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Eleven of Fifteen

What a lovely sunset we had yesterday!


Today I have had a few problems swallowing – to be expected, but it is quite sore. I have also started to moult! In addition, I have a bright red forehead! I look very sunburnt, but I’m not – its just the treatment! If that’s not enough my hair is falling out left, right and centre! I even got a strip of Sellotape out and started to collect the hairs – DIY wig! 🙂

We travelled to radiotherapy this afternoon and was seen promptly. Treatment was fine and the radiographers arrange for me to see a doctor about eating. I said I was happy to lose a few pounds (!) but I got a severe telling off and told to over eat to cope with the treatment. Doctor had a look and it’s not radiotherapy swelling that is causing me discomfort swallowing – turns out I have thrush!

How on earth can any bug survive in my bombarded body?!?

Anyway, I now have a 5 day course of tablets and fingers crossed all will be well soon!

When we got home we found this lady eating the hedge!


That would make anyone smile!

More of the same tomorrow – plus a final meeting at work to seal my retirement date. I have a feeling it will be quite emotional. Ho hum.

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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