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On The Road

In two ways –

1. On the road …. To recovery &
2. On the road …. To London!

The weekend was pretty evil – the radiologists did say things would get worse before it gets better. The were right! My list includes permanent indigestion, a tennis ball in my throat, nausea, dizziness. That’s enough! 🙂

I have managed to sip tea and eat very small amounts of food. I made some broccoli soup for lunches and added some grated cheddar for protein and soggy croutons for carbs. I’m doing my best in quite difficult circumstances.

Things, as they say, can only get better!

Today we spent a short time in town – I nearly drank a whole cup of coffee!


We have also planned & packed – we are going to London tomorrow for a three day trip! It’s going to be fun! Apart from the fact that I have to be up at 6.30am – which is about 4 hours before I’ve been getting up this weekend! 🙂

I may be grumpy!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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Fifteen of Fifteen!

Done it! All fifteen sessions of radiotherapy done and dusted!

I haven’t escaped unscathed – I have ‘sunburn’ from the radiation on my head, back, side, chest and forehead, I have no hair left, I have a tennis ball in my throat that makes eating extremely uncomfortable and I have permanent indigestion – bit I’m here, I made it! 🙂

Rocking the bald sunburnt look!


We went early to Exeter to have a look around the shops and went ape hunting!


There are several around town – aren’t they great? This one was not far from Carluccio’s where we stopped for coffee and shared a strawberry tart.


We sat on the sunny side of the street!

Treatment done, I left the radiographers with a box of chocolates and we skipped out of the hospital!

Now I can look forward to all the side effects gradually getting better over the next 2 – 4 weeks. Next Tuesday we go to London for three days – getting excited now!

Tomorrow we are parting with hubby ‘s old car – now we are both home we don’t need two cars. My car is much newer, and will also go when the new Audi arrives, so we will keep that one until then. It will be sad to see the Rover go though.

Have a smashing Saturday!

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Thirteen of Fifteen

Into the final countdown!

I finally managed a whole nights sleep without a fit of coughing at some unearthly hour! I managed to sleep through until nearly 10am!

I then spent an age in the shower trying to get rid of all my lose hair. It took three emptyings of the plug hole before I finally gave up and got out of the shower. Hubby is now calling me ‘patch’!


I have no idea why it is falling out in such a bizarre way!


Not a look I’m proud of, but it was expected and we can only deal with the hand we are given!

Today’s treatment was fine and I had a blood test too. Tomorrow I see the Oncologist to chat through the treatment – I will mention that I am still having problems swallowing and see what can be done.

I hope you have a tickety-boo Thursday!

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Twelve of Fifteen


Today was mostly spent in Exeter. My moult continues and my head is stupidly sore – a lot of me wishes that the hair was gone and it’s all over with. Having said that, I’m going to miss it, so I’m keen to keep as much as I can for as long as I can! It is coming out in handfuls though!

So, we went early to Exeter to meet my boss, my bosses boss and two HR officials to get officially ‘dismissed’. They have granted me retirement on I’ll health grounds effective on 31st August. Happily I am entitled to a full pension, so I am looking forward to it!

After the meeting at work we headed off to the hospital for lunch before my treatment. I had cottage pie from the canteen – not fantastic, but edible. Swallowing is still hard, so it takes me ages to eat – hence I had only got through half of it before it was too cold to eat. I then got a small tub of vanilla ice cream for pudding! Mmm – that was so lovely.

Treatment went well – all the usual and felt fine.

Off into town then for a look around the shops. I raided Hotel Chocolate for some caramel batons, then off to Nero’s for iced coffee! Lovely.

Tomorrow we have treatment at 4pm so a day spent pottering first I think.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Eleven of Fifteen

What a lovely sunset we had yesterday!


Today I have had a few problems swallowing – to be expected, but it is quite sore. I have also started to moult! In addition, I have a bright red forehead! I look very sunburnt, but I’m not – its just the treatment! If that’s not enough my hair is falling out left, right and centre! I even got a strip of Sellotape out and started to collect the hairs – DIY wig! 🙂

We travelled to radiotherapy this afternoon and was seen promptly. Treatment was fine and the radiographers arrange for me to see a doctor about eating. I said I was happy to lose a few pounds (!) but I got a severe telling off and told to over eat to cope with the treatment. Doctor had a look and it’s not radiotherapy swelling that is causing me discomfort swallowing – turns out I have thrush!

How on earth can any bug survive in my bombarded body?!?

Anyway, I now have a 5 day course of tablets and fingers crossed all will be well soon!

When we got home we found this lady eating the hedge!


That would make anyone smile!

More of the same tomorrow – plus a final meeting at work to seal my retirement date. I have a feeling it will be quite emotional. Ho hum.

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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Ten of Fifteen

Two thirds of the way through! 🙂

Even better – today was the final full head treatment. As a reward the lovely chaps let me keep the dreaded mask!


Bit spooky isn’t it!


I thank everyone for looking after me, but I am just so pleased that phase is over. I still have five more chest treatments to go next week, but that’s okay! The head stuff has been hard to cope with – it’s constantly spinning and it feels like the inside moves at a different speed to the outside. The nausea is under control with medication – so I look forward to reducing those over the next few days/weeks. The stuff I have read suggests that the side effects can last a further 2 – 4 weeks. The great thing is – I’m on the mend and, as they say, things can only get better! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Nine of Fifteen

Only one more head treatment! I’m sure you know by now, but I will repeat – I will be so pleased when this is over! 🙂

So, this morning we pottered. Did a bit of computer stuff and a bit of garden stuff, nothing exciting. I pottered because my head has been spinning all day – I have medication, but that just takes the edge off. It is better than nothing, but I will be grateful when the world stops going around!

This afternoon back to the hospital.


Coffee first, then radiotherapy. Tick! Session done and time for home and my sofa.

Sitting still is nice – I intend to stay here for the rest of the evening.

Have a fantastic Friday!

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Eight of Fifteen

For the mathematicians amongst you, it will not have passed you by that we are now over half way! Go me!

Today’s appointment was late – 5.10pm but I also had to have bloods done, so we headed out just after 3pm. Before that I did some stuff on the computer and finalised a meeting at work. Happily they have agreed to retirement on ill-health grounds, so I will get the pension I would have done if I had worked to aged 65. That’s excellent! Although things will be tight, it is enough for us to get by on, and not worrying about work will be a big weight off my mind.

Saw these chaps on the way to the hospital –


Cute hey?

Radiotherapy was the same as always – I’m getting tiredness with it now, but all in all, we are doing okay. Just two more full head sessions – it’s my head that spins and causes the nausea – I will be so pleased when it’s over and I start to feel a bit more normal! The chest radiotherapy makes me cough and it tastes disgusting from the dead tumour cells. I think that’s a good sign, but again, I will be glad when it’s over.

I am also looking forward to knowing how the radiotherapy has worked on me – the doctors say they will do a full CT scan after 6 weeks – that allows for the swelling to subside and for the good cells to repair themselves. At that stage we will have a good idea of what is left and therefore what my prognosis is. I know this is not curable, but the doctors are working hard to make it ‘manageable’. That would be nice!

Same old tomorrow – I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

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Six & Seven!

Sorry I missed yesterday – I was a bit all over the place!

We spent the weekend shopping and doing very little – my cough gradually got better and my head stopped spinning momentarily! It was good to have the weekend off.

Yesterday was treatment number six. I spoke to the radiographers about my spinning head, and they kindly organised a doctor to see me after the treatment. The radiotherapy was same-old – both head and chest. Then Omer a very nice doctor who prescribed me two anti-sickness drugs – that should sort me out! The only thing they can’t help with is the disgusting taste when I cough! It’s just the dead tumour cells, and as such should probably be celebrated but it is awful! 🙂

Today I took the anti-sickness medications but things are still spinning – I hope it gets better over time. Treatment again – same as before and all okay. Surprisingly (touch wood) I still have my hair! They said it would start to fall out after 2 – 3 treatments! I do so hope I manage to keep it!


Saw these on the walk from the car park to the hospital – pretty aren’t they? Anyway, tomorrow we will be over half way through – yeah!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Five of Fifteen

All done! 🙂

Now I get the weekend off to recover, back on it on Monday.

Today we faffed around most of the morning – although I spent a lot of it nibbling stuff. I have no idea why, but I have been hungry all day! I managed to limit my nibbles to a banana and one soggy ginger biscuit, but had to have an early lunch! On the strike of 12 the soup was on! 🙂

This afternoon we did the usual drive to Exeter, had my head and chest treatment and drove home.

I followed the doctors advice and have taken paracetamol every 4 hours today and feel a lot better for it. The nibbling of food helps with the nausea too. The cough is a little better, but it still tastes absolutely awful! Coughing is evil! I know it’s the dead cells zapped by the radiotherapy, so that’s a good thing, but boy is it horrible! Constant sipping lemon squash is helping though.

I guess by the time we have had three weeks of treatment we will know all the tricks! 🙂

Tomorrow is rest and shopping. Probably!

Have a super Saturday!

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