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Expertly Doing Nothing!

That’s three days in a row we have stayed home – must be a record! Yesterday the garden men arrived to pull down the archway that has very nearly fallen over.


The plan is to get rid of it, tame the roses and fuchsia bushes, and put up a proper fence. Part one they did yesterday – gardening with a chainsaw is my kind of gardening! Part two of putting up fencing will happen tomorrow. Exciting times!

Today it has rained all day, and I have spent the day doing very little! We booked tickets for the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museums when we visit in three weeks, and I did hubby’s tax return online . I also amused myself watching the sheep in the field opposite – they are so cute!


This one decided the new shoots on top of the hedge were worth climbing up for! She was not bothered by anything!


So lovely!

Tomorrow may well be another day at home watching men put up fencing. I can think of worse activities!

Have a wonderful Wednesday !

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Stuck In – Day Out

Yesterday it rain alllllll day. Pah! I did not leave the house! I spent the day cooking and plotting! After seeing a programme on the reopening of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, hubby and I decided it would be nice to go, so I did some research.

At the end of the day I had found a flight from Exeter and a nice 4 star hotel just outside of the city. I was a bit concerned about booking for early June as my last chemo is due on 21st May and we have no timetable from the doctor beyond that. With a sensible hat on, we decided not to book but to wait until I had spoken to the specialist nurse at the hospital to try and get some indication as to what happens after chemo.

This morning I rang that lovely nurse and she said nothing would happen during the 3 weeks after the last chemo, so I was fine to book it for the week of 3rd June. Yeah! 🙂

I booked flights and a three night stay!

We are going to Amsterdam!

Following that we spent the rest of the day in the garden de-ivy-ing the workshop!


I now have a huge pile of stuff to shred !


That’s tomorrow sorted for me!

Have a wicked Wednesday!

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Sea Air

Just a quick update from me today as we are here:


It’s been a bit mixed today – it started cold & windy and ended very wet! We still walked and got a lovely stroll on the beach though!


We did threaten to go surfing again as the forecast was for 5 – 7 feet, but that never appeared so we weighed up the quality of the surf versus the cold and wind. The sofa won!


We made do with the view. Tonight it’s raining hard, the forecast is maybe snow – Ho hum! We will take what we get and make the most of it. At least we don’t have to go to work tomorrow – yeah!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Rain & Hail

But no snow – as yet! I love snow.

I worked at home today so it was a nice quiet day. The hospital rang with a new appointment for my next chest X-ray and scan – tomorrow morning at 9am! Blimey! It’s tomorrow, and it’s early. It lots of respects I really hope it doesn’t snow now as I’ll have to be out of the house by 8 in the morning and I really don’t want to have to cope with dodgy roads as well.

Late afternoon we left the house for half an hour and went for a chilly walk around the block.


Then I did my hair with a smart little wand thingy I got at half price at the weekend. What a state!

A bit over the top I think – but I’ll learn!

So, tomorrow hospital & the working at home. I hope you have a terrific Tuesday.


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Back to Normal

Well – that was a shock to the system! The alarm clock has had a couple of weeks off, so this morning started way too early.

Happily my first day back was working from home, so I eased myself in with emails. I had an appointment mid morning for more blood tests, so I spent half an hour getting there and back.

It’s been horizontal mizzle all day, so we just worked through with no walk today – maybe tomorrow!

Eddie the Chocolate Burglar has been busy this holiday – I’ve told him its time to stop, but for some reason he didn’t hear me! 🙂


Bless! I did wonder if he was deflecting alien rays, but I think he just likes the smell of chocolate.

Another day working at home tomorrow. I hope we see a bit of walking weather.

Have a tremendous Thursday!

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New Lenses

I daren’t mention the weather in my blog title – you will already be bored with me telling you it is wet! It was today too! 🙂

This morning we went into town for me to get my lovely new contact lenses. They are multi focal and are going to take some getting used to! Reading is hard, but everything else is lovely and clear. I have a weeks worth to give them a go – so I am looking forward to using them.

Whilst in town we smooched around a couple of shops and had coffee at Nero’s. It was chucking it down and soon our feet and jeans were soaked, so we headed home.

Soup for lunch, a bit of faffage, then out for a soggy walk around the block.


Lots of puddles to dodge, but quite mild out really.


No wild parties planned for us tonight – there is a nice bottle of Riesling in the fridge and we will celebrate the New Year on the sofa no doubt watching Big Ben on the television!

Whatever you are doing, I wish you a really Happy New Year – I hope all of your wishes are fulfilled in 2013.


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Another Wet One

Can it rain any more? Unbelievable!


Poor farmers – this can not be easy.

We stayed home again today and faffed about all morning and then had soup for lunch. This afternoon we got togged up and went out for a walk around the lanes.


It’s on really windy days like today that I appreciate Devon hedges being so high!


Nice & sheltered! We found some Gorse in flower too – with Dartmoor in the distance!


We really have to brave the weather and start running again if we have any chance if getting around the London 10k in May! That will be my first resolution for 2013. Losing a stone is a close second!

After our walk I cooked dinner – another Nigella recipe – chicken in white wine with oyster mushrooms. Very tasty!

Tomorrow we are heading into town as I have to pick up my contact lenses – the appointment I had to cancel last week due to the weather. Bit of shopping is on the cards!

Have a happy Monday!

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Oh Look – It’s Raining!

Short & sweet from me today as it has rained all day, so nothing exciting happened!

We got to the supermarket and did the weekly shop, but that was it! We tried Morrisons by way of a change, but it proved very stressful! We didn’t know where anything was and it took us twice as long as usual! So long in fact, that we stayed and shared a sandwich for lunch!

The rest of the day has been spent doing nothing much at all.

I really hope it dries up tomorrow and we can get out and about. I miss going to the beach.

Have a superb Sunday!


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At Home

For the first time these holidays we stayed at home today. It was nice. Outside it was wet and windy.

I have managed to occupy myself all day doing accounts, smooching around the Internet and stuff! Towards the end of the afternoon hubby decided it wasn’t actually raining (it was) and we needed to go out for a walk.

We got dressed up!


We didn’t go far – it was raining! 🙂

That’s it – that was my very unexciting day. Shopping tomorrow! Yeah!

Have a smashing Saturday!

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Gosh! So much rain, so much flooding. I feel so sorry for those people whose homes are under water today. The national news has been full of flood pictures from just up the road from us. Such a shame.

After waiting for the post this morning we had soup for lunch and then headed in to town to get my antibiotics. The roads were passable, but the river was amazing!


Water, water everywhere as they say.


These should be fields!

Town was quiet, but then there are a lot of places cut off by the flooding. I got my prescription, we had a bit of a smooch around and then into Nero’s for coffee. I resisted the mince pie’s!

Home (carefully) and then a bit more faffing before making our favourite Thai Prawn curry with stir fry veg. Lovely!

Tomorrow is another day of mystery – no plans. Heaven. I just hope it stops raining soon.

Stay safe, and have a super Sunday.

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