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Another day at the office, so meetings and boring stuff like that – sorry!

Tuna for lunch and ham for dinner – sounds good doesn’t it? Well, I guess I need to mention the pack of Rolo’s and mint Aero bar! Whoops!

This evening we took the rugby ball for a walk – bit nippy out there tonight!


Lovely bit of sunshine, but chilly.


Me and my shadow! 🙂

Finally I get a day working at home tomorrow, so a mini lie in will be most welcome.

Have a lovely day!

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We have a new toy!


Yup – a baby rugby ball! Being a ‘girl’ of a certain age, I never played rugby, I have never even touched a rugby ball of any size! Weird aren’t they?

I went to the office today, so meetings galore but of no interest to anyone but me and my boss! Lunch was tuna salad and a mini pot of Ambrosia Creamed rice – nice! And made in Devon!

No further food for me as we are fasting again, we have got ourselves into a little routine of doing this on Monday and Thursday and it is working well.

Home and out for our walk – the ball came too!


I lost count of how many times I had to pick it out of the hedge – but is was fun on an otherwise dull day.


Tomorrow it’s more of the same – office again. Have a lovely Tuesday.

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Back to Work

Autumn seems to have arrived!


Work again, so little to report I’m afraid. We have done our usual walk, and last night I went to the singing group in the next village – great fun! A very nice group of people and some rubbish singing providing a good laugh all round.

Tonight – more walking!


No where near the distances we were doing last week – but every little helps as they say! Food has been good – tuna salad for lunch, ham for dinner. It is nice to be back with our own food though, eating out is fine, but enough is enough.

I’m working at home tomorrow, so I get a lie in! Yeah!

Have a great Wednesday!

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H minus 2

Just two more days before our holiday!

Loads to do today as I have Friday off work, so just today and tomorrow to clear things up at work. Happily I got to work at home today, so most of what I wanted to do got done.

I had tuna and salad for a quick lunch then booked us a badminton court for tomorrow evening! It’s a good 15 years since I played – but I still have racquets and shuttlecocks! Tomorrow we will see how fit we rely are (not)!

This afternoon I did more stuff, then made some meatballs for dinner and left them simmering whilst we went for our walk.



It didn’t rain on our walk, but there is plenty around.


Not much room down our lanes, so we had to get into a field gateway to allow room for this chap!


Some organisation to do tonight as I am back in the office tomorrow for my last working day before our holiday!

Did I mention we are going on holiday on Saturday! 🙂

Have a tremendous Thursday folks!

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H minus 3

Back to work today, but it’s okay because there are only three days until our holiday!

All meetings today, so little to report apart from the fact that my fast lasted until lunch today when I had the usual tuna and lettuce. I was starving, but I hope it’s doing me good.

Tonight we had ham salad for dinner and have just got back from our walk. Know what this means? –


Right! We got wet! When we set off it was nice – I didn’t even take a jacket.


It soon turned to rats, but never mind – it’s only water!

I’m tired now – it has been a long day, so an evening on the sofa and an early night will suit me just fine. Have a nice evening and a wonderful Wednesday.

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Meetings R Us

Another long and busy day at work. Meetings after meetings meant that I got to eat my tuna lunch at 2.15 pm! By then I was starving!

The afternoon has been spent in more meetings.


Can you tell that I work on the flight path to Exeter Airport? 🙂

Home and ham salad for dinner and we will probably do a quick walk soon after dinner has gone down. For now I have a bit if reading to do –


This arrived today and I can’t wait to see what lovely things are in there!

Happily I will be working at home tomorrow – I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

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At work today, so this will be short! Meetings all day, with a brief stop at lunch for tuna and lettuce. This afternoon – more meetings. The only thing that kept me going today was coffee!

Home and quick home made pizza and out for a walk. It had been lovely all day until we got a mile away from home!


Then we got very wet! Ahead – blue skies!


Not overhead though!

Now to dry out! Another day at the office tomorrow for me – hope you have a wicked Wednesday!

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An End & A Beginning

I thought the Closing Ceremony for the Olympics was fabulous – especially The Who! Fabulous! It did go on a bit though! It was gone midnight when it finished and therefore gone half past midnight before we were in bed. With a 6.30am start that’s not good.

The beginning of the working week arrived way too early! I was so tired and faced the whole day in a training course – luckily it was interesting!

I took tuna salad for lunch and ate it in the car while the others were provided with sandwiches and cake. My Paleo streak continues. It was a late finish, so even later by the time I got home. Dinner was ham salad – then out for a walk.


It was a lovely evening, so we played around with shadows! Hubby’s MoBot –


Not forgetting the Bolt!


So funny!

A great end to a long day. I feel an early night is in order! Have a great evening and a terrific Tuesday.


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A Day Out

What a lovely day it has been! The sun has shone all day – just wonderful.

I spent the morning faffing, then had tuna and salad for lunch. That was the first meal since yesterday lunchtime – I was starving! I really hope this fasting stuff is worthwhile!

This afternoon we spent out, first we had to call at the garage to get my car booked in to be looked at – it has a rattle and a leak! I hope it won’t cost an arm and a leg! 🙂

Then we ventured Holsworthy way to go to a gallery where hubby is hoping to get his pictures hung for sale. The owner was very positive, but he has to wait until ‘next season’ – who knew there were seasons in art galleries! Anyway, there are and the next one starts in March. Fingers crossed for him.

We then went to Bideford to the Burton Art Gallery where hubby took two paintings that will be judged and maybe exhibited in their summer exhibition next week. We are going to the preview night next Friday when he finds out if they are considered good enough!

While we were there, we had coffee in the lively Cafe du Parc.


Finally we went to the beach! Westward Ho! Was packed with holiday makers.


Hard to believe that we were there a couple of weeks ago and there was a bloke with a dog and us! Still, good for the economy, although I suspect there will be many sun burnt bodies in the morning!

Home and dinner of Spring Chicken and cabbage, most welcome & very tasty.

Tomorrow we shop! Have a stunning Saturday.

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I won’t keep you long – you can watch the Olympics in a moment!

Today has been unremarkable – I worked at home, got lots done, had tuna and tomato for lunch. Got more done this afternoon – then out for another damp walk.


Dinner was baked salmon, leeks and courgettes.

That’s it!

Still enjoying the sport – loved the swimming and men’s gymnastics last night, and now enjoying the women’s gymnastics. Some amazing athletes out there!

Enjoy your evening – I’m glued to the television and will only get up if more coffee is needed!

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