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We’ve been a-chillin! Today has been the second day of doing very little – but today we did make a bit more effort!

This morning we took a short drive to Chumleigh to the Post Office.


We sent a parcel and the took all of a couple of minutes to walk around the town! It’s not huge – maybe five shops? Anyway, we ended up at the Spar shop for treacle. I have been craving treacle tart and today was my opportunity! I bought treacle, white bread and the absolutely essential clotted cream.

We had lunch and then made a real effort to get out for a walk. It’s probably a week since we last did anything energetic. It was cold – but I have my


So warm! I don’t care how stupid it looks!

Home and into the kitchen. I had two things to make – treacle tart and quiche for dinner. I made the treacle tart first so it could cool before we ate some!


Then I made quiche which we had with salad for dinner, followed quickly by treacle tart and clotted cream! Oh my! That tart is fantastic! It may take us a week to eat it all though. Note to self to buy a smaller flan dish!

The sofa beckons again, so I hope you have a lovely evening and a terrific Thursday.

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Go TeamGB!

Wow! The Olympics are fantastic! Such great sport – all the competitors – just fabulous!

Work today, so I am looking forward to catch up with happenings at London 2012 tonight.

I went into the office today, so meetings! I went into town at lunch, then egg salad to eat. More meetings – home for left-over quiche and salad for dinner. By the time we had finished eating the rain had stopped so we ventured out for a walk.


We got nearly half way when puddles stopped play!


Way too deep to walk through, so we turned around and came home.


Lovely out tonight. Tomorrow I hope we can get a bit further!

Home tomorrow then a whole week off. Can’t wait!

Have a fab Friday – back to the television for me!

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The Olympics are taking over my life (and my Twitter feed)! I have the BBC’s live news feed on my pc whilst trying to work – I’m so pleased I have next week off work!

Today I have worked from home, so was able to watch the live feed of the girls taking rowing gold, then Bradley winning the time trial – what stars they all are! Just amazing sights from London 2012.

I got quite a lot of work done – despite the distractions. Lunch was soup today – made a nice change. This afternoon has been quite nice with a little sunshine – until we got our gear on to go out for a walk when it decided to rain. We started out, but it was not nice out there, so turned home quite quickly.

I stood and watched it rain from the comfort of our conservatory!


I made quiche for dinner, which I ate without the crust, with salad and sweet potato chips. Now I can sit and watch the games guilt-free all night!

Have a tremendous Thursday.

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Lighting Up the World

I have made every effort to move today and all my hard work paid off.


Pretty lights hey! My daily goal is currently set at 2000 – I have managed that by getting up and walking as often as possible, going for a 40 minute walk at lunch, and another 45 minute walk tonight. I’m sure I could earn fuel quicker if I did something more energetic, but at the moment walking is as good as it gets.

My day started with Nero’s coffee on the way to the office, then work and meetings. Lunch was turkey and lettuce after my walk. This afternoon was more of the same. Happily the rain stopped mid morning and it has been lovely since.

Home and left over quiche and salad for dinner, then out for my second walk of the day. Just lovely out today.


It was still warm enough for a t shirt!


The maize is growing nicely. I’m sure the farmers will welcome the sun now the crops are well watered!


Still lots of water standing around – and yes – I did splash through it! 🙂

So, good Paleo food and lots of exercise – today has been a good day!

Here’s to a fabulous Friday!

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It’s Back!

The rain that is. Oh dear!


I worked at home today so got lots done and realised just how little I move at home! My Fuelband read a very pathetic 243 steps by lunch! Unfortunately it’s not far to get to the kettle – I need more exercise!

Lunch was turkey and lettuce wraps, then back to work for the afternoon. It has rained all day, but the local radio promised it would get better, so we decided to have dinner and then go for a walk.

I made quiche for dinner, which I ate the middle of and gave the pastry to the birds. I also made some sweet potato chips and salad – it made a really nice Paleo dinner.

Walk time and it was still damp –


I couldn’t let a bit of water stop me – I need to earn fuel! This is what my Fuelband reads now:


That’s after our walk and my daily target is 2000! I guess I am not going to meet that today.

Tomorrow I am back at the office – the only good thing about that is that I will move more and that target will be mine tomorrow!

Have a great Thursday!


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Office Stress – SDD3

No pretty pictures today I’m afraid! I haven’t ventured far outdoors due to the fairly inclement weather. Sunshine and showers they promised, and showers we got!

Today was an “at the office” day, which basically meant a ridiculously early start, a quick pit stop at Nero’s for a bucket of coffee, and then nose to the computer screen all day. I got the odd break by way of meetings, but that’s all I’m afraid. I did not even go too far at lunch as the showers were threatening! I did a quick 20 minutes around the block at work, and then back to it.

Leg has been sore today, so I am actually grateful for a rest day today, hopefully it will be a bit better tomorrow.

Once again I have managed to over eat – office syndrome. I had a banana and almond butter for breakfast, salad and cheese for lunch, with a cherry yogurt for dessert, and then snacked on cheese and onion crisps and a packet of fruit chews.

Home to quiche and salad – all left overs from yesterday. Nice, but probably not necessary! So much for Serious Diet Day – it hasn’t been. If I were my teacher I would definitely write “Could do better!” on my report.

Tomorrow – home – so hopefully better news to report! Have a good day all.


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Aleady? SDD2

That’s what I have said all day! It seems to have flown by today!

Him – “Time to get up!”
Me – “Already?”

Him – “Time for lunch!”
Me – “Already?”

Him – “Time to go out for a run/walk!”
Me – “Already?”

I won’t go on – you get the idea! My brain has been about an hour out today, I wonder if it is still suffering British Summer Time blues? 🙂

SDD1 went okay, but I did have two glasses of wine last night and a handful of peanuts I did not really need – but no chocolate, so I am pleased with that.

So to Day 2, work today, but at home so lots done and coffee drunk to avoid eating. Lunch made a change – a nice cold beef (left overs from yesterday) sandwich with English mustard. Filled me up nicely.

Just after 4pm we headed out for a jiggle around the block – walking with a bit of jiggling. Met the local cows coming down for milking, they were so curious we stopped them in their tracks and the farmer had to do quite some shouting to get them moving again – we are obviously very interesting! It may have something to do with the dayglo jackets we had on! The leg has been strangely sore today – the scar is red and inflamed and I am glad to be seeing the consultant again on Thursday for a professional opinion. The numbness is still the same, and the numb area is red – I have no idea why and look forward to finding out from the expert!

Home and I made a quiche for dinner – lightly fried onions & bacon topped with cheddar and then the egg and milk mix poured in. Whilst that cooked, I made a huge mixed salad with lettuce, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, sweetcorn and grated carrot. Finally I made some more mayonnaise as I have eaten last weeks batch! This time I used 3 teaspoons of Dijon as I like mustard and felt the last batch was missing a bit of oomph! This one is much better – I will adjust the recipe accordingly.

Now I have a bit more work to do before settling in for the evening. I’m back in the office tomorrow, so a reasonably early night for me. Tonight I must avoid the wine and the peanuts!

Have a good day!


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Breaking Out

I got out of the house! Not just for a walk – but properly out!

This morning I had some work to do, but after a quick lunch of salad and cheddar, I went into town. It was such a lovely day it was just great to hobble around the shops. I invested on two new running bras – Shock Absorber Run – I have read some good reviews and they fitted me nicely. I wandered in and out of shops for an hour before a quick pit stop in Nero’s.

One large latte and I was ready to go again. I spent very little apart from the bras, but it was just so great to be out. I soon got tired though, and was home mid afternoon for a bit of a rest and then out for a walk. Another lovely day and the lambs were out playing.


A bit too far away really, but they made me smile. We did 4.45 miles today in an hour and a half. No records broken as there was a lot of picture taking going on!


Silly! 🙂

Home and dinner time – left over quiche from yesterday and a huge salad that will last me for lunch tomorrow too. We shared a ciabatta roll instead of potato, made a nice change especially as I zapped it for a minute in the microwave so it was warm. Mmmm.

The leg is now elevated and sore. Still nicely bruised and still numb at the bottom. Driving is still not a good idea for me, so I have arranged an appointment to see my GP on Friday to see what he thinks. It will be good to have a second opinion.

Tomorrow I will be mainly resting! Have a good day!


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Evidently it is officially Spring today!


These little beauties have been smiling in the hedgerows for a week or so already.

So, today has been a bit of this and a bit of that! I started on the computer doing a bit of work, then put the washing away, then de-cluttered the back bedroom! I filled five bin bags! It needed doing as we are having new windows at the back of the house, and as it was the guys would not have even got near the windows in there! Having moved everything, I then needed to clean it as several years worth of dust was lurking. It waited until after lunch (soup) though as I needed food.

Cleaning done, I then sat down for an hour with my book before venturing out for our daily walk/jiggle. Another 2.25 miles, another pb of 17 minute miles! A bit more jiggling today which felt odd, but alright. It still pulls along the stitches, and it hurts along on my shin bone – which is where the most bruising is. The whole muscle wobbles, but it feels a bit more stable and no pressure. The best thing was having hot feet! The foot used to go to sleep and get really cold, so having hot feet is just wonderful. I have high hopes that this operation has been successful!

Home and I made a quiche with fried red onion, chopped maple bacon and cheese – half an hour later we ate half of it with a whole pile of salad. Very welcome.

Tonight I will try very hard not to eat quite as much as I did last night. I stuffed my face with jelly snakes, wine gums, cheese biscuits and peanuts. Not good. Tonight I will try hard not to eat anything.

Tomorrow I am venturing out and I’m going to try driving. I need to get out of the house, so I am going to hit the shops! Have a great Wednesday.


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Still No Run

This week is dragging its heals and the weather is not helping!

Office meetings today, so an early start and a detour first thing as the river is still flooded. Driving was difficult again, so naturally I got to the office somewhat grumpy! Coffee soon perked me up though, and the day went well.

Lunch was Greek yogurt and lemon again, with a banana and two oranges eaten through the day. Happily I have managed to resist all the biscuits and chocolates that still abound in the office left over from Christmas, but unfortunately I haven’t managed to get out for a run this week. I’m consoling myself with the knowledge that I am home tomorrow, and on leave next week, so will be able to get out when the weather improves (fingers crossed).

I have done some strength training, in the form of step-ups, lunges, calf raises etc, but it is a poor substitute for cardio!

Dinner has been left overs – quiche and salad from yesterday – nice though!

Tomorrow I am home, so no early start, no driving battles – yeah!

Have a lovely Friday!

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