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A Week at Home

A whole week spent at home! That’s some sort of record I’m sure!

Wednesday we went to the Art Group in the evening and had a nice buffet followed by a talk. This month it was a ceramicist chap who gave a really interesting talk on his life and work – some fabulous pots! He doesn’t live far away, so we have made a note to visit his studio and shop.

Yesterday was hospital day. I had a CT scan having drunk a load of stuff and had dye pumped into a cannula. Results on Tuesday next week when we see the oncologist. Fingers crossed, touch wood & all that! In the evening we played badminton for an hour and then popped into the village pub!


Today we went into town for a bit of shopping and to top up the caffeine levels!


I have also finished reading my latest Stephen King novel (brilliant!) and we went for a walk.


Tomorrow is shopping day!

Have a smashing Saturday!

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What a lovely few days we have had – so nice to see the sunshine!

We have done a bit of this and a bit of that, but nothing very exciting I’m afraid! The garden has some new friends –


Mr Bee – he goes banana’s when the wind blows!


And – Mrs Ladybird:


Cute aren’t they? 🙂

As well as shopping, today we visited a new wildlife centre opened just this morning.


It’s very pretty, with lots of walks around the quarry lakes.


I enjoyed our walk but actually saw more wildlife in our garden! When we got home I sat out and watched the squirrels and birds playing in the garden. Makes you smile!

Tomorrow we are taking the bikes to the Tarka Trail for a bit of pedalling by the river – I hope it doesn’t rain!

Have a superb Saturday!

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Friday! 🙂

I have worked at home today, so lots done – mainly research and reading – but that’s okay.

I spent last night reading my new Paleo books, all very interesting and if I can get my head around the do’s and the don’ts I will make a start tomorrow. It seems that there are some disagreements over what is and isn’t allowed – even amongst the experts!

Today I had soup and a roll for lunch (no bread allowed in Paleo-land!) and then lamb curry for dinner – that would be okay if there were no peas in it! There were!

This afternoon I finished work early and we went for a short run/walk. Boy did that hurt! My ankle hurt like crazy, mainly at the back of the leg, but then it moved to the front. Weird stuff. I managed a fair bit of jogging, but no real running – still – early days.

Later I had to drive out to the next village and saw this chap:


Rubbish photo taken from the car – but isn’t he lovely? Soon bored with me looking at him though!


I love the fact that there are loads of buzzards around here – it shows how healthy the wildlife population is.

I’m back to my books now, so I will wish you a happy Friday night and hope you have a great weekend.


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It rained! That is actually news worthy because we didn’t see a single drop the whole week we were away – then the day we are home – rain! Lucky people.


We faffed about around the house this morning, although I now have a tidy desk, I didn’t actually achieve much. Lunch was soup again and then I sat and read my book all afternoon with one eye on the F1 Qualifying and then rugby on the Television – not as active as I am used to, but it was good. At times the rain turned to hail and hammered down on the conservatory roof.

Resting the leg has been good though, it isn’t so swollen today although the bruising and numbness is still there. Late afternoon we braved the showers and went for a walk.


The rain was still about, but we managed to stay dry. I tried a few bits of jiggling amongst the walking, it feels weird! A bit wobbly in the muscle, and it pulls behind the knee, but I am moving and improving.

The fresh air was good, and we came back starving. Dinner was prawn green Thai curry with stir fry vegetables and hubby had noodles too – nice, but I am still hungry! Having said that, I have been hungry all day and with nothing to distract me it has been hard to ignore the biscuits! I have though – and no chocolate either. I can’t eat sugar and not exercise. I also can’t wait to be running again so I can eat chocolate! 🙂

Tomorrow I am hoping for less rain and more exercise.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


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Blown Away

Wow it was windy out there today!

Another fairly early morning for me, and another struggle to actually get out of bed! I slept better, even with the pillows under my leg, I seem to have found a way to get comfortable. Either that or I had one too many glasses of wine!

I spent the morning doing a bit of work and quite a lot of work avoidance. I resorted to my chair and new book – Diana Gabaldon’s Cross Stitch. It has me gripped, really well written and an interesting story. I was actually disappointed when lunch came and I had to put it down. Lunch was soup again!

After lunch, more reading, then I made a chicken & red wine casserole with mushrooms, whole shallots, pancetta and a finely chopped leek. It sat and cooked itself as hubby and I donned fleeces, jackets and hats and braved the outdoors.


It was lovely out, the sun was nice, but it was incredibly windy, and the wind was icy!


We did a little more than 1.5 miles and no crutches! It was lovely to be out, but I certainly appreciated our lovely warm house when we got back!

Dinner was the chicken casserole with cabbage and sprouts. Really lovely, I wanted a chunk of bread to soak up the gravy, but made do with a spoon.

Today the leg has been better, the back of my knee is not so painful, and it is taking less and less time to get going. Walking out was fine, we went down hill and then back up with no real problems, in fact walking up hill felt a lot more stable than going down, which is a bit weird, but there you go! Bruising is still as bad and the numbness is still there. All in all, getting better every day.

Packing to be done tomorrow as we go on holiday on Friday. To say I am looking forward to it would be a serious understatement! 😉

Have a terrific Thursday!


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I just love the internet. For loads of reasons!

1. I can meet friends from all around the world, who willingly give me support, a shoulder, a kick.
2. I can find almost any piece of information I may need.
3. I can find pictures of almost anything.
4. I can read the papers without the paper.
5. I can read all the celeb gossip without my hubby knowing!
6. I can keep track of my diary, my to-do list, the food I have eaten, the exercise I have done, the weight I have lost and the miles I have run.
7. I can work any where, any time.
8. I can write a book.
9. I can find music I thought I’d forgotten, watch video’s, TV, films.

But best of all:

10. I can shop!

As someone who lives in the middle of nowhere, with no “proper” shops for hours, I love internet shopping. I can get stuff I didn’t even know I needed! :O)

I went shopping the other day and ordered a couple of DVD’s and a couple of books. I love books. I read lots, and write lots too! I buy them often. I also ordered some silicone baking trays, some cookie cutters and some new miracle face cream.

In the post today they all arrived. It was like Christmas! They are all wonderful, and delivered to my (remote) door in just a couple of days. Not long ago – 5 years maybe – I wouldn’t have been able to have any of them. Maybe that was a good thing, maybe I don’t actually *need* any of it – but back then I had no choice. Now I have a choice. It is just marvellous and I love it!

In other news – I went to work, I ate the usual lunch, I came home. I had mackerel and salad for dinner, with some wholemeal bread in the hope of upping my fibre and carb intake. Now I am going to plug in one of my DVD’s! :o)

Have a fabulous Friday friends.

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