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On The Road

In two ways –

1. On the road …. To recovery &
2. On the road …. To London!

The weekend was pretty evil – the radiologists did say things would get worse before it gets better. The were right! My list includes permanent indigestion, a tennis ball in my throat, nausea, dizziness. That’s enough! 🙂

I have managed to sip tea and eat very small amounts of food. I made some broccoli soup for lunches and added some grated cheddar for protein and soggy croutons for carbs. I’m doing my best in quite difficult circumstances.

Things, as they say, can only get better!

Today we spent a short time in town – I nearly drank a whole cup of coffee!


We have also planned & packed – we are going to London tomorrow for a three day trip! It’s going to be fun! Apart from the fact that I have to be up at 6.30am – which is about 4 hours before I’ve been getting up this weekend! 🙂

I may be grumpy!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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Beautiful Day – SDD1

Look at this amazing weather!


To answer your question – SDD1 is “Serious Diet Day 1” – seriously – I need to turn this around right now. Since my operation seven weeks ago, I have gained SIX pounds! OMG! Now you know why I need an SD. Nothing radical you understand, just back to real food in moderation, no wine, no peanuts or biscuits. Plus, movement – lots of it!

We started the day quite late and I finished up some housey chores and put the washing out – anything not to sit down. We ate lunch early – ciabatta roll and cheese again, and then headed out for a loooong walk.


Far away from home – the tiny white village off in the distance is home!

20120415-- 181323.jpg

And again, this time with a field full of thatch read, it’s not often you see this growing and it must be a very expensive crop because the field gates had serious padlocks on!


Horse chestnut candles already – hubby tells me there is a candle fairy 🙂 no idea about that!

The walk ended up at 8.3 miles in 3 hours with lots of up and down, the wind was a bit chilly, but such a beautiful day to be out.

Home and time to get dinner on – roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, sprouts, cabbage and carrots. I just had the beef and vegetables and feel full enough! Good food today, as long as I stay good for the rest of the evening SDD1 will be in the bag.

Tomorrow, work again. Ho Hum. Have a good Monday!


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Over Eating

Mmm – I have been doing it for a few weeks now, and it needs to stop! I am fine during the day – I make good choices and balance carbs, proteins and fats during the day. I make sure we get our 5 a day, and generally all is well until about 7pm!

At 7pm I turn into a sugar/snack monster. Some nights are worse than others. Last night was as bad as it gets.

What is bad? A bag of jelly snakes (yup – a whole bag), a £1 bag of Cadbury Giant Chocolate Buttons, a small bag of BBQ Mini Cheddars and a small bowl of salted peanuts. I worked that out to be around 1,000 calories if not a bit more. That is on top of the 1,200 calories (my daily limit) I had already eaten during the day. Is there any wonder my weight is creeping up at the rate of maybe 3/4 pound each week? Nope! I just need to stop this.

Meanwhile, we had a lie in this morning! Yeah! Finally, a day when people weren’t here early, or we had to be somewhere early. We weren’t late, but it was so nice to have a choice! I worked all morning and then munched a plate of salad left over from dinner the other night, with a slice of Leerdammer Light cheese. Not bad at all! This afternoon was a mix of some work and some reading, which was nice, and I did a bit of cooking making Spring Chicken for dinner half way through the afternoon so it could cook nice and slowly.

It has been dull and cold here today, but we ventured out before dinner for our daily walk/jiggle. It will be so nice to get back to running, but I am just not fit enough yet. I can jiggle along, but I get stabbing pains with each step, so I am cutting back a bit and hoping the healing is going alright. Not sure if I am just being a wimp, but there you go – I have no-one to ask, and the consultant said walk not run until I see him again in two weeks, so I guess that’s alright.

So, dinner was that Spring Chicken with some rice, and now I have 3 – 4 hours in which I need to make sure I don’t eat another day’s worth of food. I am not kidding myself, I will never get through the evening with no nibbles at all – I just need to choose one of them! 🙂

Good Friday tomorrow – I hope it is!


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Full Day

Up and about early today, no idea why! The sun was shrouded in mist this morning, they say it heralds the end of the unusually warm weather – I hope not – I’m really enjoying the sunshine!

I had time this morning, as I was up early, to go into town. I did a lot of wandering, made a few purchases in Boots, quick coffee in Nero’s and off to do a bit of panic buying to fill the car up. No matter I needed petrol anyway, I guess I am now labelled as a panic buyer because I bought petrol! Stupid media! I live in the middle of nowhere, to get anywhere I use my car, which needs petrol. End of story!

Home for lunch, today I made an open sandwich with one slice of bread, a slice of Leerdammer Light, a tomato sliced on top and a tower of shredded lettuce on top of that!

This afternoon I did some financial stuff, made a lamb curry for dinner, then out for another run. We were watched:


It’s these guys first day out in the field since the Autumn – they were very happy! The sun shone and I wore just a running shirt and shorts!


Another 5k done today, and even more running than yesterday – total time 49.59 so averaging 15.47 minute miles – getting better!

It was a good run/walk – felt good and I have to say, almost comfortable for a while. I’m really enjoying my recovery and hope it continues!

Dinner was lamb curry (Keema) with peas, fresh lime juice and pitta bread. I’m pretty full now.

The weekend is upon us, I hope you have a good one.


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Another lovely day today – we have been very lucky with the weather recently – that is unless you live in the South East where there is already a shortage and a hose pipe ban. I don’t mind a bit of rain, but it is nice to have the sunshine to be able to get out and walk/jiggle.

Today we got up really late – like 10am late! No idea why we both slept in, but we did and it felt nice. That meant that by the time I had had my statutory two cups of coffee, showered and dressed it was nearly 11am! Lazy cow! 🙂

I did a bit of work this morning, and then we had lunch – I am back on the salads, with a little cheddar today. I think I did better with salads for lunch, and as I seem to be putting weight back on, it’s time to go back to what I know works for me. After lunch I pottered in the garden. We have a few raised beds and I was able to perch on the wall and remove a few weeds with a trowel and generally tidy the area. I wanted to get a grip of the herb bed as the mint is already popping up all over the place! I love mint, but it does need keeping in check. Happily both the rhubarb plants are showing through too – can’t wait until it’s time to pick and eat it! It looks a lot better now, and I am happy that I was actually able to do something useful for once.

Later this afternoon, hubby and I went out for a walk/jiggle again. Just around the block today (2.25 miles) as he has been trying to get some work done to make up for our late start! It was lovely out – T shirt weather, which is amazing for this time of year. I did a bit of jiggling, but it is sore, wobbly and painful down the front of my shin for some reason, but still no reoccurrence of the muscle swelling and foot going to sleep, so as far as I am concerned, all is well.

For dinner I made a sausage and butter bean casserole with some chopped tomatoes and mustard. I served it with a pile of sweetheart cabbage and some sprouts – both steamed. Just lovely and very welcome!

Tomorrow I am back at the doctors as it will be 4 weeks since the operation – I’m hoping he will tell me all is well and give me some hope of getting the feeling back in my lower leg some time soon!

Have a fantastic Friday folks!


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5k Done!

The leg seems to have enjoyed a bit of a rest, it isn’t as swollen, but is still sore!


It feels bruised to the touch and is still numb below the stitches to the ankle bone, but I think we are doing alright!

This morning I did a few chores before lunch, which again was soup and bread. After lunch I did the preparation for dinner, peeled and chopped the carrots, did sprouts and cabbage, made the Yorkshire Pudding mix and got it in the fridge. I wrapped the beef up in two layers of foil, and it went into a low oven as we ventured out for a walk. Lovely day again.


A few shower clouds about, but we stayed dry and very warm! I managed four little jogs – the leg feels a bit unstable and wobbly, but good – no tightness at all. Fingers crossed it stays that way. Total today – 3.21 miles in 1:11:42 so averaging just over 22 min miles. Not too shabby considering the state of my leg!

Dinner soon – the beef is about done – then a night with my leg up and resting – it has earned it today. Have a lovely evening, and I hope your Monday is a good one!


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Walking With a View

I got up way too early this morning – like before 07:15! It was light, and I am used to a dark bedroom, so I just had to get up. I’ve been tired ever since! Serves me right!

Three cups of coffee later, I’m showered and sorted ready to go. We decided on a short trip down into the village to post a letter, and then a circuit of the coast path. Amazing how much less it hurts to walk when you have a marvellous view to look at.


Before lunch we did 4 miles in 2 hours – not bad! Previously I have been doing one, maybe one and a half miles, so four is great. When we got back my leg was very sore and swollen, but recuperated over a bacon roll on ciabatta bread! Lovely.

After a couple of hours rest, we went and looked around the shops in Bodmin – not a lot there – but quaint. So a bit more walking before retiring home for a bit more rest and elevation. It seems to be doing good as the swelling is reducing, but the bruises seem much worse and numbness is still there.

Dinner was cooked at home, when I say “cooked” – it was actually tins of M&S Chicken curry and a bag of microwaved rice. Fine – not brilliant, but fine.

Sunday tomorrow – not sure what we will do – which is lovely. The one thing I do know is that I’m not getting up before 8 am!

Have a great day!


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Here We Are

Well, we arrived fairly late this afternoon – but we are here and settled in our new home for the week.


Beautiful place!

We called at Sainsbury’s on the way and picked up some basics, and then headed to Cornwall. We stopped half way for coffee and a sandwich – probably the worst I have ever had! We won’t stop there again! We arrived just before 3 pm and collected the keys for our bungalow and found our way here.

Nice place, bit bizarre as are most rented places, but it will make a nice home for the week. We have had a nice walk on the beach, soon we will be heading off in search of dinner – I’m starving!

Tomorrow will involve walking, beaches, and maybe even boats!

Have a good day!


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Both the day and the suitcases!

It’s been a busy day, so much so that I have just sat down for the first time today. I’m afraid resting has been lacking today but I will make up for it tomorrow as we will be travelling.

I sorted the office stuff this morning, then emptied the vegetable fridge and made two different soups – tomato, and celery and leek. We ate the tomato for lunch, and I have frozen the other.

This afternoon we went over to Bideford for some bits for hubby. Such a lovely day we then took an hour off and walked around the river and into the park to the Cafe du Parc where not only is there lovely coffee, but also cake! I had the most amazing Tarte Citroen, it was gone in a moment, but absolutely delicious!

We walked over the old bridge:


Lovely sunshine and lots of mud as the tide was low. This dead ship caught my eye:


It’s sad it has just been left to rot.

Walk over, we came home to pack – I’m ridiculously organised and have a very comprehensive packing list so nothing gets forgotten. It took us an hour or so, but we have all we need for our weeks holiday. Yeah!

The leg has been good today, I am still limping a lot, but I am doing alright. It is still very bruised, hurts like heck to touch, but is still completely numb under the stitches and down to my ankle. I hope I get some feeling back soon, or I’ll start to worry!

Dinner was a simple ham salad with new potatoes – just nice after that tarte!

Tomorrow we drive – have a great Friday all!


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Recovery Day One

I went shopping! 🙂

I did not sleep too well, I think I must usually turn over lots in my sleep, but since my leg was perched on top of two pillows, I couldn’t go very far and kept waking up. I managed to stay in bed until about 9am but had had enough by then and hobbled up.

Hubby made me coffee, and gradually got nearer to being human. My leg dressing needs to be kept dry for at least two days, so the challenge of the shower presented itself. An amazing trick of parcel tape and a bin bag worked wonders! I slit open the bin bag so it wrapped around my leg above the knee a few times, and then secured it with parcel tape. I then showered in safety with the water running down the bin bag and leaving my leg dry!

Late morning we ventured into town, parking in the shopping centre with a lift so I didn’t have far to walk. Driving the crutches was a bit of a challenge, but hubby has been wonderful and I made it around few shops before heading to Nero’s for a much needed coffee and slice of cake!

Then I hobbled around Sainsbury’s for the weekly shop, which is not fun when you can’t carry anything! It was great to be out and about, but I knew when I had had enough and we retreated home and to the sofa.

Dinner was Green Thai Prawn curry and stir fry veggies – lovely.

I am sure I have done enough today, and I know that I will sleep like a log tonight! Tomorrow will be Day Two, so a bit more walking and a bit more resting.

Have a wonderful Sunday folks.


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