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Shopping & Coffee

Saturdays are probably my favourite days of the week! Today we got up late and then wandered into town for a spot of shopping.

We smooched around the shops for a while but it was really cold out today – even a few flurries of snow! Since starting chemo I have really felt the cold so we ducked into Nero’s and sat drinking coffee.

Second stop was Curry’s – looking for a new larder fridge to replace our rusting 10+ year-old one. They had a reasonable choice, but we decided to look around a bit before buying.

Then on to Sainsbury’s for the food shop – nothing exciting there then! Finally home for a now very late lunch. This afternoon has been spent sat on my backside watching the rugby. Lovely hubby made a fire!


This evening will be much the same!

Have a super Sunday!

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We have a new toy!


Yup – a baby rugby ball! Being a ‘girl’ of a certain age, I never played rugby, I have never even touched a rugby ball of any size! Weird aren’t they?

I went to the office today, so meetings galore but of no interest to anyone but me and my boss! Lunch was tuna salad and a mini pot of Ambrosia Creamed rice – nice! And made in Devon!

No further food for me as we are fasting again, we have got ourselves into a little routine of doing this on Monday and Thursday and it is working well.

Home and out for our walk – the ball came too!


I lost count of how many times I had to pick it out of the hedge – but is was fun on an otherwise dull day.


Tomorrow it’s more of the same – office again. Have a lovely Tuesday.

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