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Who would believe how cold it is?! I feel sorry for people who booked Easter holidays and are faced with sub zero temperatures. Camping anyone? Blimey!

So, today I managed to get out of bed just before 10 am and do nothing for an hour or so. My head is still numb and currently sailing around the Cape of Good Hope. I do hope the boat stops rocking soon! I take tablets for it, but it’s going on a bit. This morning the nurse from the Hospice rang to see how things were going and have a chat – nice lady full of good advice. She is getting me a prescription for some more mouth stuff which will hopefully help with the furry rubbish that tastes horrible. I can hope!

We did lunch at home and then ventured to the shops. Hubby wanted some wood and bits from Homebase so we went there first – got what we needed and then sat on every sofa they have! Ours is years and years old and the springs have started to go. Aren’t they expensive though! We will need to save up for a while I think.

We called at a furniture store and sat on all their sofas and then went into town. First stops were trying to find a proper hat. Despite the fact that its just one degree out there the shops are full of summer! Finally I found a hat with furry ears in the sale in the Animal shop. Bargain! Reduced from £30 to £7!


We had coffee at Nero’s, then picked up a few bits in Marks & Spencer’s. Once I had my hat it was lovely just wandering around town.

Home and I made chicken stuffed with Stilton and wrapped in Parma ham with courgettes, peas and some baby roast potatoes. Now I am stuffed! Sofa time!

Have a tumultuous Tuesday!

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Lighting Up the World

I have made every effort to move today and all my hard work paid off.


Pretty lights hey! My daily goal is currently set at 2000 – I have managed that by getting up and walking as often as possible, going for a 40 minute walk at lunch, and another 45 minute walk tonight. I’m sure I could earn fuel quicker if I did something more energetic, but at the moment walking is as good as it gets.

My day started with Nero’s coffee on the way to the office, then work and meetings. Lunch was turkey and lettuce after my walk. This afternoon was more of the same. Happily the rain stopped mid morning and it has been lovely since.

Home and left over quiche and salad for dinner, then out for my second walk of the day. Just lovely out today.


It was still warm enough for a t shirt!


The maize is growing nicely. I’m sure the farmers will welcome the sun now the crops are well watered!


Still lots of water standing around – and yes – I did splash through it! 🙂

So, good Paleo food and lots of exercise – today has been a good day!

Here’s to a fabulous Friday!

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It’s Back!

The rain that is. Oh dear!


I worked at home today so got lots done and realised just how little I move at home! My Fuelband read a very pathetic 243 steps by lunch! Unfortunately it’s not far to get to the kettle – I need more exercise!

Lunch was turkey and lettuce wraps, then back to work for the afternoon. It has rained all day, but the local radio promised it would get better, so we decided to have dinner and then go for a walk.

I made quiche for dinner, which I ate the middle of and gave the pastry to the birds. I also made some sweet potato chips and salad – it made a really nice Paleo dinner.

Walk time and it was still damp –


I couldn’t let a bit of water stop me – I need to earn fuel! This is what my Fuelband reads now:


That’s after our walk and my daily target is 2000! I guess I am not going to meet that today.

Tomorrow I am back at the office – the only good thing about that is that I will move more and that target will be mine tomorrow!

Have a great Thursday!


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Warm Sunshine!



Sun! I took every advantage to be outside today – plus I earn Fuel for my beautiful Fuelband if I am active!

In the office today so I started as usual calling at Nero’s for a bucket of coffee, then a nice early start at work. As it was so nice out I took a walk at lunch down to the river.


I love my Nike+ Fuelband! It got me off my chair and out for a walk to earn points! Back at the office and I had cold beef and salad for lunch, followed by yogurt.

By the time I got home I had still only got half my target fuel and 4000 steps in today so after another salad and cold meats for dinner, hubby and I headed out for our usual walk.


It was lovely out – still warm too. How wonderful to have summer back.

I still hadn’t made my target activity when I got home, so I hoovered the stairs! OMG – I have become addicted!

Tomorrow I am working at home, so I am going to have to work hard to reach my target.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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This is where my kettle should be! It started to leak this afternoon, the small leak turned into a drip, which turned into a flow, which emptied the kettle. It is now dead and buried in the dustbin. Now I have to boil water in a saucepan if I want coffee!

I may have to make do with wine. 😉

In other news – it’s raining. Not quite as bad as the forecast said it might be, but there is time yet.

Indoor photography is therefore in order. My bear in a bowl:


So cute! He’s a ‘Love Art’ bear from the National Gallery in London – the bowl speaks for itself.

No walk today due to the weather, so that will be another pound gained in the morning. All work today I’m afraid – good stuff – Cloud Strategy written, complete with pretty pictures!

Food today has been a bit different – I had breakfast! I actually sat down with hubby and had a yogurt – nice – I don’t suppose I’ll make a habit of it though as I’m not good at eating first thing. Lunch was salad and turkey and dinner home-made lamb curry and mushroom side dish.

Tomorrow I’m shopping and having my hair done – two of my favourite things!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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No Rain!

I hardly dare mention it, but we have had a whole day without any rain!

I’ve worked at home today and seem to have spent the whole day reading stuff, my eyes are quite tired now. Learned a lot though – the Internet is such a marvellous thing. A few years ago there would be no way of me even seeing the stuff I have read today, and not only have I read it, but I have interacted with it – copying stuff, rewriting stuff – just wonderful! I feel sorry for the youngsters who have always known the web – they have no idea how lucky they are!

I have put on more weight this week, so today has been a ‘less food’ day. Lunch was soup – just soup. Dinner has been a crust less quiche made with fried onions, four slices of bacon chopped into strips and fried with the onion, then I poured in four beaten eggs and cooked in the hob for a few minutes to set the bottom, then whacked under the grill to cook the top. It served the two of us with a load of salad.

Before dinner we did our walk – it was nice to look at things a bit further away!


A nice day for a walk – t-shirt weather at last!


More lovely flowers – this is Rosebay Willow-Herb!


Pretty isn’t it! I would never have known what is was without the web!

Tomorrow will be another ‘less food’ day, and again I am working at home. I hope you have a fab Friday!

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Things have gone a bit wappy haven’t they? The Italians beat the Germans at football, Nadal lost a tennis match in week one of Wimbledon, rain of epic proportions and hailstones the size of golf balls have fallen – in June! Huge wild fires in America look so scary, strange events in deed.

I have no answer for it – just saying really!

Today I have worked at home – so lots done – nicely! I have tried to cut down my eating today as I have put on 4lbs in as many weeks recently. I have done alright so far, but it’s not evening yet and that is my downfall. I had tuna and salad for lunch and lamb curry for dinner – both nice – all Paleo.


We went for a walk before dinner as we saw some blue bits in the sky! Good job we went when we did because it’s raining again now!


Quite an atmospheric day for pictures! Love the hedgerows at this time of year – they are crammed full of all sorts!


I have some weights to lift tonight then I am sitting and chilling. Looking forward to a lie in and some super shopping tomorrow!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Isn’t it! At least we have missed the thunderstorms and hail – so far!

Work today, so I have tried hard not to over eat – probably not achieved that – but it has all been Paleo. Not sure how much that counts for actually, other than the fact that I haven’t stuffed my face with rubbish. I don’t feel any better for knowing I have stuffed myself with real food. I just wish I would stop stuffing my face full stop.

My day started with the usual bucket of Nero’s coffee – my homage to Abby Sciuto continues –


Then I ate an apple, a banana and cashew nut butter, tuna and lettuce, a rub of Greek yogurt, nuts and sultanas. Then I came home and had sirloin steak and salad for dinner. I didn’t need dinner at all – what can I say?

The great news is that I am home now until Monday, so a small window of opportunity to eat somewhat less and exercise somewhat more. Simples!

Friday at last! Have a fabulous day!

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Welcome to Summer!

Windy? It’s blowing a gale out there! I feel for those down here on holiday and camping, it’s also the Royal Cornwall Show today – poor things!

The rain has kept us tucked up at home today, so I resorted to taking pictures of my funny eye!


It is half brown, half blue – cute hey!

Work today was from home, so happily I haven’t had to venture out at all. I’ve done loads, and feel as if I have earned my crust today.

Food wise, I am sticking to Paleo – except I overdosed on nuts last night and ended up with chronic indigestion! I have done some research and it seems quite a common occurrence. The recommended remedy is to soak the nuts in water overnight – not sure about that – sounds soggy and horrible! I think I just need to be sensible about the volume I eat.

Today I had chicken and lettuce for lunch and then corned beef and salad for dinner. A bit boring, but tasty and filling.

Tomorrow I have my second physio appointment which I am really looking forward to. I have been good and cut down my walks, done no running, and have done my exercises and massage. I’m hoping she will be happy and give me a bit more to do!

Hope the weather is better tomorrow too – have a great Friday!


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It’s rained all day – which is probably a good thing if you’re a farmer or reservoir owner, but not if you want to go out for a walk.

After being cooped up all day yesterday , I was quite determined to get out today and my perseverence paid off. Eventually.

I worked at home today, which is always lovely, but today I was waiting for news and that’s hard when you are remote. A reduction of senior manager posts is happening, and the news I needed to know was who my boss is going to be! The two candidates could not have been more different and I knew my future rested on one being chosen over another. Thankfully the right one got the job! Phew!

Lunch came late and was a repeat of yesterday – tomato soup and my last cheese and onion bread roll. I zapped it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up (the roll, not the soup!) it was lovely.

Work, work, work.

Watched the weather, but no chance of not getting soaked so we had an early dinner. Tonight it was ham salad with a couple of new potatoes.

Finally the weather improved and we did our 2 mile walk straight after eating. It was necessarily slow (!) but at least we got out for a bit of fresh air. Still wet though!


‘Mud on road’ is a bit of an understatement! The flowers are happy though.


Time to have a bit of a rest, the leg is strangely okay but I have developed a red angry rash around my knee. No idea what that is about!

Back to the office tomorrow – hope you have a great day!


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