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Another Lazy Sunday


I managed a lovely lie in this morning, despite sleeping on the floor! Hubby has man-flu, I have a cough that is now 8 weeks old. Yes, doctor seen, antibiotics taken and scan booked for the week after next. Fingers crossed it is nothing sinister. Still, all of that means neither if us are sleeping properly, so the first half of last week hubby slept in the spare room, it’s my turn now.

We have no spare bed, so I am sleeping on the airbeds that we bought for camping! It’s fine though – I have slept well.

After my epic lie in we did some house sorting and then had home made veg soup for lunch. This afternoon we ventured out to visit the studio of local artist John Hurford. It’s ‘open studio’ month in Devon and an opportunity to see other peoples work.

John has done some amazing work, starting with magazine illustrations from the psychedelic sixties! Now he is into nature –


He doesn’t live far from us, but he is well known in the art world doing album covers, book covers and has exhibited in London galleries.


He’s a very nice man, and seeing his studio was lovely. We bought a copy of his book that he kindly signed.


It is one of a limited edition of 1000 – the small piece of work in the centre of the picture above is original art. He took a large work and cut it into 1000 pieces – each book has its own unique piece of the work!

Home and into the kitchen to do dinner – roast beef, carrots, cabbage and broccoli – hubby had Yorkshire Pudding too. I am now stuffed!

Time to relax before the working week starts all over again tomorrow.

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Sun & Surf

The sun has shone ALL day! Not one single drop of rain – amazing!

We got up at a reasonable hour and packed the car for a spot of surfing and off we went to Croyde.


The surf was messy, but good enough for us to have a giggle and get some exercise! I am truly amazed that I got into my wet suit – I’m about a stone heavier than when I bought it – but with a lot of huffing and tugging we got there! I look dreadfully fat, but what the hell! We had a really good time.


Waved like mad at the Sea King crew and the waved back! It’s those little things that make my day – thanks guy’s!

I made hubby a cheese and tomato filled ciabatta roll for lunch, so he ate that as soon as we got out of the water – I had a banana. We changed and then headed home via an Art Gallery in Braunton. North Devon Arts have an ‘Art Trek’ on at the moment, so we called in on another venue today.


Elliott’s triptych – apologies for the awful photo – it is covered in glass!

Home and time to organise dinner of roast beef, green beans, broccoli and carrots with Yorkshire Pudding for hubby. I was so hungry, but didn’t over eat, which is great.

Tomorrow I have an early start to get to London for a meeting. Hope you have a great Monday!

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Just When You Thought..

It has been quite a nice day weather-wise! We started the day by going into town to a ‘Value’ store as hubby wanted to look for some picture frames. Always fun!

It’s one of those places that sell everything – sweets, cakes, curtains, pictures, rugs, hula hoops, plants, trees – you get the idea! Well, they didn’t have any suitable frames, but we did come home with another bucket of fat balls for the birds and a lovely thyme plant for me!

Lunch was tuna and salad for me, then we headed out for a walk.


It was actually quite warm out and we wandered the lanes looking for nice pictures.


There is loads of this stuff around – we call it cow parsley, but I have taken to calling it fly parsley as they are all absolutely covered in flies!


And look who came to say hello!


We took a detour down a footpath and ended up crossing a steep field down to a stream, inevitably it was really muddy! It got a bit too much so we decided to retrace our steps and take the road. It was that exact moment the heavens opened! We sheltered a while under a tree.


We could have still been there! We decided to get wet and go for it anyway – oh well – I suppose a whole day without rain would have been a bit much to ask.

Dinner has been roast beef with carrots, broccoli and cabbage, hubby had Yorkshire Puddings. Very welcome after that wet walk!

Holiday for me this week, so I don’t mind that tomorrow is Monday. Hope you have a good one.


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Climbing & Walking

I made it to the top of the scaffolding!


The view is amazing!


Our little garden –


I also got a picture of “the gang of four” – a bit distant, but these four sheep roam the field in front of our house, the make me smile when they come right up to the hedge and look up at us in the office! They also love scratching on the telegraph pole!


Having climbed up there, we did actually do some work! We scrubbed down and painted the weatherboards on the roof line. All before lunch.

When I managed to get down again I made a cheese sandwich for lunch, did the prep for dinner and we headed out for a long walk. Eight miles long! Up and down the lanes.


Past my favourite sign –


Just brilliant! I hope it works!

It was lovely out, cloudy and a bit chilly, but perfect walking weather. Far in the distance the white houses are our village –


Finally home I finished dinner – roast beef, carrots, broccoli and cabbage with Yorkshire Puddings for hubby. I was starving! Now I’m full!

My leg aches now, so some serious rest tonight. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring – but first I get a lie in!

Have a wonderful Monday.


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Weekly Weigh In – SSD8

Weight last week – 146lbs
Weight Today – 146.5lbs

Weekly Gain 0.5lbs

Oh dear! I was hoping that I could at least have stayed the same, but it was not to be. Why? Easy – peanuts and cheese biscuits. My evening grazing habit is stopping me losing weight – I thought I could get away with it – but obviously not! Tonight I must at least cut down on the grazing, and if at all possible, try to get to the end of the evening without having had a single peanut or mini cheddar biscuit. It will be hard, but it is the only way!

I started my day by sitting on the sofa and watching the London Marathon whilst sipping coffee. I felt bad, but so inspired by all those people running all that way so quickly! The elite athletes are just amazing, but equally there were thousands who did an amazing job today – you all have my utmost respect. I would love to be able to do that one day.

Lunch was back to the tomato soup/bread roll combo as I managed to buy two cheese and onion rolls at Sainsbury’s yesterday. They are even better when dunked in tomato soup! This afternoon I have pottered, done dinner, pottered a bit more. It has poured with rain most of the day “heavy showers” they said, and I think it has been a perfect description of what we got. No chance of a nice long walk today, it would have been wet and miserable, so I have yet to leave the house.

Dinner was roast beef, broccoli, carrots, cabbage. Hubby also had roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings! Annoyingly he lost half a pound this week! Testament, I suppose, to just how many peanuts and cheese biscuits I manage to get through in a week!

Tomorrow – work, but at home, so a nice start to the week. I hope you all have a great Monday!


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A Day Out

Someone turned the heating off – flipping cold out there today!

I was rudely awoken by the church bells this morning – they started at 9 am, so it was about time I got up anyway! It was a slow start again, the leg really does not like getting going after a nights rest on two pillows. Eventually I made it into the shower!

Hubby suggested we had a bit of a day out – nice! We first called at the Recycle Centre to drop off some old bits, then headed to Bideford. It was their half marathon today, so we cheered in a few runners before getting a bit cold. It was lovely and sunny, but windy.


So we headed off to the Cafe in the Park for coffee. We had a nice walk, then back into the car to the supermarket to pick up a couple of bits. Time was getting on, so we paused in the supermarket cafe for coffee and a sandwich – all my willpower was needed to resist the chocolate cake!

Shopping done so home to get the beef in to roast. We have just finished eating, roast beef, sprouts, cabbage and carrots – hubby had Yorkshire Pudding too.

A lovely day today, but I hope it warms up a bit before our holiday in Cornwall that starts on Friday.

Have a lovely Monday!


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Recovery Day 2

Things are going well! I managed to sleep much better last night, which meant I felt a lot brighter this morning.

I did a bit of work in the office before braving the bin bag and parcel tape trick. It worked well again, so got a nice long shower. Lunch came quickly because I had spent so much time faffing!

I had soup again – but chose Heinz Tomato soup with butter beans by way of a change. Call me stupid, but I expected tomato soup with some butter beans in. In fact it was a whole different animal, and I did not like it at all! It was spicy and had bits of stuff in that I couldn’t identify. Back to good old fashioned tomato tomorrow – at least you know what you are getting!

This afternoon I have spent most of my time on the sofa with my foot up, but it was a lovely afternoon, so we ventured out for a short walk.


Here I am – hobbling and putting a brave face on it!

Dinner was the usual roast beef, with carrots, sprouts, cabbage & parsnips. Hubby managed four Yorkshire puddings with his! With all this sitting around, I am trying to be careful not to over-eat!

Tomorrow I have to get to see my GP for further advice, dressing change and a sick note for work. Good job hubby is a complete superstar and happy to be chauffeur.

Have a lovely Monday!


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Window Painting and a RUN!

Considering I have not worked today I am shattered! I have painted, scraped, washed and hoovered, I have done my strength training and done my first run in over a week! 🙂 It rained, but what the heck – I got out and did it when it would have been very easy to claim I was tired and just sat down.

So, the day started quite early, considering I am on holiday. The window guy’s were due back at 08.30am to finish the outside, so I reluctantly got up, dressed and was all tickety-boo for their arrival. Happy to say they were on time, and set to work straight away. They have been great – considering the bad experiences that others have had with workmen, these guy’s have been really good, showing up when they say, on time and work really well. The finish of the windows is superb – we are very pleased with them.

I faffed about getting stuff ready whilst they worked, and started preparing to paint the insides of the windows. As the house is cob, we have extremely deep windows, with lovely wood sills, so I had to cover up with masking tape and some dust sheets before I started. I also needed to sand down some bits, and do a bit of scraping off of some old gunk that was on some of the walls. The guy’s finished the outside by late morning, took their cheque and left happy. It took me until lunch to do all the preparation downstairs, so that was an opportune moment to eat.

Left over veggie soup for lunch from the freezer, with a slice of wholemeal and butter. Just lovely. Straight back to work, preparing the windows upstairs and then onto the painting. I have a brand new brush and a huge tin of paint – so that was my afternoon sorted! By 4.30pm I had done all five windows with a first coat – it will need more, but it is a great start. It would have been easy to just tidy up and make dinner, but I made a pact with myself that I would not chicken out of any more runs, so clothes on and out the door.

We just did the short circuit of 2.3 miles, which was enough as it was colder than I thought it was going to be, and it was raining. I actually ran quite well! Maybe the rest did me good, but once mile 1 was out of the way I did some real running in between the walking in mile 2 – it felt so good! According to my Nike+ I actually hit a sub 7 minute mile pace for about 10 seconds! 🙂

Dinner was last night’s beef cold with some salad and new potatoes. I really struggled to eat it as my teeth are painful – I can not wait until I get my own bridge on Wednesday – hopefully it will mean that I can eat properly. The temporary bridge is broken and has some really sharp edges now. Ouch!

Tomorrow – more painting, more running, probably more soup!

Have a terrific Tuesday folks!

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More Shopping!

Well – another day, another trip to Homebase! 🙂

I did not get up very early, but when I did it was all go! We started the day by fixing the downstairs toilet! Oh yes – party girl me! The flushing thingy would not stop and it went into the overflow, so we bought a new bit for it and changed it all this morning. Happily it now all works, no leaks, no overflow. Yeah!

Then I painted the walls around the loo as there was some paint flaking going on, and some bashing due to the work we have done in there. It is all shiny white now. Then hubby decided that we should have some shelves up above the loo, so we needed to go to get some more wood, but first things first – lunch!

Lunch was soup and a roll for me, and cheese and a roll for him. Then into town for wood. Home, and hubby retreated into the workshop to do what ever it is you do to make shelves, whilst I retreated into the kitchen to do what ever you do to make roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, carrots, cabbage and sprouts!

I faffed about and tidied up a bit whilst dinner sorted itself. I have also sorted out my gubbings for tomorrow, as the plan is that I will paint and tidy the inside of the new windows. It will be lovely to have them all finished. The window fitters are due back just for half a day tomorrow to finish off the outside – then I suppose I will have to paint out there too!

Happily I have the week off work – so my goal is to finish the windows, inside and out, and get some proper exercise in!

Have a wonderful Monday people.

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It’s still snowing! Winter is here – finally!

Got up bright and early for work this morning and happily it was not freezing, but there was still a good thick blanket of snow on the roads, and all over my car! I had to scrape it all off before I set out for work. The roads were white until I got down onto the main road, and then all was fine. It was still snowing when I drove home tonight, and unfortunately they are forecasting freezing temperatures over night. That could make tomorrow’s journey interesting!

So – work – can’t say more than that really. I managed to get out over lunch and walked up to the local shops in the rain and cold – but it was good to get out and get some exercise. Lunch was salad with cheddar cheese, followed by Greek yogurt and a spoon of lemon curd. I managed to avoid all traces of chocolate until I got home!

Home, and cold beef left over from last night with salad and a couple of new potatoes. Then I ate a large bag of giant chocolate buttons – pah! Didn’t need them, just wanted them. Sorry.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to do better – providing I can get out, I will be back at the office.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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