each for lunch. I had mine with a small bit of cheddar and a teaspoon of Branston pickle, hubby had Stilton and piccalilli. It was 2pm by the time we had eaten – a bit late!

This afternoon we have done the housework and smooched around – achieving nothing really! We did not run as it was cold and very wet – horizontal rain – not at all nice. The forecast for tomorrow says it should be sunny, so we can plan a longer plod. Instead, we went straight for food! Dinner was our now customary Thai Red Prawn curry with stir fry vegetables.

Now I need to resist eating anything else until tomorrow. That is going to be a tough one, but my diet downfall recently has been the consumption of sweets (jelly snakes are my favourite!), chocolate (naturally!), cheese biscuits (mini cheddars – mmm!) and peanuts. There have been nights when I have eaten all of them. Not good.

I am re-committing myself to my diet today. I am ditching the soup and bread and butter and going back to my salads, and ditching the sweets, chocolates, biscuits and all the other bad stuff.

This time next week I should be on the road to recovery – fingers crossed!

Have a wonderful Sunday.

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