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Getting Better – Slowly!

Today has been a bit better – I’ve not been quite so tired or dizzy – a double dose of tablets first thing this morning may well have helped!

It’s been a lovely sunny day, but a cool wind again, so we headed to the beach again.


Being cheap-skates, we stopped at the supermarket and got a sandwich, crisps, drinks and fruit and then sat in the shelter of the pebble ridge at Westward Ho! to have our picnic lunch. Then we headed along the coast path for a lovely long walk.


Beautiful scenery!


Plus we got an escort part of the way!


We did a bit of shopping on the way home, then we threw together a pizza for dinner – we are saving up the roast beef for tomorrow when the forecast is for rain. Pah! We have had such a lovely two days – I guess it’s greedy to ask for another sunny day! 🙂

Have a bonanza bank holiday!

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Another Chilly Day

It’s not getting any warmer is it? 🙂

Yesterday we went to Exeter – mainly because I had to meet the boss at work. It was strange going back, but we had a wonderful reception of all my friends and a lovely card and gifts. So nice. I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a huge box of Green & Blacks chocolate and a bottle of wine – they know me well!

After that we went into town and did lunch at Carluccio’s. Also very nice! 🙂

Today we hit the seaside!


First we went to Bucks Mills for a walk.


Very pretty, but absolutely freezing! We retreated to Atlantic Village for coffee and to pick up some new crockery. Every day plates and bowls were needed and we found just what we needed in the Denby shop.

From there we called in at Westward Ho!


Still cold! We had a walk around, but didn’t stay long. We headed home to cook lamb curry for dinner. It’s nice to be warm!

Tomorrow – who knows! Have a smashing Saturday!

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Later we are playing badminton, but before we head off I thought you might like to know I had my first Hocking’s ice cream of 2013 today!


The sun was shining – although it was still freezing – so we headed to the beach at Westward Ho!


We enjoyed the sea air and did a spot of shopping at Atlantic Village! I bought a couple of bargain quilt covers – not very exciting, but necessary.

Now I need tea and a sit down before we venture out! Lovely holiday weekend coming up – have a great Good Friday!

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Blown Away

The day started wet and windy – we very nearly wrote off the day and stayed home – good job we didn’t because it turned out to be lovely.

First thing this morning hubby was on the phone to the garage as my car is still leaking. That is despite them having the car for over a week before Christmas and costing me an arm and a leg! We dropped the car back with them and were instructed to phone on Monday – we’ll see!

By the time we had faffed with the car it was nearly mid day, still windy, but sunny! We headed off to Westward Ho! again


We walked along the front and by the beach hits along the coastal path.


I love beach huts! So pretty!


We walked towards Bucks Mill for an hour or so before turning back.


We grabbed coffee at a little place that had no cake! 😦 Having missed lunch, we were starving, so into the Co-op for a kitkat each. The first chocolate I have had in weeks. Lovely!

On the way home we called at Morrisons in Bideford. Never been there before and I was really impressed! The fruit and veg section was amazing! We are seriously considering doing our weekly shop there, it’s not that much further from us and looks great.

Home and dinner has been the inevitable turkey curry with which I made a fresh cauliflower and pea curry. I was starving after surviving the whole day on a kitkat. I ate too much – now I’m stuffed!

Have a fabulous Friday!


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Beach & Bargain Hunting

Another late start – I must not get used to these lie-ins! Work will be such a shock!

This morning we headed out (late) to a shopping centre as hubby wants some new trousers. We went to Bideford so we could then go to the beach! Bearing in mind it was chucking it down with rain all morning, we were being very optimistic to think it may get better!

We smooched around the shops,


Had coffee and shared a panini in Costa for lunch, but apart from that, bought nothing!

It did cheer up a bit, so off to the beach at Westward Ho! My was it windy! Crossing the pebble ridge I very nearly got blown off! Hubby all wrapped up!


We walked for an hour or so before heading back to shelter. It was a battle to get the car door open, but wonderfully peaceful once in there!

The inevitable cold turkey and salad for dinner – very nice served with homemade Pan Yan pickle we made a couple of weeks ago. Super yummy. There’s enough turkey left over for a curry tomorrow – three meals is pretty good value out of one small turkey crown.

Fingers crossed for calmer, drier weather tomorrow – have a terrific Thursday!

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Seaside Walk, a little run and Amazing Skydiving!

Had a lovely day! It started with a bit of faffage at home, then soup for lunch, then off to the beach!


It was chilly, but a lovely day for a walk.


We then went for coffee and then home. Then – don’t faint! We went for a run! It was very run/walk – but I ran! We did our usual 2 miles, but this time 15 minutes quicker than walking! Yeah! 🙂

There’s no stopping me now! I feel a Spring 10k coming up!

Dinner was salmon – lovely!

Now we have sat upstairs watching Felix Baumgartner freefall from 128,000 feet! Blimey! The highest I jumped from was 14,000 feet! An amazing skydive – such a very brave man. I hope he gets a medal!

I’m sitting down now – I have a feeling I’m going to hurt in the morning!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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A Day Out

What a lovely day it has been! The sun has shone all day – just wonderful.

I spent the morning faffing, then had tuna and salad for lunch. That was the first meal since yesterday lunchtime – I was starving! I really hope this fasting stuff is worthwhile!

This afternoon we spent out, first we had to call at the garage to get my car booked in to be looked at – it has a rattle and a leak! I hope it won’t cost an arm and a leg! 🙂

Then we ventured Holsworthy way to go to a gallery where hubby is hoping to get his pictures hung for sale. The owner was very positive, but he has to wait until ‘next season’ – who knew there were seasons in art galleries! Anyway, there are and the next one starts in March. Fingers crossed for him.

We then went to Bideford to the Burton Art Gallery where hubby took two paintings that will be judged and maybe exhibited in their summer exhibition next week. We are going to the preview night next Friday when he finds out if they are considered good enough!

While we were there, we had coffee in the lively Cafe du Parc.


Finally we went to the beach! Westward Ho! Was packed with holiday makers.


Hard to believe that we were there a couple of weeks ago and there was a bloke with a dog and us! Still, good for the economy, although I suspect there will be many sun burnt bodies in the morning!

Home and dinner of Spring Chicken and cabbage, most welcome & very tasty.

Tomorrow we shop! Have a stunning Saturday.

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Sunny Sunday

Superb day again, after a few showers first thing the sun has shone.

We faffed this morning, had lunch of tuna salad, then went to the coast. First we went to Bucks Mill – a really pretty village and a nice walk down to the sea.


Nice walk – if a bit steep!



Don’t know what they were fishing for, but this next picture is looking over to Clovelly and Hartland Point.


Then we called at Westward Ho!


After a walk around Westward Ho! We called for coffee at Bideford.


Home to find the slow roast beef done, so I did the vegetables and dinner was done!

Such a lovely day. Work tomorrow – oh well – at least we had a great weekend!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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