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Pin Cushion

This morning saw a very early start for me as I had to be at the hospital by 9am.


I hate being late, so I left home at 8am and was an acceptable 10 mins early for my appointment. Despite having the first appointment of the day, the staff kept me waiting a further 10 minutes past my appointment before the fun and games started.

First a chest X-Ray, no problem there. Then on to the CT scan. I had no idea what to expect but a very nice doctor chap talked me through the process. I had to drink dye that would light up my intestines (joy!), then they would inject a different dye that would light up my veins (double joy!). I drank the drink then got taken into a room with a nurse to fit a cannula. Poor nurse had two goes in two different places before giving up. I got taken into the scan room, laid down and a second nurse had a go. Finally they called the nice doctor chap back and he did it first go!

I don’t know why they had such a problem – I have had four separate blood tests in the last couple of months and the practice nurse had no problems at all.

So, pin cushion-like I laid still whilst they took pictures, remotely injected the dye through the cannula. It was a very strange experience – it was hot and tasted awful, I felt it travel through me, and it felt like I had wet myself – happily they did warn me of these! Then more pictures. All done in just a couple of minutes. Phew!

I had to hang around for 10 minutes to make sure all was well, so I had coffee in the cafe and then left.

I await the results.

The rest of the day I worked at home, then at 4pm we went for our walk – not getting any warmer!


I wonder if we will get snow?


Dinner was a real treat – aged organic sirloin steak, chips, peas – and gravy! OMG! Chips and gravy are soooo good! I was dragged up in Lincolnshire, so chips and gravy was a staple at home. I can’t remember the last time I made it though. Certainly ‘comfort food’ and has made what was a pretty tough day seem so much better.

Tomorrow – more working from home. I think it will be a late start! Have a wicked Wednesday!

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Shiny new lambs! 🙂 I know – they are a long way away and my phone camera does not do them justice – but they are there!


See? Four of them!

So, working at home today so we decided to walk at lunch as the sun was shining and hubby had a late afternoon appointment to go to. Just wonderful to see the sun!


Lovely walk – followed by soup. Yummy!

I got a new book today too –


Watching Dr Michael Mosley’s television programme started us down the fasting route, but I know we cheat way too much! I’m hoping that the book will renew our efforts.

I’ll let you know!

Spring Chicken for dinner – looking forward to that. Another day working at home tomorrow, followed by badminton. Too exciting!

Have a tremendous Thursday!

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We Have Turkey!

Happy Christmas Eve!

I’m ready – I hope you are all done and sitting relaxing with a smile on your face.

I had one awful night last night – I think I coughed every 20 minutes. Couple that with some nasty side effects of the antibiotics and by the time I got up this morning I was exhausted!

I cried off my opticians appointment due to the local flooding but we headed out to Sainsbury’s to pick up the turkey. It took a while to get there, but I got our turkey crown, pigs in blankets, some wine, milk and yogurt (to counter-act the antibiotics!). We are done! I have all the shopping so we are ready for Christmas!

I also rang the doctor to try and get some antibiotics that weren’t quite so poisonous! I got an appointment late afternoon, so we took advantage of a brief respite in the weather to go for a walk.


Just a tiny bit of brightness!


Lovely to be out. By the time we had got home and out again to the doctors it was raining again. Ho hum!

I am now the proud owner of some different antibiotics and half a litre of cough medicine. Heck! I think we are going for the “kill or cure” option!

Tomorrow it is all about the food – and hopefully a run – or walk – maybe at the beach!

Happy Christmas! 🙂

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I have a cold! If I was a bloke – it would be flu! I have snuffled and sneezed my way through the day. To add insult to injury, the antibiotics have upset my tummy! Oh dear – what a state!

Despite my battered state I spent the morning out in the garden clearing out gutters that the birds have filled with moss from the roof! It’s wonderful stuff – all splodgy! We have gained a stream flowing down our garden path too:


It seems to be flowing from a hole in the little wall from the church yard behind us. It’s flowing down into the conservatory and down a drain. Happily no damage is being done. Unlike lots of houses that have been flooded in and around Devon & Cornwall. I have just watched the news and a helicopter and boat rescue of a lady swept down flood water not three miles from here. Scary stuff.

I did garlic and rosemary rubbed roast lamb for dinner with roast veg – it looked fabulous but I couldn’t taste a thing! Shame. Hopefully my cold is on it’s way out and I will be better tomorrow.

On the cards for tomorrow – pick up contact lenses, pick up turkey, hibernate!

Have a marvellous Monday!


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What a difference a day makes – as the song proclaims! Today – rain, mizzle, fog and general dimpsy-ness, a stark contrast to yesterday’s sunshine.

My day started early, a bit of work and then a drive to the doctors surgery for more blood tests. Not a great way to start the day – nurse seemed to struggle a bit and had a painful rummage around! Still, soon done and I was on my way home for a well earned coffee.

Work, then lunch of soup again – definitely soup weather! Work all afternoon then we got togged up to face the fog.


Very spooky out there – roads to nowhere!


The forecast is more rain, so it was good to get out at all, mizzle is much better than full on rain!

Last working day tomorrow before my Christmas holiday commences. Yeah!

Have s terrific Thursday!

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Double Done

What a lovely day it has been!


Another smashing day working at home, so having done loads this morning and a quick bowl of soup for lunch, we headed out. We decided to go for our walk at lunch today to make the most of the sunshine.


It was just lovely out and I really enjoyed the sunshine before settling back in front of the computer for the afternoon.

The forecast is for rain tomorrow, so having seen that, hubby decided we should try a bit of running! Here we go! I’m rubbish at running at the moment – my cough is some sort of lung infection (excuse #1) and I’m fat (excuse #2)! I did my best run/walk effort and finished 2 miles in just over 30 minutes. All things considered – not bad. Well – actually it is bad, but it’s a start!

The view home with the mummy-to-be sheep, out house and the church behind:


Yes – it’s uphill!

Another good day for me – have a wicked Wednesday!

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Bring On the Weekend

It’s been a long old week hasn’t it? I’m very much looking forward to a bit of a lie in tomorrow.

Today I was at home again – still no car. The garage chappy tells me that they have found the leak – but obviously drowned my little car in doing so! The carpets are now out and drying and the whole car is inside and being dried. On Monday hopefully it will be all dried out and they can seal the leak. After that it all needs to dry and get cleaned. Fingers crossed I should have it back by Wednesday.

Work was good – got everything done I wanted to, and managed soup and a roll for lunch. Mid afternoon I went to make coffee and found this –


Eddie Mouse eating the Fortnum Florentines! I confiscated them!

At just after 4pm I packed up my work and we headed out for a walk. It’s rained most of the day so I got togged up in fleeces, big jacket, hat, gloves and thick socks.


We got caught in a sharp shower – but it could have been worse.


Tomorrow we are shopping and I have an eye test too. Lovely!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Another at-home day today, so, as promised – the girls!


I just love watching them – so beautiful. See the frost? That’s been there for three days now. Brrr! Now they are giving out flood warnings – strange old weather.

Lots of work done today, and a lovely bowl of soup with a roll for lunch. I really pushed the boat out and put a bit of butter on the roll as today is a fast day so that was my food for the day. I’m now working my way up to changing ready to go and play badminton for an hour. Quite looking forward to it – despite being starving already!

Home again tomorrow, I hope we don’t get washed away! Have a fab Friday! I’ll leave you with a couple more of the girls.


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Brrr – quite a frost today but a beautiful blue sky day. Unfortunately appointments meant that we didn’t get our walk today.

I worked at home today, so emails all sorted and prep done for meetings tomorrow. Lunch was soup and a roll – fast becoming my go-to lunch. This afternoon I drove over to the main Health Centre to see my doctor to get the results of blood tests and chest X-ray. Happily no bad news, but the X-ray did show what the specialist thinks is an infection. The blood tests were fine.

Next step is to see how the antibiotics go, then decide whether to do a follow up X-ray, or go for an MRI to see if there are any changes. The doctor is thinking that an MRI would be preferable so next week I am having more blood tests to check my liver function – evidently this has to be done as the MRI involves injecting die and the body has to be capable of processing it.

So – two more appointments next week – Wednesday blood tests, Friday with the doctor to discuss what next. I’m happy that they are not giving up on me!

Dinner was fabulous! I did the leg of lamb, rubbed with a mix of garlic, rosemary and olive oil and cooked in an inch of water, under foil for 4 hours! I did a tray of roasted veg to go with it. It was so good! I’m a bit full now! 🙂

Tomorrow I am back in the office so a nice early start! Have a tiptop Tuesday!

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Art & Tart

The menu planning has gone a bit wobbly today. I had planned low roast lamb a la Nigel Slater (rubbed with garlic and rosemary crushed with olive oil) but I had forgotten that we were due to be out all afternoon!

I am nothing if not flexible, so tomorrows fast was moved to today and I’ll do the lamb tomorrow!

So, the church bells woke me at 9.30am and I spent the whole morning faffing, cleaning and washing. I had a bowl of soup for lunch and then we headed out. Hubby volunteered us to steward the Burton Art Gallery’s Christmas exhibition from 2pm until 4pm.


There were some lovely pictures on show.


I love the zebra, but I think this lovely dog is my favourite.


There was pottery, jewellery and craft work as well as pictures. Love these Christmas bells!


We met some nice folks in the two hours, had two cups of coffee and one lemon tart. Oh – that was a fabulously lemony lemon tart! That’s it for food today – I’m already looking forward to that lamb tomorrow!

Happily I am working at home tomorrow, and have my appointment with the doc to get the results of my chest X ray and blood tests – fingers crossed!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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