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Busy, Busy, Busy

Both yesterday and today we have had dry, sometimes sunny weather, but flipping cold still!

Yesterday we did more gardening and got all the ivy from the workshop and generally tidied around.


Then last night we played badminton and had a drink in the pub – well, hubby had a couple of beers, I had juice, so I drove home!

Today it has been more of the same, but I did make bread too!


Thanks to the lovely Paul Hollywood, my very first bloomer was a great success!


Lunch was a real treat!

This afternoon we headed to Homebase and got two bird boxes for the now bare workshop. I hope someone moves in!

Tonight – sofa & television. I think I have earned a sit down!

Have a super Saturday – I will be shopping!

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The past two days I have had to drive hubby’s car to the local station and get the train to and from work. I’m not keen on driving his huge car, let alone in the dark, down Devon lanes!

It made for a long old day – at the local station at 7am.


Quaintly, you have to hold your hand out to signal the train to stop!

Work has been squeezed in between getting there late – train takes just over an hour, then there is Nero’s coffee to pick up followed by a 1.5 mile walk to the office – and reversing that to get a train home.

Last night I also went to choir practice, so I am now quite tired and it’s only Tuesday!

Food has been good – fast day yesterday, roast ham for dinner tonight.


This is Central Station in Exeter where I journey to and from – slightly bigger than our local station!

Tomorrow – home! Yeah!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Just finished work so I am now officially on holiday! I now have 12 days off – returning on 2nd January! Yeah!

It’s been a wet dank day today, so I have yet to venture out of the house. We will be shortly as it is Badminton night. The court is booked for 7pm, so I have just enough time for a cuppa before we go.

Work is all tidied up, email in box is as tidy as it can be. Phew!

Lunch today was the last of the ham, which I put in a sandwich and had a side of salad left over from dinner last night. A free meal! That’s it – fast day today.

Tomorrow I get my car back – hopefully dried out and leak free! Too exciting – I may go shopping!

Have a fantastic Friday!


Soon be Christmas! 🙂

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I’m going to keep this short – Strictly is on in a moment!

Today everything has been done quickly! Do you have those days where you do a bit of this and that all in a rush? I had one today!

We went into town first and called at the cafe where hubby’s paintings are being shown.


Looking good!

We had a quick coffee in Nero’s, then went to see the newly restored 14th Century building of St. Anne’s Chapel.


Beautiful building that has taken years to renovate.


A friend was exhibiting some of her artwork their, so an opportunity to support her and see the lovely building.


It’s lovely – you can read about it here:

Culture over, we did the shopping then home to some cleaning and housey stuff!

Lovely day.

Have a super Sunday!

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This & That, Here & There

Had an out & about day today – after a very late start! We started by going to the Art Exhibition again to make sure all was well (it was) then into a new gallery to try and get some wall space.

Then off into Barnstaple for a spot of shopping. Hubby got some new shoes to play badminton in, and I got some new work shoes from M&S! While we were there we popped into the cafe for coffee and shared a sandwich for lunch. Having done town, we went to the supermarket as usual for the food shop.

Home, put stuff away, put salmon in to marinade, out for a walk.


Lovely day – cold wind, but nice to see the sun out. The sheep were happy!


Farmers are still busy cutting silage.


Lovely walk followed by lovely salmon for dinner.

Tomorrow we will be out and about again as we have to collect the pictures from the exhibition that ends tomorrow evening, then we go on to another gallery to the opening of another exhibition! It’s all go!

Have a smashing Sunday!

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Hair Done, Shopping Done, All Done!

Busy old day! We went into town late morning and had to be creative about our route as the cycling Tour of Britain hit Barnstaple this morning. They evidently started from the Long Bridge at 10.15 this morning – by the time we got there this is all that was left!


Funny! 🙂

Both hubby and I had our hair done, did town – including the necessary Nero’s coffee complete with band!


Then off to the supermarket. The usual weekly grocery shop done!

Home in time for dinner – the usual Thai Prawn Curry & stir fry veg. Boy did I need that!

No purposeful exercise today – so hopefully we will get out and do something tomorrow. Now – Strictly! Yeah!

Have a great evening and smashing Sunday folks!

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Let the Countdown Begin – H minus 6

Less than a week to go and we will be back in our most favourite place ever – Cornwall! We have a cottage booked for the week from next Saturday. I am excited already! This week is going to be unbearable!

Today we did the usual shopping trips – town first (Nero’s coffee!) then the supermarket. Wandering around meant it was mid afternoon before we got home. For lunch we grabbed a posh sandwich in Sainsburys and ate it sat on the wall outside!

Home and after sorting everything out, we headed out for a walk.


Rain still around, but we only got a short shower!


I love sheep! I do wish they weren’t quite so scared though – they always run away!


Walk over we came home and I set to to make some fruit compote for breakfasts. I bought Bramley apples, plums, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and cooked them as per ‘The Hairy Dieters’ book. I added a stick of cinnamon and star anise though – I do like spicey fruit! My goodness it looks, smells and tastes fantastic! I can’t wait for breakfast!

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny – if it is I hope to make the most of it.

Have a super Sunday!

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Bright White

Phew! Busy old day – I don’t seem to have sat down all day!

That’s a good thing!

This morning it was into town to do a bit of shopping and hubby had his hair cut. I drank coffee – Nero’s of course!

Then to Sainsbury’s for the food shop. I have tried to plan Paleo this week, my intention was to start today, but I failed at the first hurdle. We paused for lunch in Sainsbury’s cafe – nothing Paleo anywhere to be found. I had to have either a sandwich (wheat) or yogurt (dairy) – I’m not sure which is worse, so I went for a prawn sandwich and took the crusts off! 🙂

Been a nice day to be out and about though – this is Rolle Quay in Barnstaple on the way to the hairdressers –


Home and time to climb that scaffolding again – this time to paint it. What a job! It took a great deal of effort to get up that ladder again, then it’s hard to paint while hanging on for dear life! Still, it’s done and in the sunshine, really bright white! You can see it across the village! I keep threatening to paint a smiley face on it!

Painting done, we then went for our 2 mile walk around the lanes. Exhausted!

Finally – dinner! This time all Paleo! Prawn curry made with coconut milk, and stir fry vegetables.

Now I feel I have earned a sit down and a glass of wine! Tomorrow – more painting – a second coat before the scaffolding gets taken away! Boy will I be glad when it’s gone!

Have a great day – what ever you are doing!


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Climbing & Walking

I made it to the top of the scaffolding!


The view is amazing!


Our little garden –


I also got a picture of “the gang of four” – a bit distant, but these four sheep roam the field in front of our house, the make me smile when they come right up to the hedge and look up at us in the office! They also love scratching on the telegraph pole!


Having climbed up there, we did actually do some work! We scrubbed down and painted the weatherboards on the roof line. All before lunch.

When I managed to get down again I made a cheese sandwich for lunch, did the prep for dinner and we headed out for a long walk. Eight miles long! Up and down the lanes.


Past my favourite sign –


Just brilliant! I hope it works!

It was lovely out, cloudy and a bit chilly, but perfect walking weather. Far in the distance the white houses are our village –


Finally home I finished dinner – roast beef, carrots, broccoli and cabbage with Yorkshire Puddings for hubby. I was starving! Now I’m full!

My leg aches now, so some serious rest tonight. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring – but first I get a lie in!

Have a wonderful Monday.


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I’m trying to be good and eat the right amount of the right food, and I’m trying to get my leg fit enough to run. Neither of these are going terribly well! But I am trying!

Shopping day today. The whole kit and caboodle! Homebase for paint, town for banking and Nero’s coffee, Sainsbury’s for food shopping. By the time we got to Sainsbury’s it was lunch, so we did a quick pit stop in their cafe for a prawn sandwich and more coffee. Hubby and I shared the sandwich, so on track with the healthy eating then! 🙂

Home and a bit of faffing before heading out for a long walk. Cold today, but nice to wander around the lanes.


We had a wonderful encounter with a stoat – lovely creatures! He ran across the lane and into a hole in the bank. Hubby peered into his house and got shouted at! This high pitched sort of bark that made my big brave hubby jump out of his skin! So funny.

Nice to see the trees starting to get their leaves too.


After our walk – food! Tonight it was the usual Thai Prawn Curry – this time I used red paste so it was nice and hot! Stir fry veg cooked in coconut oil and noodles for hubby rounded it off nicely.

Tomorrow I shall be climbing scaffolding and painting the end boards of the house. I do hope it doesn’t rain!

Have a Marvellous Sunday!


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