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Oh Look!

For about an hour this morning it stopped raining!


It was so nice to see the sun.


We had lunch, then headed out for a walk even though it was clouding over.


We got maybe half a mile up the hill before the rain started.


We turned around and jiggled our way home so I’m claiming that as my run! It ended up just over a mile so that will do for me!

The rest of the afternoon I spent on the sofa watching the last F1 Grand Prix – such a shame Lewis Hamilton got taken out, but well done Jenson for the win and Sebastian for the Championship. Great race!

It’s still raining and looking at the television our main line railway has turned into a river. Such a shame so many people are suffering from the floods – makes me very grateful that we live on a hill.

Stay safe and dry and have a monumental Monday!

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Craving Chocolate!

I have no idea why – but I could kill for a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate! I haven’t had any chocolate for weeks, neither have I wanted any, but I do now!

A quick catch up – yesterday I worked from home and then we went out and played badminton for an hour. Nice! It was a fast day, so I had left over cottage pie for lunch then nothing.

Today I have worked at home again – I got a fabulous picture of a rainbow but its not on my phone – so you’ll have to go to my Blip page to see it!

We finished work at just after 4pm so we could head out for a walk before it got dark. It’s dimpsy though, so time to break out the high viz gear!


Damp out too – as well as chilly.


Tomorrow we are going to an art class learning how to do wood cut pictures! Quite looking forward to that, even though it means an early start on a Saturday.

Have a good one!

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H minus 3

Back to work today, but it’s okay because there are only three days until our holiday!

All meetings today, so little to report apart from the fact that my fast lasted until lunch today when I had the usual tuna and lettuce. I was starving, but I hope it’s doing me good.

Tonight we had ham salad for dinner and have just got back from our walk. Know what this means? –


Right! We got wet! When we set off it was nice – I didn’t even take a jacket.


It soon turned to rats, but never mind – it’s only water!

I’m tired now – it has been a long day, so an evening on the sofa and an early night will suit me just fine. Have a nice evening and a wonderful Wednesday.

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