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Small Victories

I’ll come to the blog title in a moment, but first, I have a complaint.

Last week I raved about Sainsbury’s cheese and roast onion bread rolls. Mistakenly, I told you to try them. Today I went shopping and when I got to the bread counter – one – yes, one single measly roll left for me! Come on guys – I wanted – no – *needed* – three, at least. Heads will roll (no pun intended !).

So, last night I broke into a medium bag of Cadbury Giant Chocolate Buttons – I know – but I love them! Tonight, there is half a bag waiting for me. Now that is a small victory – I can’t remember the last time I opened a bag of chocolates and didn’t eat every single one. I’m such a pig when it comes to chocolate, it’s amazing I have some left 24 hours later!

This morning we did the shopping, first going into town and smooching around the shops and having coffee in Nero’s. Then to Sainsbury’s for the disappointing bread roll incident, and, if that wasn’t enough, no roasted monkey nuts either. Pah! Had to buy salted nuts instead. Home for lunch – the Heinz Tomato soup with dippy-in cheese & onion roll. Heaven!

This afternoon I did a bit of foot-up resting and then out for a jog/walk. Just 2.25 miles today, but I managed just over 15 minute miles again. It was tough today, the leg hurt with every step. Maybe it needs a rest? It’s nicely swollen now. I think tomorrow I’ll just walk.

I made a nice Thai green curry with prawns for dinner with some stir fry vegetables and noodles.

Tomorrow I hope to rest a bit more and walk a bit more, I hope the sun comes out a bit more too! Have a lovely Sunday all.


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Full Day

Up and about early today, no idea why! The sun was shrouded in mist this morning, they say it heralds the end of the unusually warm weather – I hope not – I’m really enjoying the sunshine!

I had time this morning, as I was up early, to go into town. I did a lot of wandering, made a few purchases in Boots, quick coffee in Nero’s and off to do a bit of panic buying to fill the car up. No matter I needed petrol anyway, I guess I am now labelled as a panic buyer because I bought petrol! Stupid media! I live in the middle of nowhere, to get anywhere I use my car, which needs petrol. End of story!

Home for lunch, today I made an open sandwich with one slice of bread, a slice of Leerdammer Light, a tomato sliced on top and a tower of shredded lettuce on top of that!

This afternoon I did some financial stuff, made a lamb curry for dinner, then out for another run. We were watched:


It’s these guys first day out in the field since the Autumn – they were very happy! The sun shone and I wore just a running shirt and shorts!


Another 5k done today, and even more running than yesterday – total time 49.59 so averaging 15.47 minute miles – getting better!

It was a good run/walk – felt good and I have to say, almost comfortable for a while. I’m really enjoying my recovery and hope it continues!

Dinner was lamb curry (Keema) with peas, fresh lime juice and pitta bread. I’m pretty full now.

The weekend is upon us, I hope you have a good one.


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Better Running

The superb weather continues!


The new lambs are loving the sunshine, I really hope it doesn’t turn bad and gives those little love’s a shock. Some of them haven’t even seen rain yet – what will they make of it?

This morning we were up fairly early, so the morning seemed to last a lifetime to me – I’m running out of jobs! I managed to faff around and fill the time, but did nothing noteworthy. For lunch I made salad of celery, tomato and lettuce and piled it on top of a slice of multigrain bread with a slice of Leerdammer Light. Made a nice change, and I think made good nutritional balance with protein, carbs and vegetables.

This afternoon I faffed some more and then we went out for a walk/jog. We did 5k today – a very hilly one – and I made it in 53 minutes. Not good yet, but not bad considering I am not yet 5 weeks post operation. The great thing is, the leg doesn’t hurt – no solid muscle, no foot going to sleep and no foot slapping ! I used to make a lot of noise running, now I hear hubby’s feet, not mine! My whole running style has changed too, my beloved Nike shoes have been ditched as they burn my feet, I’m using an old pair of Asics which are very comfortable.

Home and dinner – baked cod with braised leeks, courgettes and new potatoes. If I manage to stay away from the chocolate tonight, it will have been a good food day today. I hope to repeat that tomorrow as I have a few extra pounds to get rid of!

Have a great Friday!


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I am just enjoying this amazing weather!


Spot the cloud! Wonderful wall-to-wall blue sky.

I was up late today, so by the time I was sorted it was a bit late for me to do the longer walk/jog I had planned for today. Instead I did the trusty 2.25 mile circuit in the sun. I did really well today, and I am sure that I spent more time jiggling than I did walking and I ended up with an average of 15 minute miles! Great going!

I got home hot and hungry, so after a quick shower we had an early lunch. Today I had salad left over from dinner last night, with a slice of Leerdammer Lite cheese. Most welcome. Then we went into town for hair cuts. Mine has been coloured, cut and ironed within an inch of it’s life, hubby’s has been neatly trimmed, we look very smart!

We spent a little time in town, and naturally the first stop was Nero’s for coffee, then Marks & Spencer to restock on wine! Home then for dinner, we were both starving and couldn’t really be bothered, so beans on toast it was! Lovely!

Now I am waiting for 9pm which is wine time in this house!

Tomorrow I am planning 5k and hoping for sub 45 minutes – that would make me very happy. Hope you have a great day too.


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Good News!

Good Evening!

Well, today didn’t quite go to plan!

My plan was to potter about and do nothing much at all apart from book a hair cut, plan a trip into town, and then see if I could get to speak to the consultant about the leg.

I phoned the hair dressers and got an appointment tomorrow afternoon, then I phoned the hospital and she gave me an appointment for 3pm this afternoon! I didn’t think the NHS could be so quick! I’m not complaining though, it’s great that they were willing to listen to my concerns and get me in so quickly.

I did a few bits and pieces this morning, and then had the usual soup and roll for lunch before heading off to the hospital.

I saw the big-man consultant at 3pm exactly and he listened whilst I explained the pain, numbness and toe problems. He prodded and poked and explained that although progress was not as quick as he had hoped, nothing bad was happening. No infection, and no serious nerve damage, just superficial skin nerves that evidently will come back in time. He reassured me, told me to go on exercising and stretching, and arranged to see me again in 4 weeks to re-check on progress. I feel a lot better now! It’s great knowing there is nothing untoward happening in there. I did ask about running and he wasn’t keen – walking he said was good, and perhaps a bit of light jogging. I didn’t like to tell him that his “light jogging” was my idea of running! 🙂

Home, and time for our afternoon walk. We did the usual 2.25 miles circuit, and a little bit of “light jogging” – and I do mean a little bit! Maybe a couple of minutes and that was it. It felt so good though – maybe this is all in my head! Of course it is sore, and it pulls as the muscle needs stretching, but it is stable and it doesn’t “fill up” like it used to, and my foot does not go to sleep. I am a very happy bunny!

Dinner tonight was a small gammon steak with salad.

Tomorrow is hair day, so I may have to go and do my walk/jog in the morning as I will be in a chair most of the afternoon. Have a good day all.


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Summer’s Here!

What a fantastic day! The sun has shone all day – a bit hazy – but hot! T shirt and shorts type hot. 🙂

We faffed about with the morning and decided to have lunch at home before heading out. For lunch I had a bread roll that I got at Sainsbury’s yesterday – cheese and onion bread. OMG – you have to try one if you are anywhere near a Sainsbury’s with a bakery! Amazingly gorgeous bread, although I dread to think how many calories! Still, I had the roll with a small bit of Cornish Brie and a sliced tomato.

Off we went to Westward Ho!


Plenty of people around enjoying the beach and the sea. I can’t wait for my leg to heal and we can give those waves a go in our swanky new wetsuits! It was lovely out and we walked just over 2 miles along the beach, where the tide was out far enough to reveal a very unseaworthy boat.


After our walk we headed into Bideford to the Cafe in the Parc for coffee and a slice of fruit cheesecake. Mmmm! Home, a quick cup of tea and out for a trot around the block 2.25 miles, average pace 17mm again. I was dressed for a walk, so jiggling was too hot and too bouncy! 🙂 It was good to be out though.

Dinner was Thai Green Prawn curry with stir fry vegetables – nice, but I could only get tiny prawns and it just wasn’t the same!

Today the leg has been okay, but the bottom of my foot is sore, almost bruised, but I have no idea why. The bruising down my shin is still there, as is the numbness, which I actually think is getting more widespread, creeping up my shin. Interesting!

The weather is set fair for a few days now, so I hope we can make the most of it. Tomorrow I shall go out dressed to run, and then walk a bit, it’s all about attitude don’t you think? If I head out for a walk, that’s what I’ll do, if I head out for a run – well – who knows!

Have a great day all!


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Another lovely day today – we have been very lucky with the weather recently – that is unless you live in the South East where there is already a shortage and a hose pipe ban. I don’t mind a bit of rain, but it is nice to have the sunshine to be able to get out and walk/jiggle.

Today we got up really late – like 10am late! No idea why we both slept in, but we did and it felt nice. That meant that by the time I had had my statutory two cups of coffee, showered and dressed it was nearly 11am! Lazy cow! 🙂

I did a bit of work this morning, and then we had lunch – I am back on the salads, with a little cheddar today. I think I did better with salads for lunch, and as I seem to be putting weight back on, it’s time to go back to what I know works for me. After lunch I pottered in the garden. We have a few raised beds and I was able to perch on the wall and remove a few weeds with a trowel and generally tidy the area. I wanted to get a grip of the herb bed as the mint is already popping up all over the place! I love mint, but it does need keeping in check. Happily both the rhubarb plants are showing through too – can’t wait until it’s time to pick and eat it! It looks a lot better now, and I am happy that I was actually able to do something useful for once.

Later this afternoon, hubby and I went out for a walk/jiggle again. Just around the block today (2.25 miles) as he has been trying to get some work done to make up for our late start! It was lovely out – T shirt weather, which is amazing for this time of year. I did a bit of jiggling, but it is sore, wobbly and painful down the front of my shin for some reason, but still no reoccurrence of the muscle swelling and foot going to sleep, so as far as I am concerned, all is well.

For dinner I made a sausage and butter bean casserole with some chopped tomatoes and mustard. I served it with a pile of sweetheart cabbage and some sprouts – both steamed. Just lovely and very welcome!

Tomorrow I am back at the doctors as it will be 4 weeks since the operation – I’m hoping he will tell me all is well and give me some hope of getting the feeling back in my lower leg some time soon!

Have a fantastic Friday folks!


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Breaking Out

I got out of the house! Not just for a walk – but properly out!

This morning I had some work to do, but after a quick lunch of salad and cheddar, I went into town. It was such a lovely day it was just great to hobble around the shops. I invested on two new running bras – Shock Absorber Run – I have read some good reviews and they fitted me nicely. I wandered in and out of shops for an hour before a quick pit stop in Nero’s.

One large latte and I was ready to go again. I spent very little apart from the bras, but it was just so great to be out. I soon got tired though, and was home mid afternoon for a bit of a rest and then out for a walk. Another lovely day and the lambs were out playing.


A bit too far away really, but they made me smile. We did 4.45 miles today in an hour and a half. No records broken as there was a lot of picture taking going on!


Silly! 🙂

Home and dinner time – left over quiche from yesterday and a huge salad that will last me for lunch tomorrow too. We shared a ciabatta roll instead of potato, made a nice change especially as I zapped it for a minute in the microwave so it was warm. Mmmm.

The leg is now elevated and sore. Still nicely bruised and still numb at the bottom. Driving is still not a good idea for me, so I have arranged an appointment to see my GP on Friday to see what he thinks. It will be good to have a second opinion.

Tomorrow I will be mainly resting! Have a good day!


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Evidently it is officially Spring today!


These little beauties have been smiling in the hedgerows for a week or so already.

So, today has been a bit of this and a bit of that! I started on the computer doing a bit of work, then put the washing away, then de-cluttered the back bedroom! I filled five bin bags! It needed doing as we are having new windows at the back of the house, and as it was the guys would not have even got near the windows in there! Having moved everything, I then needed to clean it as several years worth of dust was lurking. It waited until after lunch (soup) though as I needed food.

Cleaning done, I then sat down for an hour with my book before venturing out for our daily walk/jiggle. Another 2.25 miles, another pb of 17 minute miles! A bit more jiggling today which felt odd, but alright. It still pulls along the stitches, and it hurts along on my shin bone – which is where the most bruising is. The whole muscle wobbles, but it feels a bit more stable and no pressure. The best thing was having hot feet! The foot used to go to sleep and get really cold, so having hot feet is just wonderful. I have high hopes that this operation has been successful!

Home and I made a quiche with fried red onion, chopped maple bacon and cheese – half an hour later we ate half of it with a whole pile of salad. Very welcome.

Tonight I will try very hard not to eat quite as much as I did last night. I stuffed my face with jelly snakes, wine gums, cheese biscuits and peanuts. Not good. Tonight I will try hard not to eat anything.

Tomorrow I am venturing out and I’m going to try driving. I need to get out of the house, so I am going to hit the shops! Have a great Wednesday.


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Sub 20

Good Evening!

Another lovely day here with the sun shining all day long.


My morning and most of the afternoon has been spent trying to work out hubby’s tax self assessment. I won’t bore you with all of that! 🙂 Lunch was the usual soup, with a slice of nice multi grain bread.

Back to the accounts until mid afternoon when we ventured out. A lovely 2.25 mile walk around the block and four or five little jogs along the way. I managed another PB of a sub 20 minute mile! Leg feels tight today, especially behind the knee, so I thought a good stretch out would be good, and it was!

I managed more jogging, but the whole muscle still feels very wobbly. I’m hoping it will just keep getting better. The one great and exciting thing is that it does NOT feel tight! I have everything crossed it stays that way!

Dinner was smoked mackerel and salad, with a couple of new potatoes. I have to admit that I have eaten my way through a whole bag of jelly snakes over the last two days. Thankfully I don’t have any more!

Tomorrow I may venture into town to check out my driving ability, or I may leave it a day or so.

Have a great day all!


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