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No News

Today was my appointment at the hospital to see the Consultant about my leg. The Compartment Syndrome is still as bad as ever, and a couple of weeks ago I had an MRI and today was to get the verdict.

Well, after an hours drive to get there and half an hours wait, I spent maybe 5 minutes with the Consultant! The MRI was fine and he has run out of ideas, so next steps are a referral to a specialist at a different hospital. Exit room and wait for a letter!

Whilst I was in town I picked up a bit of shopping.


It was raining, so I walked through the market – lots of lovely fruit & veg –


I picked up a prawn cocktail in M&S for my lunch, then headed home to eat it.

The afternoon I spent working at home, made a sausage casserole and headed out for a windy walk whilst it cooked.


Sausage casserole and cabbage for dinner – now I am very full – which is a good thing as tomorrow we fast again.

Tomorrow I am at the dentist – its all happening this week!

Have a terrific Thursday!


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I love technology! I love gadgets and anything that starts with an i, but the best thing is that I can work at home as easily as I can work in the office. I get my work pc desktop on my home pc, and happily take part in meetings via the phone and the web – marvellous stuff!

I did all of that today – working at home enjoying my own company and getting lots done whilst interacting with my colleagues via email and phone. I’m sure they don’t miss me!

At the end of the day the sun finally appeared and we went for a nice walk.


The hedges are getting silly now!


No chance of seeing what’s on the other side!

Food today has been much more reasonable than yesterday! Lunch was tuna and lettuce, dinner sausages wrapped in bacon with cabbage and carrots. A few nuts later, but I really need to make up for the pile of food I ate yesterday.

Office again tomorrow – not keen on the early start, but there you go! Have a good Thursday!

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Happy Day

Yesterday I ate my way through absolutely loads of nuts, plus a banana, almond butter, hard boiled egg, chicken, salad, steak and more nuts. I went to bed feeling that I had eaten way too much.

I get up this morning and I weight 2lbs less than I did yesterday morning! What is that all about then? Maybe all that protein was good for me. Maybe that is what I need to be doing? What ever the reason, it made me happy! 🙂

I worked at home today so I was able to snap hubby in his makeshift studio!


He’s happy too!

Lunch was tuna and salad – a whole tin all to myself with some chopped red onion – yummy! More work, then a short walk as thunder storms were threatening!


Nice to see the crops growing well with all the rain.

Dinner has been ‘Pigs in Blankets’ – that’s sausages wrapped in bacon! I oven cooked them while we were out walking, and ate them with cabbage and carrots and gravy. Lovely – all Paleo too!

I have a few special nuts left for nibbles later, but I really must cut down! My problem last night was that I opened a bag of Sainsbury’s Macadamia and Cashew nuts with black pepper! Boy are they addictive! I had to put them in a cupboard to stop me eating the whole bag!

Tomorrow I am back at the hospital to see the Consultant about the leg – I wonder what he will have to say when I tell him it is no better. I really hope he has some answers, or at least a plan to find out what is happening. I’ll let you know!

Thursday is very nearly Friday – have a good one!


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I seemed to be running late for everything all day! Do you have those days?

Anyway, work work work, with a nice break in the middle which gave me time to walk into town and stock up on nuts! I hit Holland & Barrett and bought almonds, cashews, walnuts and brazil nuts! Should keep me going for a few days at least!

Lunch was a tin of salmon and a little salad, and around that I ate a banana and a handful of almonds for breakfast and a hard boiled egg. Plenty to eat, and I feel good – no bloat, no wind (!) just a nice sort of “satisfied” feeling.

I got home late as a main road I use was closed and I had to go around the houses! Dinner was late, but nice – sausages with salad. I then had to sort hubby’s email out as the servers changed and nothing is easy is it? What should have been a 5 minute job took nearly an hour.

Finally, the knock-on effect of all that was our walk was late. Lovely sun though.


Finally I get to sit down with a nice mug of coffee – nothing else I can be late for now!

Have a great Thursday!

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I did some – honest! Real running! Not for long, but I did it!

Before that – I worked at home today, so lots done and lots achieved. I have renewed my diet effort (again!) and had some salad for lunch with Jarlesberg cheese and then got back to work before I ate any more! I have kept myself busy all afternoon, and apart from a few cups of coffee, nothing else has passed my lips.

The sun has shone all day – which makes a wonderful change – and not only was the sun out, but it was warm too! Lovely. On the stoke of finishing work it was time to change and make the most of the day. Having walked for the last 3 months post my compartment syndrome operation, today was the day I started to run again. We started slowly and then ran/walked. How hard is that? Blimey! I didn’t think I’d even get through the 2.25 miles we had planned it was so hard. My leg complained, but then it is still swollen and sore, and numb in places which makes running interesting, but I am sure it will get used to it. I am amazed how quickly I have unlearned how to run – it was tough going I can tell you, but I made it! The run/walk worked all the way and I managed just under 15 minute miles – 2.25 miles in 33.17. It’s a start, and now I have a time to beat!

The flies were out again! That made it even more interesting as I was panting away desperately trying not to swallow a fly! Funny! I was also over dressed – I could have done with shorts and a t-shirt instead of the Ron Hill’s and long-sleeved top plus jacket! Way too many clothes.

It is very very good to be back plodding though – summer here we come!

Dinner was great (made better by the exercise I am sure) – I made Toad in the Hole with Sainsbury’s Cumberland chipolatas, and had that with peas, carrots and home-made onion gravy. It did not last long on my plate!

Tomorrow it is back to the office, so lunch already packed and I’m ready to go.

Have a great Thursday – soon be the weekend!


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Noteworthy as I honestly can’t remember the last time it rained – it was certainly before my operation, which was at the end of February!

Happily our new windows got fitted yesterday and finished this morning – phew! The fact that the window chaps were back this morning necessitated that we were up early again. Once again I had a slice of fruit bread buttered for breakfast – that is becoming a habit! I worked all morning, in between making copious cups of tea.

Lunch was soup again, but no bread as we have run out. No bad thing really, I had a slice of Leerdammer Light crumbled on top instead. Different, and actually very nice, tasty and a portion of protein too.

This afternoon the window guys left, so I tidied up, hoovered and dusted – there is con dust everywhere. It’s rained most of the afternoon, so we donned hats and jackets and went on a short walk around the block instead of a jiggle. I’m pleased we just walked as the leg has been quite sore today, and is still quite swollen, so I’m sure a bit of a rest will not be a bad thing.


Poor little lambs have no idea what rain is, and by the look of how they were hiding under hedges, they are not keen!

Home and dinner was a sausage and butter bean casserole with sprouts and cabbage.

I have also to report a new addiction. I love mini Cheddars – the little cheese biscuits. I normally buy a multi pack of small bags so I can have one in the evening if I fancy it. This week the multi pack I bought had three different flavours – the normal cheese ones, a barbecue flavour (not tried those yet), and a cheese and onion flavour – OMG! They are just wonderful! I have had a bag two nights running. Unfortunately there are only two in the pack – I need to find more! Tonight I’ll have to try the barbecue ones – I hope they are not as good otherwise I’ll have a real dilemma on my hands!

Tomorrow I have work in the morning, then I shall venture into town for a bit of retail therapy. I hope you have a lovely day.


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White Rabbits!

Happy February!

February brings the signs of spring, love, valentines and ….. Pancake Day! Just too exciting! I can not wait!

Today has flown by – I love days like that! I must admit that I chickened out of running – the temperature was still below zero (Celsius – that’s 32 degrees Fahrenheit) at lunch, so by mid afternoon it was well below that, and despite it being quite clear I just could not face going out there! I made do with some strength training indoors!

It’s days like today that I really wish we had a treadmill. Well, maybe not, I hate those things, but you know what I mean! I feel VERY guilty that I did not go out, but there you go. Choices.

Today started bright, but not too early as I worked from home, I was writing emails in my dressing gown before taking a break to get showered and dressed! The morning flew by and before I knew it lunch was upon us and my first treat of the week – soup! I am so easily pleased – a tin of Heinz Tomato soup and I am anyone’s! I had a slice of multi-seedy bread with a little butter to dunk in. Heaven!

Afternoon flew by with multi spreadsheets and many emails, but I took a quick break just after 3pm to throw together a sausage and butter bean casserole for dinner. It couldn’t be easier, and so tasty – just brown some sausages in a shallow casserole dish, add a tin of chopped tomatoes (I use Sainsbury’s with garlic and olive oil) and a drained tin of butter beans, and a teaspoon of English mustard. Let it cook slowly until you want to eat it! We ate it with a pile of cabbage and Brussels sprouts – Mmmm!

Happily, I have consumed no chocolate today – that’s a first for the week! The other night I managed to eat the three bags of chocolate buttons I had bought to last me the week (joke!), so I have none left. No bad thing really!

Tomorrow I am not going to be a chicken – I will go out running – what ever the temperature! Honest Gov!

Happy Thursday!

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Still Tapping Away


Yup – I’m still tap tap tapping at the keyboard writing this novel – it’s actually going well, which I am a bit reluctant to write in case things go down hill, but not to worry! I have had some reasonable ideas to work with this year, and the writing has flowed without too much bother – but it all takes time. Most of my evenings are now spent with a keyboard keeping my knee quite hot! I am over a quarter of the way through now, so all is well.

In other news, I went to the office today, which meant I was not so good on the food front I’m afraid. I took a strawberry smoothie to have for breakfast, a banana as a snack, my cheese salad, and two yogurts. Well, I ate all of that, plus and aero bar, plus a pack of After Eight mints – not a whole box, just one of those tubes – bad enough, but probably not as bad as it could have been. Then I got home and hubby had done sausages for dinner – I just had two with a bit of salad, but that took me over my daily calorie allowance. Ho Hum. And it’s Weigh In tomorrow. Oh dear – i wonder what the scales will say about me stuffing my face today?

No run today as I was late home, it was dark, cold and raining. I’m working at home tomorrow so I hope both the food and the exercise will be a better story.

Meanwhile – more writing to do, so excuse me dipping out early.

Have a lovely Wednesday!



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