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Sunny Sunday

Superb day again, after a few showers first thing the sun has shone.

We faffed this morning, had lunch of tuna salad, then went to the coast. First we went to Bucks Mill – a really pretty village and a nice walk down to the sea.


Nice walk – if a bit steep!



Don’t know what they were fishing for, but this next picture is looking over to Clovelly and Hartland Point.


Then we called at Westward Ho!


After a walk around Westward Ho! We called for coffee at Bideford.


Home to find the slow roast beef done, so I did the vegetables and dinner was done!

Such a lovely day. Work tomorrow – oh well – at least we had a great weekend!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Lazy Day

We stayed up very late last night to watch the amazing Opening Ceremony for London 2012 – wow! I loved all of it!

Forging the Olympic rings was genius, as was James Bond, and Mr Bean! Just great.

Today I have watched some rowing, the road cycling, some badminton and I’m now half watching the Archery! Love it!

We did go shopping this morning, and we did our walk this afternoon – that’s it though!


It was a bit damp out this afternoon, but still warm and the hedgerows are starting to produce food!


I love Hazelnuts! I hope I can get to them before the squirrels in the autumn!

Food today has been good and Paleo! Tuna & tomato for lunch, then Prawn Curry with stir fry vegetables for dinner. I’m hopeful I won’t have gained weight this week – well, you can hope!

Enjoy the Olympics and have a smashing Sunday.

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Let the Games Begin!

I’m so excited! I am really looking forward to the Opening Ceremony tonight, along with being able to watch some fantastic sport! Can’t wait! I am in severe danger of spending way too long on the sofa!

Today I worked at home, so as usual a good days work achieved. A sort lunch break for tuna & salad then back to it.

We went on our usual walk before dinner today, happily the sun is still shining and my foot is a little better.


There was a little bit of a breeze today, so not so many bugs around thankfully. Home for dinner & the usual lamb curry for Friday night.

The Paleo eating is going well, but I have joined a group who will be sticking strictly to the regime for 30 days starting on 1st August. It’s called the Whole30 – if you are curious, google it! I’m looking forward to ultra clean eating! You never know, I may even lose a bit of weight!

I leave you with another picture from our walk tonight – a view across to Exmoor.


Have a wonderful weekend!


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Big Foot!

That Horse Fly bite is not getting better – in fact – my foot is getting bigger!


Not good is it?

Despite a hurty foot, I worked at home today, but needed to move around a lot otherwise my foot just throbbed. I got lots done despite the interruptions!

Lunch was tuna and lettuce wraps, dinner was left over gammon from yesterday with salad and some roasted sweet potatoes. Chips! Just lovely.

Just before dinner we went out for a little walk – I can’t get shoes on, so flip flops it was.


We chose the main road – yes, this is the main road! It’s a bit flatter route for my foot.


Lovely to see the crops coming along nicely, soon be harvest time!

Tomorrow I have to go into the office – should be an interesting drive!

Have a terrific Thursday – that’s nearly Friday! 🙂

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Fab Friday

Dooby dooby do! It’s been a great day – I have really enjoyed working at home and got loads done including fun and games with spreadsheets. I really don’t know why I love spreadsheets, but I do!

All that work was paused briefly for tuna salad for lunch, and then to make curry for dinner. The curry simmered all afternoon, but had to wait until after our walk!

A beautiful afternoon for a walk – warm but not hot. We met these chaps –


Poor chaps were a bit hot I think – the little one in stood in the shadow of the big one!

We also met these ladies –


Very free range!

Dinner was great – I love curry! All Paleo again today!

Since our walk I have jiggled about, done some weights and some body weight exercises – just to reach my fuel target! I made it! That’s two days in a row! Go Me!

The forecast is for a warm sunny weekend – I’m hoping for some surfing! Unfortunately the Nike+ Fuelband is not waterproof, so surfing won’t count. Such a shame, but it will spur me on to do even more.

Hope you have a marvellous weekend.


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Nil Return

That’s what I would like to submit to you as today’s report! Done nothing except work and eat. Not a good day.

It’s rained all day – I struggled to get home through the flooded roads, I’m tired, and I’m a bit grumpy! This will cheer me up –


There were loads of these tiny figures around the sculpture gardens we went to yesterday. I wanted to bring them all home, but they were £350 each! Worth it I’m sure, but nothing I can afford right now.

Meanwhile, I have to go to London on Monday for a meeting – 6 hours on trains for a 2 hour meeting! I spent time at lunch trying to see how I can fit in a quick stop at Nike Town to pick up one of the Nike+ Fuelbands! I might just manage it if I get the Tube rather than walking. I have been desperate for a Fuelband since they were released in the States months ago. The only place you can get them in the UK is London – this is my opportunity!

Home tomorrow, so no meetings and a bit later start. Phew! So looking forward to the weekend. Meanwhile – have a great Friday!

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All Work & Fish!

A whole day of work – I’m sure you don’t need to know any of that!

I started my day in the usual way, calling at Nero’s for a bucket of coffee, then on to the office.

Work, work, work.

For lunch I had tuna and salad, dinner has been smoked mackerel and more salad – good job I love fish – and salad!

I got a 40 minute walk at lunch too – in the rain, but I’ve come to expect that this ‘summer’!

Gossip – Prince Harry & Prince William went surfing this week at the very same place we go surfing – how cool is that! Unfortunately they missed us – we stayed home this weekend.

Good news – my long awaited book arrived!


It’s been out a while in hardback but too expensive, so I waited for the paperback version which was released last week. I’ll be digging into that when I have finished writing this!

As not much has happened today, I’ll leave you with a picture of our guardian of the garden – Mr Gremlin! Have a good day!


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Just about the only thing enjoying all this rain! I have got soaked four times today – having meetings in different buildings meant wet interludes going from building to building!

Office today, so I got my bucket of Nero’s coffee first thing, and then had about three more cups at work before I had even started my first meeting. Not good! I had a banana and cashew nut butter for breakfast, then tuna and lettuce for lunch. The great thing about back-to-back meetings is there’s no time to eat more stuff!

Home (wet again!) and ham salad for dinner. My only exercise today has been short walks between meetings – better than nothing – but I am missing my longer walks. Hopefully tomorrow.

Home tomorrow as I have my MRI at the hospital in the morning – looking forward to that!

Let’s hope the weather cheers up soon – have a lovely Wednesday!

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More Hours Needed

I need more hours in the day – going into the office plays havoc with my personal life! I have to get up an hour and a half earlier than usual and get home an hour later, which means my walk does not happen.

Normally I would try and get out at lunch, but today meetings did not allow. I ate my way through the day again, so a walk would have been some consolation, but it did not happen. Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Today’s food – banana & cashew nut butter, apple, tuna and lettuce, coffee! Dinner has been mackerel salad, so at least it was all good Paleo stuff. No Nuts! Yeah! 🙂

No lovely walk pictures for you today – this is the view from my desk though –


I have no idea why the scaffolding is there, I haven’t seen anyone go up or come down the ladder! The tree is a Walnut tree – can’t wait until autumn when I get free nuts!

Back to the office again tomorrow for me – I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

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Things have gone a bit wappy haven’t they? The Italians beat the Germans at football, Nadal lost a tennis match in week one of Wimbledon, rain of epic proportions and hailstones the size of golf balls have fallen – in June! Huge wild fires in America look so scary, strange events in deed.

I have no answer for it – just saying really!

Today I have worked at home – so lots done – nicely! I have tried to cut down my eating today as I have put on 4lbs in as many weeks recently. I have done alright so far, but it’s not evening yet and that is my downfall. I had tuna and salad for lunch and lamb curry for dinner – both nice – all Paleo.


We went for a walk before dinner as we saw some blue bits in the sky! Good job we went when we did because it’s raining again now!


Quite an atmospheric day for pictures! Love the hedgerows at this time of year – they are crammed full of all sorts!


I have some weights to lift tonight then I am sitting and chilling. Looking forward to a lie in and some super shopping tomorrow!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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