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Nothing Much!

The past couple of days we have spent at home, mainly doing very little!

I have done a bit of gardening.


I have also sat in the sun reading. I finished one Stephen King novel – the additional book as part of the Dark Tower series – I have read all the rest! Now I am half way through his 11.22.63 book. Love his writing!

We did get a walk yesterday as said hello to a few ladies out enjoying the sun too.


They didn’t like us much and ran away to a safe distance and stared!


Strange creatures!

Tomorrow we have an arts group meeting in the evening including a buffet dinner – should be fun!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Staying In & The Week Ahead

Today we have spent the whole day pottering about at home. Made a lovely change after running about in Amsterdam!

This morning I did the accounts and bits in the office until lunch. I had a bit of toast with my favourite Jarlesberg cheese for lunch, then we headed out for a walk.


We did 3.5 miles around the lanes in the sunshine, stopping only to admire the hedgerow plants.


Lovely to see the foxgloves starting to flower too.


After getting home we sat and enjoyed tea in the garden before doing a bit of weeding and more pottering around the garden. I did slow roast lamb and roast vegetables for dinner and now I am glued to the sofa ready to watch the Canadian F1 Grand Prix.

Next week is scan week – I have my CT scan on Thursday and then see the oncologist a week on Tuesday when we find out how things are going. All fingers are firmly crossed for good news!

Have a merry Monday!

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What a lovely few days we have had – so nice to see the sunshine!

We have done a bit of this and a bit of that, but nothing very exciting I’m afraid! The garden has some new friends –


Mr Bee – he goes banana’s when the wind blows!


And – Mrs Ladybird:


Cute aren’t they? 🙂

As well as shopping, today we visited a new wildlife centre opened just this morning.


It’s very pretty, with lots of walks around the quarry lakes.


I enjoyed our walk but actually saw more wildlife in our garden! When we got home I sat out and watched the squirrels and birds playing in the garden. Makes you smile!

Tomorrow we are taking the bikes to the Tarka Trail for a bit of pedalling by the river – I hope it doesn’t rain!

Have a superb Saturday!

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It was nice to see the sun again today, so finishing what we started in the garden yesterday was on the cards.

This morning we faffed about and I booked the airport parking for Amsterdam and did a bit of looking around for boat trips. The afternoon was spent getting the rest of the ivy off the workshop.


It now needs some tlc and a pot of paint! I spent the rest of the time either making tea or shredding the evidence! Tomorrow we have a chappie coming to lay the hedge properly – never has our garden been so tidy! There is much more to do, but hopefully once it is done it will be easier to look after.

I hope it’s nice weather again tomorrow – we are on a roll!

Have a terrific Thursday!

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My thoughts are with those who suffered in Boston, and for those for whom a marathon will never quite be the same. Such a dreadful thing.

Our holiday continues though.

Today we walked around the bay, then took the ferry from Rock to Padstow with BunBun.


We had a wander around the harbour and shops in lovely sunshine.


Then lunch!


Home and another walk.


Then surfing! Some seriously fun walls of water today – such fun! Except the bit where you have to get into and out of a wetsuit!

Completely shattered now so beer and bed are on my agenda!

Have a wicked (surf dude speak!) Wednesday!

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An at-home day today, which basically means I didn’t do much! I found loads of stuff on the Internet that I read. Full stop!

We did go for a walk though – it’s not getting any warmer!


You know already that I love sheep – I love lambs even more! So nice to see them all enjoying the dry weather.


This is the view from the front of our house:


Tonight I need the sofa and an open fire – happily, I have both!


Have a wonderful evening and a wicked Wednesday!

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Finally we got to see the sun today!


It was late afternoon by the time the clouds parted and we saw this lovely sunshine – enough to brighten any day.


So nice to get out of the house, all wrapped up and out for our walk.



Tomorrow is the day I get to see the consultant – at least we may know a bit more. Fingers crossed.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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Enjoying the Sun

A few random bits for you today!

I am so looking forward to the Olympics! I’m watching Boris on the television in Hyde Park with 60,000 people! Wow! I may be just about as far as you can get from London, but I am still very excited! There are Union Flags flying in our offices, in my village, and all around Devon!

I have taken the week off work for the last week of the Games – I’m so looking forward to watching the athletes at the top of their performance. I love track & field, but also the swimming (go Rebecca!) and the badminton and everything!

On a different subject, the foot is still huge, but we went for a walk after dinner when the sun was still shining.


The farmers have been busy again.


Just lovely out today, unfortunately I spent most of it in the office, which actually makes coming home to this all the more enjoyable.


Food wise I have eaten too much today, banana & almond butter for breakfast, ham salad and yogurt for lunch, corned beef and salad for dinner. Plus, I had a bag of crisps mid afternoon!

Happily I have met my Nike+ Fuel target for the day, so exercise has been good.

I leave you with ‘the foot’ as of this minute!



Have a fantastic Friday folks!

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Super Sunshine

What a lovely day again, so nice the lovely weather has come at the weekend.

We made the most of the weather – shorts on and off we went to Mortehoe for a walk along the coast path.


We did 3 miles in the heat, then retreated back to the village for coffee. This afternoon we also did our usual walk around the village – far too nice to be indoors!


Making hay whilst the sun shines! 🙂

We have done so much today I have easily made my Nike+ Fuel target today – tomorrow may be another matter as I am back at the office.

Food today has been great – I had a little ham and some salad I shared with hubby at Mortehoe for lunch, then cooked roast lamb for dinner with cabbage, green beans and carrots. I was starving!

Back to work tomorrow – I hope you have a lovely Monday!

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Summer’s Here!

What a fantastic day! The sun has shone all day – a bit hazy – but hot! T shirt and shorts type hot. 🙂

We faffed about with the morning and decided to have lunch at home before heading out. For lunch I had a bread roll that I got at Sainsbury’s yesterday – cheese and onion bread. OMG – you have to try one if you are anywhere near a Sainsbury’s with a bakery! Amazingly gorgeous bread, although I dread to think how many calories! Still, I had the roll with a small bit of Cornish Brie and a sliced tomato.

Off we went to Westward Ho!


Plenty of people around enjoying the beach and the sea. I can’t wait for my leg to heal and we can give those waves a go in our swanky new wetsuits! It was lovely out and we walked just over 2 miles along the beach, where the tide was out far enough to reveal a very unseaworthy boat.


After our walk we headed into Bideford to the Cafe in the Parc for coffee and a slice of fruit cheesecake. Mmmm! Home, a quick cup of tea and out for a trot around the block 2.25 miles, average pace 17mm again. I was dressed for a walk, so jiggling was too hot and too bouncy! 🙂 It was good to be out though.

Dinner was Thai Green Prawn curry with stir fry vegetables – nice, but I could only get tiny prawns and it just wasn’t the same!

Today the leg has been okay, but the bottom of my foot is sore, almost bruised, but I have no idea why. The bruising down my shin is still there, as is the numbness, which I actually think is getting more widespread, creeping up my shin. Interesting!

The weather is set fair for a few days now, so I hope we can make the most of it. Tomorrow I shall go out dressed to run, and then walk a bit, it’s all about attitude don’t you think? If I head out for a walk, that’s what I’ll do, if I head out for a run – well – who knows!

Have a great day all!


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