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Working Hard

It’s been a long day at the office – but it started well with Nero’s coffee and a beautiful sun rise.


The day was packed with meetings, so I have not been able to make the most of the lovely sunny-but-cold day. I ate my salad lunch at my desk and then headed off for yet more meetings.

Late meetings meant a late finish and then the drive home was tortuous as the M5 is closed due to an accident and everyone was diverted onto my road! Chaos!

I finally got home an hour and a half late, but lovely hubby had dinner ready – steak & salad – so nice.

Thankfully tomorrow I am working at home. Have a terrific Thursday!

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See & Be Seen

I worked at home today, so I was treated to listening to the hail batter against the windows. Winter has arrived!

It is nice to be tucked up at home though – got loads done!

My day started with a bang though – a phone call from the surgery asking me to make an appointment to see the doctor to ‘discuss’ my chest X-ray results! Gulp! She did say there was nothing ‘urgent’ – so I made the first appointment I could, but that isn’t until Monday.

I wonder what there is to ‘discuss’ that isn’t ‘urgent’? I am somewhat concerned!

Back in the real world, I had soup at lunch and then just after 4pm we headed out for a walk. It was getting very dark!


Good job we went out prepared with all the hi-viz stuff on. I wasn’t happy when the hail hammered down – my gloves were wet and my hands cold. By the time we got to Red Post I’d had enough and started jogging home. I made it all the way to the village without stopping! That’s nearly a whole mile! Just shows that fancy running gear is not essential! I did have proper shoes on, but jeans, two fleeces, a ski jacket and a hi-viz jacket aren’t normal running companions!

I got home with dry legs and warm hands – go me!

Dinner has been ham and salad. I know it’s not really salad weather, but weight needs to be shed and I do love salads. It made a lovely change – there are only so many ‘winter-warmer’ dinners you can eat and still get those jeans on.

Tomorrow it’s back to the office. Ho hum.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Carol Singing

A short late post from me today.

I spent the day at the office, mainly in meetings, but a brief interlude for lunch.


I wandered around the grounds at lunch – just for a bit of fresh air – it was lovely!


The grounds are well kept and have a huge variety of plants and trees – shame I didn’t have a nice leg of lamb to go with this thyme! Instead I had salad – not my usual soup. I’ve decided to go back to salads to up my veg intake.

This evening I have been to my fortnightly singing group – tonight it was Carols. I had a smashing time – who knew the ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ had actions! What a laugh that was!

Now it is time to wind down – I may even go find a glass of wine. It’s fine – I’m working at home tomorrow!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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It’s been mizzley all day long – grey and horrible. Good job I have spent all day in the office and in meetings!

I did get out for a walk at lunch.


Lovely autumn colours today, but I am led to believe winter arrives tomorrow with a frost. Shame!

I also found a cracking toadstool – Dr Google tells me it’s called Amanita muscaria – impressive!


It screams “I’m poisonous!” – it is!

Talking of food – I had chicken salad for lunch and that’s it for the day as it is a fast day again. Tonight we play badminton again – can’t say I’m enthused, but I’ll give it a go.

Have a nice evening and a fabulous Friday!

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Non Stop Rain

What a gloomy old day! It hasn’t stopped raining all day, it’s been dark and horrible!

Happily I have spent the whole day on meetings, so I have managed to avoid getting wet!


The view from my office window – wet hey? 🙂

Meetings went well, lunch was hard boiled eggs and salad. Luckily nothing too hard as I managed to break off a bit of tooth cleaning my teeth this morning – not the best start to the day!

I now have a dentist and a doctors appointment on Friday – now there’s a day to look forward to! 🙂

I’m working at home tomorrow, so I get half a lie in – yippee! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Winter’s Coming!

How dark is it getting in the mornings! Winter is on the way. Mr Moon was glowing brightly when I left the house this morning.


Work was work – I got through with the help of numerous cups of coffee. At lunch I walked up to the shops and treated myself to a fresh salad box from the sandwich shop. I got roast chicken salad and it was really lovely.

It’s a fasting day today, so my salad was food for today. When I got home we went for a walk with the rugby ball again!


Chilly out there, but a lovely evening.


Tomorrow I am working at home in the morning, then we take the train to London for my conference. Exciting times!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Wet Again

It has rained all day – which created an interesting dilemma when the chaps arrived to change the windscreen on my car! They did it by taking the car to a local corn merchants and doing it in a barn! Only in Devon!

The rubbish weather has kept us indoors for most of the day – although I did pop out to have my nails done at lunch. I didn’t walk far though – it was throwing it down!

I have worked at home, had a little salad and cheese for lunch and made cottage pie for dinner that we had with a pile of cabbage. I used the Hairy Dieters recipe, which meant lots of chopped onion, celery and carrot with the mince along with a tin of tomatoes. It made the mince go a long way, and in fact I halved the cooked mince – used half and froze half. Two for the price of one – love that!

No walk, so not a lot of exercise today, I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow when I have to go to the office and then we get to play badminton for an hour.


Picture is from yesterday – what a difference to the grey of today.

Have a terrific Thursday!

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Back to Work

Autumn seems to have arrived!


Work again, so little to report I’m afraid. We have done our usual walk, and last night I went to the singing group in the next village – great fun! A very nice group of people and some rubbish singing providing a good laugh all round.

Tonight – more walking!


No where near the distances we were doing last week – but every little helps as they say! Food has been good – tuna salad for lunch, ham for dinner. It is nice to be back with our own food though, eating out is fine, but enough is enough.

I’m working at home tomorrow, so I get a lie in! Yeah!

Have a great Wednesday!

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Holiday! Yes, tomorrow morning we go to sunny Cornwall for a week of surfing, running, walking and probably eating!

I didn’t get around to writing a blog yesterday as we went out! Out! Blimey! I was in the office all day, then we went to play Badminton for an hour at 8pm. It was great! I got hot and sweaty and enjoyed it enormously.

Today I have had the day off and have sorted the house, had soup for lunch, then spent an hour being pampered – I have new nails!

I have done some packing, but there is still more to organise as we want to be out fairly early tomorrow. We did get a short walk in.


Nice out there!

I can’t promise to blog every day next week, but I hope to share a few photos with you each day.

Have a great week!

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H minus 3

Back to work today, but it’s okay because there are only three days until our holiday!

All meetings today, so little to report apart from the fact that my fast lasted until lunch today when I had the usual tuna and lettuce. I was starving, but I hope it’s doing me good.

Tonight we had ham salad for dinner and have just got back from our walk. Know what this means? –


Right! We got wet! When we set off it was nice – I didn’t even take a jacket.


It soon turned to rats, but never mind – it’s only water!

I’m tired now – it has been a long day, so an evening on the sofa and an early night will suit me just fine. Have a nice evening and a wonderful Wednesday.

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