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London Trip

We had a lovely few days in London!


We spent half our time shopping, and half ‘doing’ art galleries! We started Tuesday afternoon at the National Portrait Gallery and seeing the Laura Knight exhibition. She was an incredibly talented lady – I enjoyed all of her work.

And cake!


There is a new occupant of the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square too –



So, Wednesday we went to the Tate to see the Lowry exhibition. Nice – but I didn’t think anything was spectacular though. Along with entry to Lowry, we got entry to see Patrick Caufield too. Not someone I was familiar with, but some of his work blew me away! Stunning stuff! I was very very impressed and it certainly made up for being disappointed at Lowry!

Wednesday was also the day I rang the Radiographers at my hospital to see if they could give me some tips on eating and drinking. It is really painful to do either and I just eat and drink tiny amounts. The doc I spoke to said I should go to the nearest hospital and get admitted! The ‘do not pass go’ type instruction was ignored – sorry Doc! No way I’m spending time in hospital in London. I bought water and started sipping.

And went shopping!


Mmm! How much?!?


Fed some squirrels too!


Thursday we had just half a day – we did some wandering, had cake at the National Gallery and found Harrods! They do great chocolate – which I bought (naturally!) for when I can eat again.

Do you take eating and drinking for granted? I used to! My advice – don’t! Enjoy every mouthful – you should appreciate this amazing opportunity to refuel. I can’t wait to get a bit better and be able to eat more than one morsel at a time and drink a whole cup of tea! 🙂

One last picture – we happened upon the changing of the guard on the way to Trafalgar Square – it was raining. Poor guys – they looked so shiny!


Back home and back into a routine now. Have a superb Saturday!

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Home Again

Sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday – it was busy! I have had a good couple of days at the work conference, and enjoyed a couple of nights out in London.


Yesterday we ran from the conference to the Tate to get a look at the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition – some amazing pictures! We then did a quick whizz around a couple of other rooms in the gallery – lovely!


Then we walked along the river, across Westminster Bridge & along the South Bank. We had dinner at Pizza Express (great food) and then walked some more.


Mainly in the dark!


This morning it was more conference until lunch and then a long walk through the parks to Paddington. Along the way we fed the squirrels! Just adorable.

Two and a half hours on the train and an hours drive later we are home. You can’t get any more different! Here it is silent and green. Phew!

Tonight we are playing badminton! It will be a poor excuse after all the walking we have done and I am really tired now and we haven’t started yet!

Have a lovely evening and fabulous Friday.

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New View

I moved offices today, so now I have a lovely new desk, new phone and a new view! I still have my old computer – but you can’t have everything. It’s a nice view, ground floor, and I can see green lawns and a lovely big walnut tree. The people who work in that area already tell me that squirrels visit too – I’ll look forward to that!

Work was work – apart from the additional exercise of humping boxes, chairs and even a bookcase down from the second floor to the lower ground floor – interestingly I got stuck in the lift with the bookcase! I got in there just fine, but could not shift it around to get out again – hilarious! I made it eventually (obviously or I would not be typing this!) but it made me laugh at the time.

I wimped out making salad for my lunch and just took a couple of greek yogurts and some lemon curd to stir in – they filled me up nicely and lasted until dinner. I may try that again when I am feeling particularly lazy. Dinner was the rest of last night’s Quiche and some nice fresh salad hubby put together and had ready for me when I walked in the door. Bless! The drive home was evil – Scotland have storms and 165 mph winds and we have lashing rain and 60 mph winds. Obviously we got the better end od that deal, but it was still hard driving with all the surface water and lashing rain in the dark. I was quite exhausted when I got home.

Tonight I am doing precisely nothing. I will veg out in front of the television and do no thinking what so ever!

Tomorrow is Friday – such a great day of the week don’t you think? I’m working at home – double great!

I hope you have a lovely day.

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