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Home Again

After a week of non-stop activity, we are back home and struggling back into a ‘normal’ routine.

Yesterday we drove home via Tintagel and then Boscastle, leaving this lovely place for a while.


Now we have to wait until Tuesday when I have an appointment with a radiology specialist to tell us what is happening next. Once we know what is expected of us we will book a weekend in Cornwall. I won a 3 night stay in an auction a while ago, but need to know what our radiotherapy will consist of before I can arrange dates.

We also want to book a couple of nights in London to see the Lowry exhibition at the Tate. 🙂

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the optician too see about contact lenses – I am completely fed up with wearing glasses all the time. The chemo, or maybe the steroids, have really made my eyes poor.

That means a trip to town – so shopping and coffee may be on the cards!

Have a super Saturday!

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Fresh Air & Exercise

Every day of our holiday we have spent maximum hours out and about! We have walked, run/walked, played Matkot, surfed & hiked – huge fun!


Warm too! I have flip-flop feet!


We are determined to keep as fit as we can & make up for some excellent food.


Happy & enjoying everyday! Have a terrific day!

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We are having a great holiday! The sun has shone and I have walked miles!


We have been surfing too, and invested in bats and balls!


It’s been exhausting!


Today we took the ferry to Padstow and had fish & chips for lunch.


We made up for them by walking, an hours surfing and then an hour bat and ball on the beach. I think we worked off all the calories because I am starving again!

Time for this soon –


Have a terrific Tuesday!

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My thoughts are with those who suffered in Boston, and for those for whom a marathon will never quite be the same. Such a dreadful thing.

Our holiday continues though.

Today we walked around the bay, then took the ferry from Rock to Padstow with BunBun.


We had a wander around the harbour and shops in lovely sunshine.


Then lunch!


Home and another walk.


Then surfing! Some seriously fun walls of water today – such fun! Except the bit where you have to get into and out of a wetsuit!

Completely shattered now so beer and bed are on my agenda!

Have a wicked (surf dude speak!) Wednesday!

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Sun, Sand & Surf

Oh yes we did!


The waves were mad today, so it had to be done!

Before that we had a nice walk around the coast path.


Then around the St Moritz hotel where they have the cutest beach huts around the pool!


Then we did lunch, then I squeezed myself into my wetsuit and we had an hour or so of madness. I could hardly stand up such was the force of the water! It was huge fun and I am shattered! I’m going to sleep well tonight!



Have a marvellous Monday!

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It’s hard to believe we were in the sea on Sunday – today it has snowed! The wind has been extreme in both strength and coldness!

We stayed around the cottage all morning save a quick forage to the Spar shop for supplies – a French stick to have with cheese for lunch and some bacon and eggs to do a fry up for dinner tonight.


Despite the cold it looked nice out of the window!

After lunch we headed off to the bright lights of Truro.


We spent lots of time inside shops hiding from the cold, and even managed a Nero’s coffee and some black current and apple cake. Nice!

Home and daytime TV was our best option – it is not a day to spend time out and about. Not sure what tomorrow will bring – I just hope it’s a tad warmer!

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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Surfing, Walking & Shopping

Another lovely day here in Cornwall.


This morning the showers threatened, so we headed into Wadebridge for a spot of shopping. We just needed a couple of bits so we weren’t there long. Home and after refuelling with tea and some wonderful chocolate chunk cookies from my sister-in-law, we headed for the beach for a walk.


We came back to the cottage for lunch – ham rolls & a tomato covered in salad cream! After more tea and a sit down I struggled into my wetsuit! Boots, gloves and a hat later we ventured into the sea. I must admit I thought I would be in there for about 5 seconds – long enough to say we had been surfing, but short enough not to freeze. But none of it! The wetsuits worked fantastically and we surfed and surfed! The waves weren’t fantastic, but good enough, and we gave up because I was tired, not cold!

It took about half an hour to get my wetsuit off, then I sat in a hot bath for a while before even more tea. Our last adventure was another walk – this time with an ice cream! Hubby had rum & raisin, I had double chocolate with chocolate buttons in! Oh my was that good!


One final walk around the headland before dinner.


Now I am sat. Glowing with fresh air and exercise and knowing I will sleep like a log! Tomorrow we may do it all again. 🙂

Have a super Sunday!

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Holiday Day 7 – the last day!

Another marvellously sunny day!


We spent the morning surfing and messing around in the ocean, then had a quick bite of Cornish Brie and salad for lunch before walking.

Today we did the Coast Path through Pentire Farm and around the head.


Gorgeous crystal clear water! We met a few animals on the way – sheep –


And cows – with horns!


And some amazing views.


We have had an amazing holiday – I have surfed and walked my socks off! I’ll leave you with tonight’s sunset. Have a great weekend!


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Holiday Day 6

How quickly the week is going! I can’t believe that tomorrow is our last full day here.

Today was beautiful – sunshine and surf!


We spent the morning surfing – some really fun waves to be had today. Quick lunch of soup and bread, then off to have a walk around Port Isaac.


It is where the television series ‘Doc Martin’ is filmed. Pretty place, but very busy today.


Still a working port too.


We came back and walked around to the next beach, had a smooch around houses we can’t afford, and a long walk back. I now have a red face & surf dude hair!


I wish my hair would stay like this – love it!

Tomorrow will be more sun, surf & walking!

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Holiday Day 5

Another very busy day!


It has been wall to wall sunshine today, so we spent the morning surfing! The waves were fun today – nice swell and good intervals.

A quick lunch of Cornish Brie and salad and we headed off again! We drove to Rock and got the ferry to Padstow.


Then we walked all the way up to Stepper Point, where there is a coast guard station.


Then there is the Daymark that you can see from miles away.


The view from the window –


We walked back, got the ferry and came home for a well earned cup of tea. A quick walk up to Atlantic Terrace before dinner and a fabulous view across to that Daymark – on the headland (Stepper Point) in the distance.


Dinner was so welcome! We had salad again, this time with ham and some salami. Lovely. Now for a well deserved sit down!

Have a great evening!

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