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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! We have had a lovely day – it started late though!


We had a lovely jog along a very windy beach this morning.


Not really dressed for running, but we jiggled along in the bracing fresh air.


Home, soup for lunch, then we started preparing for dinner.


Turkey in the oven, we went for our usual walk around the block – with rainbow!


Then we ate! Now I am stuffed!

I’m not moving from this sofa now – hope you had a great day and here’s to a brilliant Boxing Day!

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We Have Turkey!

Happy Christmas Eve!

I’m ready – I hope you are all done and sitting relaxing with a smile on your face.

I had one awful night last night – I think I coughed every 20 minutes. Couple that with some nasty side effects of the antibiotics and by the time I got up this morning I was exhausted!

I cried off my opticians appointment due to the local flooding but we headed out to Sainsbury’s to pick up the turkey. It took a while to get there, but I got our turkey crown, pigs in blankets, some wine, milk and yogurt (to counter-act the antibiotics!). We are done! I have all the shopping so we are ready for Christmas!

I also rang the doctor to try and get some antibiotics that weren’t quite so poisonous! I got an appointment late afternoon, so we took advantage of a brief respite in the weather to go for a walk.


Just a tiny bit of brightness!


Lovely to be out. By the time we had got home and out again to the doctors it was raining again. Ho hum!

I am now the proud owner of some different antibiotics and half a litre of cough medicine. Heck! I think we are going for the “kill or cure” option!

Tomorrow it is all about the food – and hopefully a run – or walk – maybe at the beach!

Happy Christmas! 🙂

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Lighting Up the World

I have made every effort to move today and all my hard work paid off.


Pretty lights hey! My daily goal is currently set at 2000 – I have managed that by getting up and walking as often as possible, going for a 40 minute walk at lunch, and another 45 minute walk tonight. I’m sure I could earn fuel quicker if I did something more energetic, but at the moment walking is as good as it gets.

My day started with Nero’s coffee on the way to the office, then work and meetings. Lunch was turkey and lettuce after my walk. This afternoon was more of the same. Happily the rain stopped mid morning and it has been lovely since.

Home and left over quiche and salad for dinner, then out for my second walk of the day. Just lovely out today.


It was still warm enough for a t shirt!


The maize is growing nicely. I’m sure the farmers will welcome the sun now the crops are well watered!


Still lots of water standing around – and yes – I did splash through it! 🙂

So, good Paleo food and lots of exercise – today has been a good day!

Here’s to a fabulous Friday!

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It’s Back!

The rain that is. Oh dear!


I worked at home today so got lots done and realised just how little I move at home! My Fuelband read a very pathetic 243 steps by lunch! Unfortunately it’s not far to get to the kettle – I need more exercise!

Lunch was turkey and lettuce wraps, then back to work for the afternoon. It has rained all day, but the local radio promised it would get better, so we decided to have dinner and then go for a walk.

I made quiche for dinner, which I ate the middle of and gave the pastry to the birds. I also made some sweet potato chips and salad – it made a really nice Paleo dinner.

Walk time and it was still damp –


I couldn’t let a bit of water stop me – I need to earn fuel! This is what my Fuelband reads now:


That’s after our walk and my daily target is 2000! I guess I am not going to meet that today.

Tomorrow I am back at the office – the only good thing about that is that I will move more and that target will be mine tomorrow!

Have a great Thursday!


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Sorry I missed yesterday’s blog – no Internet! My goodness life is so different with no Internet! Happily it is now fixed!

A quick recap – worked at the office yesterday, so Nero’s coffee to start the day – my collection is getting a bit monumental!


Lunch yesterday was the same as today – cold turkey and salad. I had an apple too, which is unusual for me – nice though. Dinner yesterday were sausages wrapped in bacon with cabbage. It was a quiet evening with no Internet!

Today I have worked at home – thankfully Internet access was back by 9am. I managed to get lots done today, but not a long walk as the weather is not that predictable!

We went out tonight! I know – it’s been ages! Hubby joined an art group so we went to their monthly get-together. We had a buffet supper – chicken, pork, sweet potatoes for me, then we listened to a presentation. All good – and held in a local ‘Art Hotel’ – the grounds are full of sculptures!


Massive shoes to cute hares.


To flying ladies!


Really nice place, next time we will get there earlier to have a good look around.

Office again tomorrow – it’s turning into a long week!

Have a good day!

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Leg Ache!

I’m certainly not used to being on my feet all day – boy do my legs ache right now!

I spent all day yesterday on my feet doing the dining room and then did my strength training which included a shed load of squats and step-up’s. Today has been busy too.

I had a bit more filling to do today on that big hole – it is no more!


It needs paint – but at least there isn’t a stinking great hole in the wall any more! So, that needed to dry so I hit the garden and did some weeding, tidying and pruning to get it under control. I must have done a fairly good job as Mr Blackbird came out to sun bathe!


Lunch was turkey left over from yesterday with salad, also left over from yesterday. I certainly felt I had earned it. This afternoon I have slapped some paint on the dry bits, but there is more to do when the polyfiller has dried – that will save for tomorrow.

Late afternoon we set off on our walk – just after half way we met this little chap –


He insisted on following us! After ignoring our requests to go home, I phoned the number on his tag but got no answer. Another lady came by waking her dogs and confirmed where he lived, there was nothing we could do but to walk him home. He was quite reluctant to go in the gate, but he stayed there!

On the way home, his owner found us in her car and said thank you! Jungle drums must have told her it was us that took him back – the joys of living in a small village!

Finally we got home for dinner – roast gammon joint with cauliflower and broccoli – most welcome.

Tonight I shall be sitting! I may even watch the football – anything that does not involve standing up!

Tomorrow I’m back at the physio – looking forward to that. Hope you have a great day too!

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What an exciting day it turned out to be! I am on leave this week, so my plan for today was to make a start on the dining room.

It’s a bit of a mish mash of pictures and cracks in the wall are starting to annoy me. Plan A is to take down all of the pictures, take out the screws/nails, scrape off the flaking paint and make good with tons of polyfiller! After that, I’ll touch up the paint and we can decide what pictures we want where.

Sound plan!

I got all the pictures off the wall, cleaned them and stacked them out of the way in the lounge. I cleaned the walls – cobwebs rule behind pictures! Then I set to to take out the various nails and screws – mistake! Cob walls tend to disintegrate! Some of them leave huge holes – one caused me real concern.

I had metal pliers – I started to pull a small innocent nail out and sparks flew and the lights went out! Serious stuff! I had to call hubby in! It turned out the nail had been put right through the electric cable to the light switch!

He had to dig it out of the wall to repair it!


Even bigger hole now!


Polyfiller rules!

We sorted it eventually and all the cracks and holes are filled. It will need to dry overnight and I can start painting tomorrow.

Food had been great today, turkey & lettuce wraps for lunch, mackerel salad for dinner, a few nuts later and I’m good.

We did our walk after dinner – the usual 2 mile circuit. Saw a doggie!


Cute isn’t he? He didn’t last long, so I’m really pleased I got a picture of him.


Beautiful evening.

Home and I did a strength training routine of squats, step-ups, dumbbell rows, hip raises and the plank! I hate the plank! I managed 2 x 10 seconds! Lots of room for improvement!

Tomorrow I hope, will be a little less eventful! Have a lovely day!

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Doing Nothing

It’s been one of those days when I don’t seem to have stopped, but don’t remember actually doing anything!

I did quite a bit of Internet reading this morning on Paleo eating etc, always a good way of losing an hour or three!

This afternoon I have had a clear out of the office, sorted the household accounts and prepared dinner. Then we went out for a short (2 mile) walk in the rain. My filthy messy hair looks even worse now! Never mind, hubby hasn’t objected, and no-one else is going to see me!


Nice to see the fields planted – no idea what with, but how neat it that!

Dinner took ages to prepare, we had a lamb joint that I studded with rosemary straight from the garden and slivers of garlic. I also did a few potatoes around the meat for hubby, parsnips, carrots and sweetheart cabbage. All lovely and fresh (and Paleo) and delicious.

Tonight I am sat. My leg has felt quite sore since the physio gave it a good deep massage. I also wake with cramp in it in the night – I think she has finally woken it up and it is starting to get better. I have continued the exercises, all of which make it work hard, so I suppose sore is to be expected.

Monday again tomorrow – but another day working at home for me. Office on Tuesday is going to be a real shock to the system!

Have a lovely Monday!


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Welcome to Summer!

Windy? It’s blowing a gale out there! I feel for those down here on holiday and camping, it’s also the Royal Cornwall Show today – poor things!

The rain has kept us tucked up at home today, so I resorted to taking pictures of my funny eye!


It is half brown, half blue – cute hey!

Work today was from home, so happily I haven’t had to venture out at all. I’ve done loads, and feel as if I have earned my crust today.

Food wise, I am sticking to Paleo – except I overdosed on nuts last night and ended up with chronic indigestion! I have done some research and it seems quite a common occurrence. The recommended remedy is to soak the nuts in water overnight – not sure about that – sounds soggy and horrible! I think I just need to be sensible about the volume I eat.

Today I had chicken and lettuce for lunch and then corned beef and salad for dinner. A bit boring, but tasty and filling.

Tomorrow I have my second physio appointment which I am really looking forward to. I have been good and cut down my walks, done no running, and have done my exercises and massage. I’m hoping she will be happy and give me a bit more to do!

Hope the weather is better tomorrow too – have a great Friday!


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Nuts R Us!

Office day today, so a silly early start and Nero’s coffee for breakfast! The day was peppered with meetings, so I kept myself away from tempting crisps and chocolate.

I took my food today – two hard-boiled eggs as snacks, turkey and salad for lunch and some almonds and walnuts. I got through the day without incident, but feel full of nuts! I think I went a bit over the top, but that’s okay for today as it was my first Paleo office day!

Home and more salad – this time with corned beef for dinner.

Despite being full, I don’t feel big or bloated, so I do think this way of eating suits me well. The end of the week and weigh in will show if I have over-eaten!

I now need to get in my walk and do a bit of work!

Have a lovely evening.

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