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It’s been a chillin’ out kind of weekend. I can’t say I’ve sat and done nothing, but everything has been done at a typical Devonian pace – slowly!

I’m still covered in red blotchy spotty stuff – head to toe – so much for antihistamines! It itches a bit, but not too bad, thankfully.

Yesterday we did town, coffee and shopping and then went for a short around-the-block walk.


Lovely day! I really love days when you get those little white fluffy clouds.


Today I have faffed around the house before putting in the beef to roast and heading out for the same walk again. Get me!


There be dragons! 🙂


And food! Mmm – autumn is so lovely!

Tomorrow I go into work for the last time to have farewell drinks. Not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not. Ho hum.

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Nice to be Home

It’s been really nice to get back into an ‘at home’ routine. Yesterday we did shopping and stocked up the fridge and cupboards, today has been lazy!

At Sainsbury’s yesterday I finally saw my first piece of ‘Art Everywhere’.


Strange seeing this in a car park! The best was on the other side – Holbein and Hocking’s! 🙂



Today I got up late – I’m sure sleeping is helping with the healing. I am eating a little more each day, so that is great news. On the up! I weigh myself each week and have been a wee bit despondent during chemo as I managed to pile on an average of 2 pounds a week! Now I know why they do radiotherapy second – you lose a pile of weight because you can’t eat! Last week I lost 3 pounds, this week I lost a further 3.75 pounds. I’m close to my pre-treatment weight now!

Today I ventured out for a walk – slowly! 🙂

I met Jiminy Cricket –


Bit weird isn’t he! And we scared some sheep!


They ran like crazy just because we looked at them from the lane!

I watched the F1 Grand Prix and then rounded off the day by making a beef stew (with red wine) and dumplings. Yummy stuff! I ate a whole dumpling and some meat and four bits of carrot – mega eating for me!

Looking forward to a whole week at home now.

Have a marvellous Monday!

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London Trip

We had a lovely few days in London!


We spent half our time shopping, and half ‘doing’ art galleries! We started Tuesday afternoon at the National Portrait Gallery and seeing the Laura Knight exhibition. She was an incredibly talented lady – I enjoyed all of her work.

And cake!


There is a new occupant of the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square too –



So, Wednesday we went to the Tate to see the Lowry exhibition. Nice – but I didn’t think anything was spectacular though. Along with entry to Lowry, we got entry to see Patrick Caufield too. Not someone I was familiar with, but some of his work blew me away! Stunning stuff! I was very very impressed and it certainly made up for being disappointed at Lowry!

Wednesday was also the day I rang the Radiographers at my hospital to see if they could give me some tips on eating and drinking. It is really painful to do either and I just eat and drink tiny amounts. The doc I spoke to said I should go to the nearest hospital and get admitted! The ‘do not pass go’ type instruction was ignored – sorry Doc! No way I’m spending time in hospital in London. I bought water and started sipping.

And went shopping!


Mmm! How much?!?


Fed some squirrels too!


Thursday we had just half a day – we did some wandering, had cake at the National Gallery and found Harrods! They do great chocolate – which I bought (naturally!) for when I can eat again.

Do you take eating and drinking for granted? I used to! My advice – don’t! Enjoy every mouthful – you should appreciate this amazing opportunity to refuel. I can’t wait to get a bit better and be able to eat more than one morsel at a time and drink a whole cup of tea! 🙂

One last picture – we happened upon the changing of the guard on the way to Trafalgar Square – it was raining. Poor guys – they looked so shiny!


Back home and back into a routine now. Have a superb Saturday!

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Fifteen of Fifteen!

Done it! All fifteen sessions of radiotherapy done and dusted!

I haven’t escaped unscathed – I have ‘sunburn’ from the radiation on my head, back, side, chest and forehead, I have no hair left, I have a tennis ball in my throat that makes eating extremely uncomfortable and I have permanent indigestion – bit I’m here, I made it! 🙂

Rocking the bald sunburnt look!


We went early to Exeter to have a look around the shops and went ape hunting!


There are several around town – aren’t they great? This one was not far from Carluccio’s where we stopped for coffee and shared a strawberry tart.


We sat on the sunny side of the street!

Treatment done, I left the radiographers with a box of chocolates and we skipped out of the hospital!

Now I can look forward to all the side effects gradually getting better over the next 2 – 4 weeks. Next Tuesday we go to London for three days – getting excited now!

Tomorrow we are parting with hubby ‘s old car – now we are both home we don’t need two cars. My car is much newer, and will also go when the new Audi arrives, so we will keep that one until then. It will be sad to see the Rover go though.

Have a smashing Saturday!

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Lazy Weekend


Oh – how I have enjoyed no radiotherapy! My head is very grateful. It itches like crazy and my whole forehead is almost red raw – but it is getting better!

Yesterday we did a spot of lazy shopping then I did a lot of lazy watching of the athletics – good old Mo! 🙂

Today we spent the morning faffing and stuff – I picked the rhubarb and stewed it before stirring in some strawberries to make a lovely compote. This afternoon I shifted my posterior and we went for a walk whilst the lamb roasted.


I rubbed the lamb with crushed garlic and rosemary in olive oil, added some water and tightly covered in foil. It sat in the oven for three hours!


My fav shot is a puddle shot of the beacon:



Eating was quite painful – well – swallowing is, so I ate modestly. I may raid the ice cream later!

Now I am back on the sofa watching the athletics again. Joy!

Back on it tomorrow – my last 5 days of radiotherapy to the chest. I’m counting down the days.

I hope you have a marvellous Monday!

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Four of Fifteen



We saw the consultant today too – she was happy with progress and gave us some fabulous news – my brain CT was clear – no tumours there! Phew!

She recommended paracetamol for my head ache, but apart from that, all is well.

After hospital we did a bit of shopping before home.



Tonight we have done an hour of badminton and I’m shattered! Nearly time to hit the hay. Five of fifteen tomorrow then we get the weekend off! Yeah!

Have a fab Friday!

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Busy Week

Yesterday’s hospital visit was a bit of a whirlwind with three separate appointments in one go.

I started off with some nice men who made a mask for my head treatment. That entailed having a warm plastic sheet draped over my face, then pressed down and cooled to set – weird, but fine.
Then we went to the radiology suite and they did a trial run of the chest treatment. They took some time to get me into the right position, then did X-rays and scans to make sure all is well. It was. Phew!

Then to the CT room where they had the mask and I was positioned in the scanner and the mask clipped down to the bed and scanned. Again, all okay. Finally we had a chat to the lady in charge and given 15 appointments – one each weekday starting on Monday. I will be pleased when we start and I know what happens! Strange how not knowing is a bit unsettling!

After all of that, we headed off into Exeter for some lunch at Carluccio’s.


Lovely! After a bit of wandering, more coffee on Cathedral Green.


Home in time for half a sandwich and off for our usual badminton session.

Today we have spent pottering at home. Chilling out! Just what we needed after yesterday’s madness!

Have a super Saturday – I may well be shopping via the beach! 🙂

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Happy July!

July already! I wonder when summer will start?

Irrespective of the chilly weather, we paid a short visit to the beach today.


We had a walk around Westward Ho! as hubby had a dentist appointment in Bideford. That warranted a walk on the beach and a wander around the shops at Atlantic Village.


And coffee of course! Not my favourite coffee shop, but it was needed and the only choice!


Chilly and grey today, but we made the best of it.


Pretty foxgloves in the hedgerows at the moment – along with wild strawberries – yummy!


Tomorrow we see a new doctor – the radiotherapy specialist. We should get to know what, when and why. I must say I am looking forward to the next stage of the journey to keep the cancer at bay.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and happy July!

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Run a Bit, Walk a Lot

Finally we got out in appropriate clothing to start running again. Hubby has new shoes!


First – this morning we did the shopping, first popping into town for some bits and bobs and coffee!


And cake! Strawberry cheesecake to be exact – it was lovely!

Then on to Sainsbury’s for food shopping, then home. The showers became few & far between mid afternoon so that’s when we ventured down the lanes. Met these ladies too –


I think they were staring at hubby’s new shoes! 🙂

Tomorrow they are forecasting rain, so I may have to sit and read a book!

Have a smashing Sunday!

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Nothing Much!

The past couple of days we have spent at home, mainly doing very little!

I have done a bit of gardening.


I have also sat in the sun reading. I finished one Stephen King novel – the additional book as part of the Dark Tower series – I have read all the rest! Now I am half way through his 11.22.63 book. Love his writing!

We did get a walk yesterday as said hello to a few ladies out enjoying the sun too.


They didn’t like us much and ran away to a safe distance and stared!


Strange creatures!

Tomorrow we have an arts group meeting in the evening including a buffet dinner – should be fun!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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