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Eleven of Fifteen

What a lovely sunset we had yesterday!


Today I have had a few problems swallowing – to be expected, but it is quite sore. I have also started to moult! In addition, I have a bright red forehead! I look very sunburnt, but I’m not – its just the treatment! If that’s not enough my hair is falling out left, right and centre! I even got a strip of Sellotape out and started to collect the hairs – DIY wig! 🙂

We travelled to radiotherapy this afternoon and was seen promptly. Treatment was fine and the radiographers arrange for me to see a doctor about eating. I said I was happy to lose a few pounds (!) but I got a severe telling off and told to over eat to cope with the treatment. Doctor had a look and it’s not radiotherapy swelling that is causing me discomfort swallowing – turns out I have thrush!

How on earth can any bug survive in my bombarded body?!?

Anyway, I now have a 5 day course of tablets and fingers crossed all will be well soon!

When we got home we found this lady eating the hedge!


That would make anyone smile!

More of the same tomorrow – plus a final meeting at work to seal my retirement date. I have a feeling it will be quite emotional. Ho hum.

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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Bring On the Weekend

It’s been a long old week hasn’t it? I’m very much looking forward to a bit of a lie in tomorrow.

Today I was at home again – still no car. The garage chappy tells me that they have found the leak – but obviously drowned my little car in doing so! The carpets are now out and drying and the whole car is inside and being dried. On Monday hopefully it will be all dried out and they can seal the leak. After that it all needs to dry and get cleaned. Fingers crossed I should have it back by Wednesday.

Work was good – got everything done I wanted to, and managed soup and a roll for lunch. Mid afternoon I went to make coffee and found this –


Eddie Mouse eating the Fortnum Florentines! I confiscated them!

At just after 4pm I packed up my work and we headed out for a walk. It’s rained most of the day so I got togged up in fleeces, big jacket, hat, gloves and thick socks.


We got caught in a sharp shower – but it could have been worse.


Tomorrow we are shopping and I have an eye test too. Lovely!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Another at-home day today, so, as promised – the girls!


I just love watching them – so beautiful. See the frost? That’s been there for three days now. Brrr! Now they are giving out flood warnings – strange old weather.

Lots of work done today, and a lovely bowl of soup with a roll for lunch. I really pushed the boat out and put a bit of butter on the roll as today is a fast day so that was my food for the day. I’m now working my way up to changing ready to go and play badminton for an hour. Quite looking forward to it – despite being starving already!

Home again tomorrow, I hope we don’t get washed away! Have a fab Friday! I’ll leave you with a couple more of the girls.


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Our sheep are back! We have a whole pile of them back in the field across the road – so lovely! I can see them from the office window – if you wave at them they look up at you! I bet they think we are stupid! 🙂 They’re a bit round too – I think there may be lambs soon.

I’ll try and get a photo tomorrow – they weren’t let into the field until quite late, so the light wasn’t good enough.

You can probably tell I worked at home today, so save a quick pit stop for soup at lunch I worked through until 4pm when we headed out for a walk.


It was getting dark – but we did dress appropriately.


It was freezing again – the lanes were still icy where the sun had not got to – we walked carefully. Mid afternoon hubby had made a chicken curry, so that was cooking whilst we were out. When we got back I cooked some cauliflower and added frozen peas and some of the curry ‘juice’ to make a fabulous veg dish to go with the chicken. Yummy!

Home again tomorrow – I may have a nice long chat with a sheep!

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